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  1. Mike, you are just going to have to get your drivers licence and then buy yourself a Mini. You really do know that you want to and so do I ! (LOL) An interesting almost mono effect with your image - just the blue of the number plate and the corner of the red car in the top right corner peeking out (I would be tempted to clone it out). Was the rainy day that grey or were you trying for the non-colour look?
  2. Robert, sadly you are right. Your image is one that is not at all uncommon here in Melbourne's CBD and other large Australian cities.
  3. Ageless camera kit catches an age old problem. Your image certainly conveys your feelings about the plight of these four and these feelings are ones that we all have. That said I am afraid that I don't have any answers as to how to help folks such as this women or her dogs.
  4. An impressive image Alan - not helped at all by the wind by the sound of things. (I am glad that you only showed us one of the smaller variety of Tasmanian moths. )
  5. And I forgot the new 10-3000mm zoom lens with OIS...... Never the less you have built up a great kit here. I trust that this is a sign of your improving health?
  6. Now then Mike, I am sure that I read somewhere that the new FUJIFILM X-T3 is due out any day now............
  7. Santa is providing me with a x1.4 teleconverter for my 50-200mm 4/3 lens - it is on its way from China, so I am still awaiting its arrival here in OZ. Dallas, have you had the opportunity to try the 4/3 Olympus x2 teleconverter on this lens? It would still provide for a maximum aperture of f/5.6 to f/6.3, so the issue is whether the optical performance would significantly suffer with the longer converter. Your experience with the x1.4 converter implies that it may be worth trying. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. Vivion, I am sure Monsieur Monet would certainly approve - I certainly like it.
  9. Wonderful images Alex. The nickname or slang word for a non-pure breed cat in my part of the world is "moggy". Your cat seems to me to be rather special, so much more than just a moggy.
  10. Rags, good luck with the build. Nothing like a project to focus the mind.
  11. Lovely image Alan. Makes me very homesick indeed.
  12. ON TOPIC: Yes nicely taken. This part of Melburne is a good spot for night photography, especially around the equinoxs where you can still get a little of the sky colours recorded just after sunset. OFF TOPIC: The bridge was funded via contributions from a number of state government owned businesses not that long before the government of the day flogged them off to their friends, speculators and foreign government owned entities in the mid 1990s. My old employer, the then state owned electricity utility, was the major donor and I often walk over the bridge - a kind of memory lane trip for me and a memorial to the past. In the meantime the average annual price rise for electricity is around 20% p.a. and my state has gone from enjoying some of the lowest electricity prices in the world to suffering from some of the worlds highest priced electricity, So much for the competitive nature of privatisation driving prices down - the story that the government used to justify their actions back then. End of history lesson and rant.
  13. Alan , this is an uncommon but very nicely rendered image of a commonplace subject in our part of the world. In spite of the abundance of these flowers in Australian and NZ forests, one doesn't see too many images of them.
  14. Hi Vkumar, I have both the "old" 4/3rds format Olympus 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 lens, the same lens that Dallas has, and the newer Nikon 80-400mm G lens. The Olympus lens gives nothing away to its Nikon counterpart, is better built, is faster, and has a really really solid tripod mounting collar. The tiny collar on the Nikon is made of flimsy accountant friendly plastic (who the hell are they kidding), and I have had to replace it with an American made Kirk collar - much better, but compromised by the geometery of the lens - it is as if the designers of the Nikon lens only included a tripod mounting collar as a very late after thought and squeezed it onto whatever little space was left available on the lens body. So forget tripod mounting the Nikon in anything but really bright light. A shame really, as the lens is not a bad lens optically - it is very good in fact, and I only talk about it to make the point that the M43 lenses have some useful mechanical advantages over rivals from other formats. On the Olymus 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 however, there is plenty of space reserved on the lens body for a tripod collar and it is made of plenty of that old fashioned material that was in use back in our great grandparents days - I think that they used to call it M-E-T-A-L (, with my apologies to FZ contributor and F-I-L-M user rbsinto ). On a decent tripod, this lens really does stay where it is put and can deliver shake free outcomes at very low shutter speeds.. (That said, the 40-150mm M43 PRO lens is also more solid than the Nikon, but I did not opt for the 40-150mm, as the 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 is also less expensive and is more practical for myself.) Olympus only stopped manufacturing this lens earlier this year, so although they stopped making 4/3rds format DSLR bodies several years ago, the 4/3rds lens line has been much longer lived, and with good reason - they were/are very good lenses and work well with upper end M43 Olympus bodies such as the E-M1 Mark 1 and 2 cameras whose autofocus systems can best utilise these older lenses. (You will however need the Olympus MMF-3 adpater to go from the 4/3rd lenses to the M43 lens mount to use the 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 on an M43 body.) Hope this helps.
  15. Viewed large, this image is a real treat. Kudos to you for tracking down these Soviet era lenses and pairing them up with your new camera and its Foveon sensor.