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  1. Viewed large, this image is a real treat. Kudos to you for tracking down these Soviet era lenses and pairing them up with your new camera and its Foveon sensor.
  2. Mike, your cat will not be impressed with this ovine usurper stealing his name.........
  3. Mike, this guy bears a striking resemblance to the 226 of our Federal Politicians (and ~5,500 hangers on on any given day).
  4. Alan, dead branches or not, your #1 is a pleasant change from the many shots I have seen of the Richmond Bridge - possibly being the most photographed bridge in Tasmania as well as being its oldest.
  5. A great shot Vivian of a beautiful aeroplane (in spite of its deadly purpose - it was one of the UK's three V Bombers).
  6. Restrict yourself to say just two prime lenses per outing? The favourite will emerge.
  7. A tough job Mike, but someone has got to do it!
  8. Mmm.............. Maybe a Rolex, but I rather like the new Omegas with the George Daniels coaxial escapements. (Dr George Daniels is the famous English horologist who invented the coaxial escapement, which is significantly more accurate than the conventional escapements used by other watch brands.)
  9. I especially like your third image - this guy certainly means business. *************************************** According to Sir David Attenborough, todays birds are indeed direct descendents of the dinosaurs.
  10. It is definitely a statement is it not? Mike I think that you would more look the part in a Cooper S.
  11. Elegant timepieces. You are a non-conformist I see in that the hands are not set at the cliched 9 minutes and 38 seconds past ten (or some other symmetric variation of the position of the hands). It is sad but with my crappy eyes I can barely see anything on a watch nowdays unless it has large white hands against a black face.
  12. Armando, this is a nice outcome - a just reward for yours and your family's labours. I like how you have directly integrated the camera into the set up via the 10-pin interface. I look forward to more images as you develop your technology.
  13. +1 for me also Luc. Alaska is on my "to do list".
  14. Yes, they sure were very low slung. They were really just up market go carts and drove like one - part of their appeal to young guys, especially once John Cooper started to provide his factory tuned & reworked models.
  15. Walton, I can also certainly recommend the 12-40mm f/2.8 zoom and the 60mm f/2.8 Macro - my most two used M43 lenses. I have always remembered Olympus as being a maker of really excellent lenses and the current crop of M43 PRO and the weather sealed amateur lenses are no exceptions IMHO. This should not be a surprise to anyone who is aware of the wide range of medical, scientific, and industrial optics that Olympus manufactures, e.g. they are a major microscope producer and are the worlds largest endoscope manufacturer; in fact their camera business is really quite a small part of what they do..