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  1. I like your video. Maybe a little too long, but better than most of the equipment review videos found on YouTube. Clever idea with the felt on the rear caps. You could maybe glue/tape a bit of velcro to one of the caps to stop them from sliding around. I recently bought the larger version called TurnStyle 20. I have only used it for one short trip yet, filled with my Nikon D810 and three lenses. It's my third sling type bag, the two others being a LowePro SlingShot and a Tenba 123-GO-20. My problem with them are that they have too much padding, making them stiff and ungainly. The TurnStyle with its thinner padding is easier both to carry and to get my stuff in and out of. For short hikes off-road I'll probably still use the Tenba, which can also be used with two straps like an ordinary backpack. For walking around in the streets I'll choose the TurnStyle. I have also thought about finding a way to secure those zippers, but I haven't decided what to do yet. I hope you will let us know if you find a good solution to that problem.