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  1. I think a general photography theme is too broad. If I am looking for information regarding bird photography, I get much more specific info and help and learn much more from a bird-specific forum vs a general photography forum. I have a similar issue regarding Nikon DSLR vs my mirrorless cameras. I had originally subscribed to NG for that purpose and was really thrown for a loop with the merger. So I voted for FZ to be MILC.because I have so many different issues when using my 2 different camera systems.
  2. joel1952

    Nikon Lens Database Updated

    I love the database, as well
  3. joel1952

    three shots of a grey bird

    Unusual, new to me, pose of the bird sunning after an hour of sucessful fishing. (hmmmm not able to imbed a picture!?)
  4. joel1952

    three shots of a grey bird

    Agreed, more Bluish-Grey than Blue. And very high contrast makes it difficult to expose properly. Thus I typically darken these birds 1/2 stop in post-processing so the subject is not overexposed compared with the background
  5. joel1952

    No new pro DX bodies yet!

    Absolutely true. I found that even the DX wide zooms and wide to tele zooms are only marginally more compact and lightweight than the full frame equivalents. The DX lens' touted advantages always seemed to be more hype to me.
  6. joel1952

    No new pro DX bodies yet!

    HaH! It took me a couple months to realize that my Prosumer D300s is twice the camera that my Pro D2x was.
  7. joel1952

    Nikon D2X Pro DSLR

    I purchased my D2X shortly after it was introduced. This is a great camera... BUT... Compared with my D2H, it had 3 times the price for 3 times the megapixels; nothing more. Didn't seem right in 2005, or now just around the corner from 2013. The body and internals were virtually the same, but the high rez sensor itself tripled the cost??? I suspect that the manufacture took advantage of Nikon owners because there was no high rez alternative for us if we wanted to use our 30 year collection of Nikon lenses. Techno-types might argue the minor improvements from the D2H (resolution aside) and the Fuji alternative, but I don't think those arguement are valid. As far as image quality, pixel for pixel it was not better than my D2H or D100, but of course, the D2X has more pixels so it was a step up from the older cameras. Auto white balance was useless with fill flash because when the flash was mounted, the camera somehow changed white balance to the electronic flash setting, making all the pictures bluish. I was forced to reshoot with manual white balance settings or post process. Regarding RAW vs jpeg. Under poor lighting conditions the jpeg photos are terrible. One can shoot and process the RAW or simply buy a D300 which makes excellent jpegs in any light. I also think that Nikon took advantage of their dedicated customers by introducing the D2Xs a short year later. As far as I know, the "s" upgrade could have been provided with firmware upgrade or a trip to the repair facility with a no/small expense. But Nikon had us and they took advantage? In summary, I wish I stuck with the D100 and D2H for another year or two and waited for the D200. I would have saved thousands of dollars with no loss in picture quality. And for anyone looking at a used D2X, if you can save up for a D200 and better yet, a D300 it is worth it and you will never need to upgrade your digital camera ever again. Yeah...sure. .
  8. joel1952

    Nikon SB-800 Speedlight

    I purchased one SB800 a year or two after it was introduced and I purchase a second one in 2007. I used them for outdoor macro work and highspeed hummingbird pictures. To a lesser extent, I use them for indoor photography and and outdoor portraits. Although it was state of the art at the time, I have always been frustrated with them. Confusing menus, especially for multiple flash. I have purused the owners manual, the Nikon Creative lighting book and the user forums for dozens of hours trying to learn how to set up this flash, but still have difficulty The TTL-BL seems to simply be TTL with 0.5 less stops, so I am not impressed with that feature. To get properly exposed sunlite photos I frequently had to readust the output. (I am reminded about how Nikon's Matrix Metering is touted as being so beneficial, yet in general i only see marginal benefits from it) The automatic zoom function for lens focal length does not account for DX lenses. I hate it when other say, "Why didn't Nikon do this, or why didn't Nikon do that?" Because I understand how complicated it is to design, manufacture and market electro-mechanical devices of any sort. But now for the first time in 32 years of Nikon ownership I have to say that DX focal length compensation would have been a marginal, but a very good feature that was lacking. The 5th battery option was an excellent feature to have I didn't use my flashes much and I babied them so I was disappointed when the first unit developed an intermittant, problem where it actuated but virtually no light was emitted. My good friend's similar vintage Canon flash had easier to use menus, but I am not familiar with the other features. I know that non-OEM flash equipment is limited in selection and compatibility with Nikon dedicated features, so we are stuck with the SB800 if we want(ed) all the dedicated features. I see the SB900 as only marginally better and easier to use, but again there is little option.

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