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  1. fldoyle

    Daily Grind, Workflow & Luminosity Masking

    The PSCC luminosity is time consuming and fills the photoshop buffer. For the past years I have relied on the heavy usage of luminosity masks for all my digital processing. Luminosity masks allows you the MOST control and and success. If you serious about photography it is one of the best processing tools. I researched to find the best of the luminosity software and after trying the three major platforms I chose "Lumenzia" by Greg Benz. Lumenzia is well priced and very user friendly as well as many tutorials by Greg Benz. What ever software you select the use of luminosity masks is the most productive digital processing tool. FL Doyle
  2. fldoyle

    24-70 light leaks in through focus distance window!

    Bjorn, The 24-70 lens was purchased three weeks ago with a new D700. The serial Number is 391xxx. For me I would not hit that leak +- 55mm but once in a blue moon. My shooting style is not in that range I do not pay any attention to the distance indicator but rather the composition, focus and light meter. So what ever happens to the shot would be after the fact. It's not rocket science to know not to use 55mm on a sunny day or with ND filters with this lens. Thanks your comments are well appreciated.
  3. fldoyle

    24-70 light leaks in through focus distance window!

    Ok for you who think Nikon could not have produced a pro level 24-7-,2.8 ED FX flawed lens, attached are two photos shot at 55mm,1/100 s.,800 & 200 ISO all within the normal sunny day shooting mod. With ND filters and a slowed down shutter the light leak thru the distance indicator window would be more pronounced. If you have a 24-70 lens that does not leak light, good for you! If you are happy with this condition than go about shooting; until the light leak degrades one of your important shots. If you accept mediocracy and poorly engineered products from Nikon than this will become a self fulfilling outcome. I plan to send my 24-70 lens back to Nikon for a fix. Do as you please.
  4. fldoyle

    24-70 light leaks in through focus distance window!

    Fred Nirque, Thanks for the most precise and well written response to Nikon 24-70 Light Leak problem and the bigger issue of quality products and services. Mediocracy is a cancer and striving for perfection is the cure. As an Architect I have stressed great design my entire life; it is like a good marriage it has to be worked everyday. So be it with design and quality control no matter what product or service is rendered. Nikon is our tools and we must defend design and quality continuously for the best tools. Thanks, Lon Doyle
  5. fldoyle

    Must read for 24-70 ED FX Owners

    Esym, This my last post to nikongear about the 24-70 light leak. First I have only posted to two web sites. You need to go to the "dpreview"/forum/D1-D3,D700/must read 24-70 ED FX Lens and read all the threads on this post. You will better understand the problem. I have followed this light leak problem for over a year knowing that I would purchase a D700 and the only lens that does justice for this camera and the D3 is the 24-70, it also fits my shooting style. I waited for a year thinking the light leak problem must have been solved. To my amazement two weeks after owning the camera I tested the lens and there it was leaking light thru the distance indicator window. I tested it within the normal parameters of shooting to see how much unwanted light was hitting the sensor and the possible degrading of the file. My plan is to return the new lens for another 24-70 and see if the new one leaks light. If it does I will wait for Nikon to come up with a thumbless tapeless fix. It is still the best lens I can attach to my new D700. Lon Doyle
  6. fldoyle

    Must read for 24-70 ED FX Owners

    Jan, You need read the last post again! I said "Most 24-70 lens owners will probably never notice the distance indicator light leak." Again when it shows up on their files shooters will know the problem and deal with tape and thumbs over the distance indicator window or just not purchase a new 24-70 until Nikon comes up with a lens fix. You need to keep on subject. I don't need negative unwanted comments when I post a thread that should be important and educational to the Nikongear website.
  7. fldoyle

    Must read for 24-70 ED FX Owners

    Wolfgang, My purpose of the test was to indicated how much unwanted light is falling on the sensor via light leak thru distance indicator window at the delta plus or minus 55mm. Shooting in sunlight into a dark environment at 200 ISO, 1/100 s. at f8 is not an abnormal shooting condition. Use an ND filter this light leak with the longer shutter time will degrade the image. I checked my last 1000 shots and found only one photo shot at 55mm. Most 24-70 lens owners will probably never notice the distance indicator light leak. This does not forgive Nikon of a engineering lens design flaw in one of their major pro lens. Two years since the issue of this lens Nikon has still not fixed the light leak problem. So who is the problem, Nikon! You need to respond to the light leak problem and not the D400 typo.
  8. fldoyle

    Must read for 24-70 ED FX Owners

    Yes I am the person who posted the "Must Read for 24-70, ED FX LENS" I am a pro-am who has a extreme hobby of Photography. I purchased my first Nikon a D70 followed by D200, D700 and have based by money and camera platform on Nikon's good reputation of quality photo gear. When I purchased the D700 the only lens considered was the outstanding 24-70,2.8 ED FX which suited my shooting style and demanding performance. I posted the lens test findings on this site only to be followed by reply remarks of "Japan Corp. basher", " a know nothing spamer" and a "fist time Nikongear (how important is he) poster". What I have seen on this thread smacks of elitism and Nikon koolaid drinkers and that's coming from one who loves his Nikon Camers. If you want to see photos of by 24-70 test go to :dpreview.com/forums/ Nikon D3-D1,700/"must read for 24-70 ED FX Owners", a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a tuff site and I'm not sure if they are too fair. Sincerely, Lon Doyle
  9. fldoyle

    Must read for 24-70 ED FX Owners

    My two week old new 24-70,2.8 ED FX lens has the dreaded light leak. Over the past two years many have complained about a light leak in this lens and you would think that a lens sold for that long a period would have been fixed by now. Nikon has been negligent; it sounds like the same problem Toyota had. I called Nikon and they acted innocent and had no idea there was a 24-70 light leak. After an hour on the phone and talking to two Nikon Reps I got someone to to hear my problem. They asked me to send photos to show the light leak problem. I was not impressed with Nikons phone service. The photos were taken with sunlight on the lens. I attached two layers of aluminum foil with elastic bands around the front of the lens and cap and I closed the eyepiece shutter. the only light leak was thru distance indicator window. I shot in a normal shooting range using 56mm at 1 s.,1/30 s.,1/60 s. at 3200, 1600, 800 and 200 ISO; because I wanted to see how much light was leaking at everyday shooting parameters . The JPG files were processed in the D700 camera with Nikon's settings. The RAW files show more extreme light leaks then the in camera JPG processed files. Final conclusion: there is light leaking at the 50+mm setting at as low as 200 ISO, 1/60s. thru the distance indicator window and this would degrade the final image. A thumb over the window does solve the problem. Tape and thumbs are not the solution for this expensive pro lens. It's Nikon's poor engineering and they need to step up and recall and fix; not pull a Toyota on us. Nikon needs give us the quality that we all expect. I wound't advise anyone to buy this lens until Nikon solves this problem. If you need to see all 12 test photos email me at fldoyle@roadrunner.com and i will send them.
  10. fldoyle

    FL Doyle III

    Acadia National Park

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