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  1. At this time my kit is a Fuji X-t2 and a set of lenses that is more than adequate for my needs. I am an "enthusiast" photographer which in my case means that after I sold my, printed (by me), matted and framed (by me) photos to prove to myself that I could, I stopped selling my work and put all my efforts into perfecting my concept of fine art photography rather than the business of photography. I use a variety of camera methods, macro, focus stacking, HDR, panning, zooming, panorama, etc to provide the raw material for the assembly of the photo in post. I then use the abundant software available today to create the end result. Accordingly, I am interested in: Learning methods of photographing beyond the basics of taking a well exposed, sharp image. Dealing with the idiosyncrasies of my current Fuji kit and following the developments in that system. Advanced editing techniques (Currently, Lightroom classic, Photoshop CC, On1 and various plug-ins). Achieving the best prints for the particular image. (paper, setting up the camera and taking the original image with the print in mind, profiles, color management, specific printer issues, [currently Epson SureColor P800] ). There is an overwhelming amount of the above information already on the web, much of it garbage. As such I find myself drilling down to very specific sites or part of sites with folks who are on my wavelength.
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