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  1. Hugh_3170

    Night illumination of Krasnoyarsk HPP

    Yes indeed - excellent work Alex. (And an impressive engineering achievement.)
  2. Hugh_3170

    Mirrorless for Aviation Photography

    David, I can certainly relate to the neck and shoulder pain issues from lugging around heavy camera gear and equipment in general. My 12-40mm zoom is at least on a par with the MkI version of Nikon's excellent 24-70mm zoom - or maybe just a wee tad better. Dallas has written up a tutorial on this site as to how he set up his first E-M1 Mk1 cameras, which I found very useful and I have configured the command and sub-command dials the same as for my Nikon cameras, so that I don't have to relearn the UI thing completely. Ditto the function buttons and dial rotations (where possible and where it makes sense to do so that is).
  3. Hugh_3170

    Wonky Dutch houses!

    Maybe just wonky soil subsiding with the weight of all that brick work above?
  4. Hugh_3170

    Piper at the gates!

    Badly played bagpipes most certainly can sound that way. Odd that they can appeal to non Scots.
  5. Hugh_3170

    More nature? Or more gear? 60mm F2.8 Olympus

    Hi Walton, I have not logged in for nearly a week due to other pressures - my word you have lashed out while I have been away - a new lens and a new body in the blinking of an eye! 🙂 In respect of whether the E-M1 MkII is faster than my Nikons, it is definitely quicker in AF-C than say the D810 or Df, but I feel that the D500 is still a little faster than the MkII - but the D500 has the D5's AF hardware and firmware in its DNA, so I am not too surprised about this. However it is much quicker than the Mk1 - as Greg has also noted and it should pose no AF issues for use with capturing birds or aircraft. It is slightly heavier and a wee bit bigger than the MkI and I find it easier to hold than the MkI, which is also a plus. Enjoy your new acquisitions!
  6. Hugh_3170

    Great Scot! What a Din!

    They don't call them bare bummed savages for nothing!
  7. Hugh_3170

    More nature? Or more gear? 60mm F2.8 Olympus

    Walton, I am glad that your copy of the 60mm Olympus macro is good one and is working out for you. It is always a slightly worrisome thing to recommend something if your copy is a good one, but the other person gets a bad copy. Fortunately Olympus lenses have always been very good, so hopefully their sample variation is well controlled. Glad that the summer display has proven to be a good one this season. Good idea re the longitudinal imaging of particular plants. **************************************** Healesville is still the best place to see the Platypus. Their current displays will let you get a reasonable look at the animals. I have seen brief flashes of them in the wild, and have heard them "plop" into streams in order to escape, but they tend to be pretty shy around people. In Australia they periodically drop the E-M1 MkII from around $A2,800 to $A2,000 (which is about $US1,500 at the moment - same as for B&H). I weakened just after Christmas at the ~$US1,500 mark. The camera is definitely faster than the Mk1 and its image quality is a little better than the Mk 1, but not so much better as to be a deal maker in the first instance - unless this gain is really important to you that is. Colour balance on my one is a little better as well. In the hand it is a wee bit larger and subjectively feels better to myself. If on a budget, a good second hand copy of the Mk1 may still be the better value proposition I feel. I have had trouble finding a decent Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for the Mk2. RRS have a very good one that accomodates the swivelling LCD display, but it is expensive at $US180, and they seem to always be out of stock - possibly due to RRS being in the middle of shifting their place of business at the moment. Gumps web site have a third party one from Mengs that appears to be OK and it also accomodates the swivelling LCD (albeit without a dupicate tripod mounting hole underneath for those times you are not needing or using an Arca Swiss mount). Suitable L-Brackets for the Mk1 seem to be commonplace - I use a nicely made Chinese made one from i_Shoot. Link: www.gumptrade.com/14010020601.html
  8. Hugh_3170

    Great Scot! What a Din!

    A pretty typical gathering of the clans - but I had better be careful about the savages, as I am of Scottish descent!
  9. Hugh_3170

    More nature? Or more gear? 60mm F2.8 Olympus

    I guess that I would have to say that I am not surprised that you like your new lens, but then I kind of encouraged you to buy it..... 😀 Your images display a rich slice of colourful tundra wild flowers. I especially like the first one and last quite unusual.
  10. Hugh_3170

    Balloon Sunset

    Luc, this is lovely. I have only had the one balloon ride - most peaceful as you move along at the same speed as the wind.
  11. Hugh_3170

    Fujinon 23mm f/1.4 vs. f/2

    Merlin, you will enjoy the quality of anything good long after its price is forgotten. It sounds as if your impending purchase will be such an example. Enjoy.
  12. Hugh_3170


    Somehow the grain does not overly bother me - colour film night shots would have been the same (or more so).
  13. Hugh_3170

    Baby Woodpecker

    Cute shot - love that eye - it draws our eyes in nicely.
  14. Hugh_3170

    Interval comestibles

    I feel hungry all of a sudden.................
  15. Hugh_3170

    Tundra Blossoms

    Hi Walton, judging by the moss on the fence post, I'd say that this scene is probably from the West Coast of the NZ South Island. I grew up in the South East corner of this island. ************************ I have PM'ed you on the 60mm lens and its review that you mentioned to me in this link: https://www.ephotozine.com/article/top-39-best-lenses-for-micro-four-thirds-cameras-2018-30039 Certainly great for its intended purpose (macro) and also portraiture & landscape. It is also relatively light - in keeping with the M43 ethos and not a heavy one to take with you when on foot.

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