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  1. Interesting picture. I am growing a dislike for flat lighting and candle light photography is always fascinating. The color harmony of the picture works very well with reddish brownish tones. Her catchlight is for the lower candle, the bigger candle being out of her periphery. Dark background + wood table + candles. What there not to like? . . . Except the earphones.........can you clone them out?
  2. Allure.....Allure.....this is not a hippopotamus in the wild, she is a woman It is called Allure, you cut the knees and you cut her Allure. I tried botht and the knees one is better. Ughhh, I also gave her some slimming tablets and a hair brush up....and other stuff.
  3. Almass

    Raw Edit Contest #30

    Maybe a serene portrait.....
  4. Chech this out......
  5. Thank you all for participating. Many entries are worthy of winning and Frank relentless persuit of the elusive image will go on. Last is First and Fons wins this challenge not only for the explosive colors, but for portraying the image in a different perspective. Fons, Raw Contest 29 is all yours......show us what you've got
  6. OoooWoooo. They live among us Cool effect.
  7. I like the fresh and vibrant colors.....and the concave works well.
  8. Wiz pleasure. 1- Positives - The title helps understand the artist concept - The pastels work well as soothing - The flowers speckled effect provide a focus to the eye - The image frame encapsulates the whole image 2- Negatives - The title is missleading as the mind jumps to Alice in Wonderland which for me is about big and small ...huge and tiny. This does not come across, however I dig the underwater concept. - There is a washed out effect which plays for the picture by either enhancing it in certain areas or decreasing it or better playing with one pastel intensity against the other. - The flowers on the railings are too prominent and I would have selectivley killed them more. - Water is the big blue and you have a too high magenta in the sky. I would like to see pastel blues/cyan and pastel cream/yellow more. - While I understand the image frame, it begs to have a frame which encroches on the image itself in certain color void areas as the top left. Summary: The concept is good and workable but you need to spend even more time. - Balance your blues and yellow as if you are doing a duotone or tritone.....but only on the parts that you want and not the whole image. To do this, use the Selective Color selection tool to achieve the color tonality that you want for the blues and yellows. - Reduce the magenta in the sky - Mask the railings and borrow an existing color from the image palette and paint on a selection layer set to soft light with low opacity of the layer. - I would reinforce the speckled effect of the flowers as in your concept, they are the heros. To do this you have to work on each single flower as if you are retouching skin and make sure that the boudary of each flower has a darker shade to stand out. Piece of cake only few hours of work The image does not deserve that level of work......but I think it is more for you of having fun on different techniques than the real value of the image. In which case enjoy and don't count the hours.
  9. Last call........you still have time for your entries. Contest closing date is Friday May 22nd.
  10. The entries which caught my eye so far are: - Alan: Psychedelic Dark Side of the Moon, the period just after Woodstock and the Hippies era.....those were the trippinnn days. - Bruce: Through the Looking glass, which is more trippinnn..... - Frank: #2 Pastels. A very soothing pale yellow creams, browns and pastels. The way that Frank produced the image is by having a "gradation" of both the foreground with the pavings and the background with the sky in a lighter luminosity and color shade which helped direct the eye from the gate irons to the house itself. A very clever way.
  11. It is one of many exhibits at the Miracle Garden in Dubai. The Miracle Garden is few million flowers (45 million flowers) adorning different well known landmarks. Planned to be the largest vertical garden in the world.....as one would expect and of course, a Butterfly garden for 10.000 species.....live. Basically a day out for a picnic......Ughh, opens only in winter....just in case you like to visit.
  12. I have few Meyers laying around. This is a Trioplan 100/2.8 with one thousand blades or something. It is a fun lens for swirly bokeh.......and ugh, that's it.
  13. Diggin the B/W and spot color.
  14. I quite like the 2nd abstraction, there is some color complimentarity in there.
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