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  1. 56 DIN

    Fons Baerken, a daily photoblog November 2017

    I like this view - like a fisheye, the eye search for distortion but can´t find - a good one
  2. 56 DIN

    Cambodia - Vietnam

    really great, I like very much how you show living and transport
  3. 56 DIN

    Photo Essay: Marseille

    this is an excellent view onto this city - congrats and thanks for sharing I have been there several times and like it very much at the old port the "original bouillabaise" restaurants are located, as this was the food for workers, made of the rest of the not sold fish today this is over there a very expensive business and tourist food
  4. 56 DIN

    Fons Baerken, a daily photoblog September 2017

    how did you manage to hold the cam with 2 thumbs up? funny picture
  5. 56 DIN

    The knee

    I like very much, that you see the whole cycle of left to right curve
  6. 56 DIN

    Fons Baerken, a daily photoblog May 2017

    now we know where the affinity to flowers comes from
  7. 56 DIN

    Fons Baerken, a daily photoblog May 2017

    make a poster out of it - great shot Fons
  8. 56 DIN

    A different kind of sunset

    magnificent colours
  9. first time seeing this lens. In the advertising it is shown as E Mount lens, you will not have a chance to use it on Nikon or M42
  10. 56 DIN

    5 Questions For Andrew Livelsberger

    thanks for this informative text
  11. 56 DIN

    Wildebeest crossing the Mara River

    great series
  12. 56 DIN

    Red Hair

    why didn´t you se your selfie stick to get the camera at least over him? I like that shot anyhow, you do not necessarily need a face, here geometry is ruling
  13. 56 DIN


    this was/is a great car, even if in this time the big OPEL had the best rear axles nice Alpina rims ...and a good picture, forgot that we are in a photo forum...
  14. 56 DIN

    accidental night shots in Bern

    thx Luc for commenting
  15. 56 DIN

    accidental night shots in Bern

    thx Chris, have been inside to see an exhibition of Rene Groebli: The magic of Railway He went on the locomitives with his MF camera and took a lot of good pictures, btw. I was there together with Simone Kornhaus was booked by groups and I went to guilde house to eat beef-tripe

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