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  1. Taken at a pal's house this summer in Malibu So busy taking the photo I forgot to smile ! Cheers...
  2. This was the pre-race flyover at the Austin, Texas Formula 1 race in November. I didn't notice until I got home that I also got the gentleman with the iPad. Fun shot!
  3. Congrats & Welcome !!
  4. I, too, use Macrium Reflect on a PC. It's easy to setup and use. Recommended.
  5. Puget Systems based near Seattle, WA, USA. Background: I believe you can buy high quality components and assemble them into a top-performing system that costs a lot less than what a name vendor would charge for their "high-end" system with a comparable Intel chip but many other components of low-to-medium quality. Here's a guide on how to do that: "Building the Perfect PC". When it came time for a new PC I browsed the Internet looking for someone who'd build one for me -- that's how I found Puget. They worked with me via email & phone to put one of their "Deluge" systems together -- SSD, 16GB RAM, high-end graphics card, ASUS Mobo, Antec case, liquid-cooled over-clocked Intel i7, Win7 Pro 64-bit, all USB 3.0, Blu-Ray burner, etc., etc. IMHO, a nice system. $3300 US total cost, delivered. NB: this is for "CPU box" only -- no monitor, KB or mouse -- didn't need 'em. They kept me in the loop through the build & shipping. It arrived via FedEx in a box-in-a-box -- very good packaging, documentation, OS installed with all updates & MSE, "burned in" (tested) & ready to go. I'm a very satisfied customer. Disclaimer: This purchase is my only association with Puget or anyone associated with Puget.
  6. Way to go !!! I lost 40+ lbs. last Jan.-July with a very low carb diet. It was mostly Atkins bars & shakes, salads with meat, green veggies, some exercise (not a lot), check in with doctor to make sure kidneys, liver, etc. were OK. Now that I know how, I'm losing a few more to see if I can get to 33" waist. I'm ~5'8" and I was ~210 lbs. Now I'm down to ~152 today -- feels great !!! I used Dr. William Davis's site for info on low-carb diets. His book "Wheat Belly" covers a lot of it.
  7. Many thanks for all the suggestions !!
  8. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with my D90. I dropped it -- The body looks fine but camera is "dead" -- It won't turn on -- I must have broken/jarred something inside. I'm looking for opinions on any of these questions, if you've got one. Any tips on "waking it up" before I send in to Nikon. I've recharged the battery and jiggled the battery to see if it was a connection problem. No go. Anyone know what the Nikon fee to check it out is? Any opinions on the max $ you would spend repairing it? I'm in the Houston, TX area -- would you suggest any local repair shops vs. Nikon? If I don't repair it, about how much I could sell it for parts? Again, I'm just soliciting the group for collective wisdom on this -- Thanks for any info.
  9. Thank you!
  10. There is a loose plastic flap on back of my D90. The flap is on the back right side and goes from the bottom near the info button then around the thumbwheel and up to the liveview button. It looks like it separated from the glue that's underneath. Any suggestions or tips on re-glueing it? Might this flap need to be removed again later when servicing?
  11. Like the crisp red ring around the eyes.
  12. Click the word "this" in original post.