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  1. Doss Imaging

    You Damn Amateurs

    Some are missing the point: one of the great joys of life are the "gifts of giving". I do not shoot weddings, nor do I need to sell my "art"; and I thank God that I have a profession that not only pays more than I need - but also allows me to travel to locations where I can capture images that may inspire others. Nothing pleases me more than remarks such as "that is amazing" from appreciative "clients". I will not hesitate to spend my own otherwise earned income to purchase expensive framing/canvas for a print (as a gift) for someone who appreciates my talent and allows me the pleasure. Yes, I will sleep well - even though I now realize how some Pros may begrudge me. Would you begrudge the artist who died as a pauper - just because he did not personally profit from his life's work? The history books are filled with those "amateurs". Larry
  2. Doss Imaging

    You Damn Amateurs

    OK - I'm starting to feel a little intimidated, or more like an "outsider" when reading this thread. What are your thoughts about an amateur/novice, who works another (non-photography) career, but who does have some talent, that does do some occasional photography work (without pay) and donates to individuals/organizations or occasional publication (i.e., Nat-Geo)? For love of the "hobby", that person may have spent thousands for pro-level gear and may also have some extensive training/experience; is s/he hurting the Pro's business by providing some of the same services pro bono? Are such individuals frowned upon because they may be infringing upon the professional's potential clients, albeit unintentional? Are amateurs welcome here?
  3. Doss Imaging

    You Damn Amateurs

    Being a "Pro"... Same as in golf. I have been asked why I have not turned "Pro"; the answer to me is simple - if I'm doing it as a job, it might not be as fun any more with all of the pressures to perform or starve, so I remain an amateur. My "day job" pulls in more than I need, so I can "enjoy" my photography as well as my golf. I have tremendous respect for Pros in both professions - they have taken the risks of devoting their talents to a profession rather than remaining a hobbyist (amateur) like me...
  4. Doss Imaging

    Wild Parrot coming at you :-)

    I love it! Kept the head in sharp focus - the large aperture gave great motion to the wings. Very nice....
  5. Doss Imaging

    Your "go to lens"

    My "ready" lenses are the 24-70 on one body; 70-200 on the other. That way I can remain quick for the draw in most situations. Larry
  6. Doss Imaging

    Nikon ADL -- Do You Use It ? If so, how/when? If not, why ?

    Ann, I've had good luck both with the 700 & D3s. Normally, I'll keep the D3s set on auto ADR when out for landscapes, particularly on sunny days. Note the Chapel photo taken late afternoon with the chapel front on the non-sunlit side; the ADR brought out detail on the building front that would have been lost otherwise; it also limited the blowout in the sky. I have not noted much in way of artifacts with the D3s, but have seen a few every now & then with the '700. Your thoughts?
  7. Doss Imaging

    Pandora's Moon over Central Park

    Absolutely breathtaking; this image should be on public display (if not already).
  8. Doss Imaging

    Hello All, and my apologies...

    From another ex-military engineer (USCG Ret), welcome aboard. Impressive set of gear for a "student"; BTW - resent the 60ish reference to being an "old fellow"! Remember - the glass is neither half-full nor half-empty - only twice as large as need be. Best...
  9. Doss Imaging

    Finally did it!!

    I wish I could go through that head-rush again! Now the fun part...saving for all of those great lenses available to bring out the real capabilities, i.e., 400/2.8; 600/4; etc...
  10. Doss Imaging

    How do I post a decent image??

    :)Thanks everyone for your help. The revised image below is my latest attempt
  11. Doss Imaging

    How do I post a decent image??

    After the save I check to see whether the images needs to be resharpened (....they frequently do need some....) and apply a little USM as needed. I never tried USM after conversion; I guess I thought it would only aggrevate the pixilization. Thanks - I'll give it a try...
  12. Doss Imaging

    How do I post a decent image??

    BTW - Robins at 1 week; have captured them every day since hatching.
  13. Doss Imaging

    How do I post a decent image??

    Great idea on the EXIF! Lets hope some of the frequent "posters" will help out...
  14. Doss Imaging

    How do I post a decent image??

    Thanks Mark, your Wood Duck looks great. I guess the trick is to compress less and upload to the gallery w/link; much more to work with at >600KB. Again I've seen lots of nice images at <300KB, and wondering how they do it? I would certainly think that NX2 has similar ability... Thanks again, Larry
  15. Doss Imaging

    How do I post a decent image??

    Pleading for help with JPG workflow

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