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    Most of my photography is meant to document Nature as I see and experience it. So much of the land and wilderness has already been lost, and even more is endangered by those who wish to feed their addiction to greed, power, and control.

    My hope is to inspire people to protect what is left, and to go out and experience it for themselves.

    Other creative activities include abstract expressionist painter, writer, musician, kayaking, hiking, cooking.
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  1. merlin

    7 PM Visitor

    Thanks very much! A wonderful treat.
  2. merlin

    7 PM Visitor

    X-T2, 90mm (taken through a double-glazed window)
  3. merlin

    Mountain Juniper

    X-T2, 16-80mm
  4. merlin

    Solstice Greetings

    May the Light and Magic of Solstice bring lots of love, peace, appreciation, and creativity.
  5. merlin

    Rock Formations

    X-T2, 90mm f/2
  6. merlin

    Still Blooming!

    Thanks very much, Alan!
  7. merlin


    Sure sign of autumn in the high country!
  8. merlin

    September Glad

    A wonderful treat!
  9. merlin

    September Daylilies

    Deep shade. I considered lightening it, but then it would not be what my eye saw. Thanks! But here is a lightened version. What do you think?
  10. A marvelous surprise!
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