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  1. Yes a nice image Alan that captures the ANZAC day spirit so well. Actually ANZAC Day is also celebrated all over New Zealand as well as in Australia, so this image would be very typical of what might be observed over there as well. All over Australia and NZ there are similar such monuments to the soldiers of the Boer War, WW1, WW2, and later miltary activities. In some cases you will find these monuments in the smallest of towns often with just a handfull of names on them to commemorate the loss of young men from the surrounding area. An aside: ANZAC Day also marks the anniversay of the successful Australian led night attack and battle at Villers-Bretonneux which marked the turning point for the Allies in the First World War. Australia suffered 2,400 casualties out of 3,900 soldiers involved such was the intensitity of the fighting........ It also marked the rise of Sir John Monash, the Australian General who introduced modern military tactics and risk management methods to the WW1 campaigns and whose skills are generally credited with the shortening of that awful war - to the benefit of all.
  2. Yes, a dammed mess brought on by piece meal decision making.
  3. The same is true in respect of the controlled burns here in Australia. And we also have turkeys that go around deliberately starting fires............... The Tasmanian situation is particularly worrisome. Sadly neither of the major political groupings here have done anything substantive to sort this mess out.
  4. Nice documentary series and comment. The same inevitable shrinkage in country populations is also occuring in NZ where my people used to farm. Neither side of politics gives a stuff and the big cities get bigger with all of the many issues that overcrowding brings and the little towns become unsustainable and ultimately extinct. And the people become more and more less self reliant - unlike the splendid people portrayed in these fine images.
  5. Alan, I must get my eyes seen to - nowhere do you mention a 23mm lens - my bad!
  6. "Naughty" grasshoppers. The 23mm lens has rendered this nicely.
  7. Mike, thanks for this one - it is nice to see the northern hemisphere flowers appearing as we slide into late autumn/early winter down here. We still need more rain though.
  8. Mike, I think that I could find you a pint or a wee dram or two should you knock on my door.
  9. When in Australia, another alternative is to head to the nearest Spotlight craft and sewing outlet for the sparkly stickers.
  10. Mike, you crack me right up!
  11. Mike, try Humbrol Orange Gloss (Code 18 / AA0196) or Humbrol Matt (Code 46 / AA0045). Happy painting!
  12. Mike, at a pinch, and with an artists bush and a tinlet of green Humbrol hobby pain, your shutter release can be very easily rendered green!
  13. Our Indian summer has gone and we are now experiencing some very grey and damp days here in Souhern Australia and over in NZ. Your above images are therefore most welcome. Do these currants bear berries / fruit? No.2 is my favourite.
  14. Alex, thank you for showing us these glimpses of life in your town.
  15. +1 I like the warmth of the reds and the leaf/needle litter.