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  1. Pouncer

    Fog on the Coast

    Thanks for the comments. I struggled with cropping the second photo, and agree with your assessment. In the original, on a diagonal below/left of the row of trees, is a short dividing wall (still visible in the extreme lower left) and a four lane road. In post I darkened the tree on the far right to add contrast and some sort of anchor. I think there is room for a better composition there, but I wasn't walking around to find it in heavy fog with 45 mph traffic whizzing by.
  2. Ballpark $1,200 for two lenses, XF 23/1.4 and XF 56/1.2. I am fortunate to now own every lens and camera that I need or want. There is nothing on my want to buy list. Unfortunately, I am still looking at other lenses just the same.
  3. Pouncer

    Fog on the Coast

    I rarely get a chance to photograph in foggy conditions. These two photos were taken about five minutes apart from near the exact same location - one looking at the ocean, the other at a row of live oak trees across the street from the beach. About 10 minutes earlier I could not see the ocean from where I was standing. The fog lifted just enough to catch the waves closest to shore.
  4. Pouncer

    Spring color

    Nice weather got me outside this weekend. Here is a selection taken at a local park that is very popular with wedding and family photographers, because of the spring color. I spent more time dodging wedding parties and families than I did actually taking photos.
  5. If I may interrupt the "crop" discussion ... No, not in 2016 or the foreseeable future. Over the course of the year I'll shoot my Nikon and Fuji about equally. Each has its place. Whenever possible I shoot my D800 and MF lenses. That is my favorite combination, no contest. With the family and on vacation, when speed and flexibility count more than preparation and deliberation, I have my X-T1 and XF lenses. For me the question isn't whether my X-T1 will dethrone my D800, but whether my XF lenses will dethrone my AF-S lenses (more specifically my AF-S primes). That is a more interesting and difficult question. Particularly since I am committed to keeping my Fuji system small and light.
  6. Candidly I'm not active enough on this site to be impacted by a change in emphasis. I have both DSLRs (Nikon) and MILCs (Fuji), and will continue to lurk and/or occasionally post regardless. In my opinion a more targeted message is required to attract new members. I suspect that most potential new members will start out looking for a gear related site rather than a photo sharing site. Photo Mom and Dad will go to Flickr or something similar. Enthusiasts are going to look for a "like" community, meaning gear related. Maybe not brand specific, but related. That's what led me to NG. Without that site I'd have never found FZ. Mirrorless has a connotation that should attract potential new members. The next step is retaining them. Again, an emphasis is needed. Mirrorless can be that emphasis. The overall quality of members/posters here is phenomenal. Anyone who spends much time on the site should appreciate that. In my opinion, the core members are this site's greatest asset. I'd like to think that will remain regardless of gear emphasis. Ultimately it is about the photos, but great photos alone are unlikely to attract many new members. Nor is a continued DSLR v. MILC war of words. My vote - for what it is worth - go with MILC.
  7. Do I have to take my wife? If so, we're going to Patagonia or New Zealand. If not, I'm going on an African safari. For some reason I'll never understand, my wife does not want to go on a safari. Garrett
  8. From 1984 until now: Minolta SRT-102 Minolta X-700 Nikon D70 Nikon D300 Nikon D700 Fuji X-E1 and two point and shoots, an Olympus film and Nikon digital (L4, I think). I need a new point and shoot since the Nikon finally busted after a fall at Disney World about a year ago. I don't anticipate buying another DSLR/mirrorless camera for several more years.
  9. Fuji X-E1 and XF 18-55, and also a D700 and two or three lenses depending upon destination. In Paris last year I took a 24/1.4, 85/.1.4, and 105/2.5, but I used the Fuji almost exclusively.
  10. I have twelve lenses, of which only two are zooms: Fuji XF 18-55 and Nikon AF-S 70-200/4. The Fuji is my casual travel, family, and vacation lens. The Nikon is for high school sports and some wildlife. Although I much prefer shooting with primes, both manual and auto focus, I'd guess my actual use is closer to 70/30 in favor of the zooms.
  11. No. The DX camera sensor creates the 1.5 crop factor. So the field of view of a 35mm DX lens on a DX camera is about the same as a 50mm FX lens on a FX camera. When you have two lenses with the same focal length (no matter how designated, DX or FX, etc.), it is different sensors that change the apparent field of view. You'd need about a 23mm lens on a DX camera to approximate a 35mm lens on a FX camera.
  12. "You don't have that if you put a DX lens on the same camera." You do. The "crop factor" is a function of the sensor, not the lens. As has already been noted, 50mm is 50mm regardless of the FX or DX lens designation. FX and DX lenses are designed differently because of the varying sensor sizes. But the field of view of a 50mm lens, whether its FX or DX, will be the same on a DX camera. And in your example the field of view of a 56mm lens on a DX camera, because of the sensor's "crop factor" compared to a full frame FX sensor, will approximate the field of view of an 85mm lens on a FX camera.
  13. Pouncer


    A few photos from today's Memphis vs. SMU college basketball game. All taken with a Fuji X-E1, CV 180/4 at f/4, ISO 4000, +0.6EV, shutter speed about 1/500. I am really pleased with the results. Uncontested ... but it was missed! And contested ... Yet still missed ... My hometown Memphis Tigers won, notwithstanding the fact I seemed to only get photos of missed shots.
  14. 1) since 2004 2) yes, barely (hello Fuji) 3) N/A 4) I suppose so (USA) What would I say? Bueller?
  15. I had the same problem about a month ago and ended up buying a refurbished X-E1 body only. I went with the X-E1 for the lower price (and smaller size), not being sure how I would adapt to it after years of using DSLRs. Well, it hasn't been a problem at all. The EVF isn't perfect, and takes some getting used to, but it's fine. I mostly shoot static subjects. Now I'm looking for a good price on a used XF 18-55 lens. If I knew then what I know now, I would have bought the kit.
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