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  1. make a poster out of it - great shot Fons
  2. magnificent colours
  3. first time seeing this lens. In the advertising it is shown as E Mount lens, you will not have a chance to use it on Nikon or M42
  4. thanks for this informative text
  5. great series
  6. why didn´t you se your selfie stick to get the camera at least over him? I like that shot anyhow, you do not necessarily need a face, here geometry is ruling
  7. BMW

    this was/is a great car, even if in this time the big OPEL had the best rear axles nice Alpina rims ...and a good picture, forgot that we are in a photo forum...
  8. thx Luc for commenting
  9. thx Chris, have been inside to see an exhibition of Rene Groebli: The magic of Railway He went on the locomitives with his MF camera and took a lot of good pictures, btw. I was there together with Simone Kornhaus was booked by groups and I went to guilde house to eat beef-tripe
  10. Ann thanks for looking and commenting I did some multi exposure shots, just assuming that the std scene must have been photographed so often, that even thinking about it is boring I saw a lot of young people, coloured light and old, static infrastructure, so i tried to arrange with (the house) or around (the fontain) colour and movement.
  11. this is an excellent series
  12. I like the circles made of bridge and reflections in the last picture if you crop (mentally) only these 2 openings, it looks like glasses funny is that the couple have the same arragement of legs...don´t know how to describe... just in case someone will tell me know: yes, 2 on the lower end of their bodies...
  13. this is a strong picture, with the red green contrast and the brown water with the strong shadow
  14. these greens and your bicycle are great