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  1. BMW

    Very nice car. I like the angled pose. Is it a South African made version? It looks very similar to my nephews BMW, which was made in SA.
  2. Armando, if you buy the Fuji, make sure that you cover up the brand names with some black tape or alternatively print off some labels saying "Nikon" and use these to do the cover ups. That might fool your wife for a short while. At $US1200, the X-T1 sounds like a good buy. Do you have specific lenses in mind? If so it could be a valuable adjunct to your Nikons. If its a full outfit you have in mind, then the $$$ will of course add up!
  3. The M43 option (Olympus E-M1 Mk1) has worked very well for me. I figured that the DX / APS-C systems were too close to the FX / 135 format systems in size. As with all purchases time needs to be spent on defining what it is that the purchase really needs to do, else you end up falling victim to ones wants rather than addressing ones needs. Just my 0.02c worth.
  4. The English gentry were not averse to hunting down and shooting the native people (Aborigines) either.
  5. Ah well Robert happy birthday anyway, and let us wish you a good year. Arthritis is no friend of mine either; I was 70 last October.
  6. Spot on Alan. Thunder and lightning in the South East overnight and pretty awful from mid afternoon yesterday and onwards. ************************ Chris's images certainly look ferocius enough when viewed large - thanks for posting. Actually I do not mind seeing the huntsmen appear - usually they stick to just one spot on the wall and are not aggressive thank goodness..
  7. Nice. A serene look from a beautiful young woman. Taken in 1986 you say - 1986 seems like yesterday, yet it is 31 years ago. Getting old is a bugger!
  8. Gosh, what a gaze that this young lady has. So much concentration. Robert, I am enjoying the treasures within your family archive
  9. Nice work Alan. I am always drawn into longitudinal series such as your one here. It reminds me of the work by William Meluish, an early photographer in Dunedin, New Zealand in the 1860s. It is nice that one can still see a few of the old buildings today, especially the double gabled one just left of the centre of the images.
  10. Yes, the ones on my Olympus E-M1 are likewise "there for keeps"!
  11. Don't forget the alternative of getting the small stick on plastic beads available from craft and hobby shops that scrapbookers use to make textured scrap book 'objects d'art". My wife is such a person, so I have a good supply of such beads free of charge (when she is not looking that is! ). They are available in both coloured and clear forms and the very small ones are ideal for adding texture to camera buttons - they work a treat, especially on smaller cameras whose buttons are both small and often far too close together. They work best if just the essential buttons are treated so as to avoid confusion. FZ member Alan7140 has a post here somewhere as to how he did his Fuji XT-1 using such beads..
  12. Yes, both Olympus and Panasonic produced some good lenses for their now abandoned 4/3rds ranges of DSLR cameras. With the aid of an MMF3 4/3rds to M43 adapter (they come up on Ebay fairly inexpensively) one can also use these lenses on todays M43 camera bodies. I have a 4/3rds 50-200mm zoom and an 8mm 4/3rds fisheye in my kit. However Luc, as you have noted earlier in this thread, their autofocus systems work best on those M43 bodies that also support the older 4/3rds AF systems; bodies such as the OMD E-M1 MkI and MkII are such examples. Both Dallas and myself use the E-M1 MkI body which is fully compatible with both M43 and 4/3rds lens types, so AF for us when using these particular bodies with long 4/3rds lenses is not an issue. ******************************************** Good luck with your Nikon long lens deliberations. Where specialist lenses are involved or special needs, such as lighterweight travelling outfits are being contemplated, I think it is quite a valid approach to pick the lens of choice and then acquiring a suitable camera body of whatever make to suit the lens. Sensor technology is not making the revolutionary quality jumps in improvement with each new camera release as was the case only a few years ago, so the camera body investment need not be huge under this scenario. I am sure that your new D5500 will work out fine.
  13. I also opted for this solution (50-200/2.8-3.5 SWD with an MMF3 adapter) and I too am very pleased that I went down this route. It is good optically, it is well made, and it comes with a solid metal tripod adapter that holds the lens and camera rock solid once attached to a decent tripod..
  14. I love the cat in this pose. He has an unusual look to his face and the long winter coat all helps the look. (Me also thinks young Mike that you may be a cat spoiler with a soft heart! Just my observation - He he. )
  15. Excellent work Luc and most enjoyable. A well deserved reward for your early rise. I see that you have a second E-M10; the M43 format is clearly working very well for you with your capable hands/eyes.