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  1. Nicolas

    New York Institute of Photography

    Going back to New York is definitely on my wish list. I wish it would be that easy! As I mentioned in my last post, I found some groups that get together to do some shooting (either with model with studio light and all that stuff, or do some landscape). I still keep my eyes open for any night course that could interest me. In fact, I found a link to one other of these course and the content was less interesting than the NYIP; and I recalled having seen the NYIP ads few years ago. I haven't look at other options, I would have looked more at those options if I decided to continue with this idea.. but as I stated, I will continue by myself. Fix myself some challenge and after some discussion at work, I might have a buddy onboard with me for those challenges. It will definitely be much more interesting being two with the challenges than alone. Elsa, about their prospectus... I filled their form , and even gave my home address, I knew they would send some documentation by mail. Few minutes ago (while writing this post in fact!), I got a called from an automated machine from them. The 19th century are gone for them.. at least for the phone communication of the company So you might be right about getting a discount some day Again, thanks all for your answer!
  2. Nicolas

    New York Institute of Photography

    Thank you guys, after much thoughts about that yesterday; I ended up with pretty much the same conclusion. That's what I'm doing usually. I have been reading this forum for some years now, lately I joined some groups that get together a few time a year to shoot, and I have bought videos and books on specific subjects. That is exactly what was tempting by that course. Tempted enough to spend 1000$ usd and follow a course that takes an average of 10 months to complete? I'll keep my current method and focus on specific subject. I definitely love that idea; I know in the past few months I saw you talked about giving yourself project. If I remember correctly at the end of the "Picture a week" challenge you mentioned one and now your new year resolution! I'll try to find something suited for me now! Now, back to my books Thank you again!
  3. Nicolas

    New York Institute of Photography

    Do you know anyone that used the professional photographer course from the New York Institute of Photography? What's the feeling about that course? To make a real short story, I need to learn something in a structured way. I love the fact they critique the work done after few units. The fact that I need to follow some directives is sort of compelling. I'm sure to learn something new; enough to cover the 1000$... I'm confident I should. Up until few weeks ago, I never really looked at portraiture, studio work; I never contemplated doing weddings. Just with these two subjects, I'm sure to learn something. Usually, I'm really into reading by myself and testing it out there; but I have the feeling I might love that kind of learning. So any comments about that place?
  4. Nicolas

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 52 of 52 Sep 23-Sept 29

    I was hired to shoot the 5th Quebec Salsa Festival this weekend. That photo was taken on the saturday night (28). To celebrate the 5th year, the organizers invited Eddie Torres (The Mambo King) to perform. He did perform quite a few times, whether alone, with a partner doing salsa or with his son doing mambo. Eddie Torres is one of the more popular dancers of the New York style Salsa. That was the performance I prefer the most, they were having a grand time doing it. Here's Eddie Torres Sr. and Jr. The weekend was quite fun, lots of dancing (unfortunately, not for me), lots of gorgeous people and some breathtaking performance all around. That is my 52nd photos! I'm really proud of having posted for each and every week of the challenge!
  5. I already planned on continuing feeding my gallery with 1 image per week. I found that challenge very fun and I have a sense of achievement with it. Hearing about others and how they approach the challenge is interesting. I, for one, do not plan my shot in advance. I do plan many outing tho and I will choose a photo from those. Having a planned approach would be a good change to my challenge or future photo of the week. I'm really glad we are looking on how to continue this challenge.
  6. Nicolas

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 49 of 52 Sep 2-Sept 8

    No use for a name was scheduled to play at a local festival; their singer died on July 31st and the group decided to still play and do a tribute to the singer.
  7. Nicolas

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 47 of 52 Aug19-Aug 25

    The Tea Party
  8. Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec.
  9. Nicolas

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 43 of 52 july 22 - july 28

    My mutt playing with some branches...
  10. Nicolas

    Photo-a-week-challenge-week 42 of 52 july 15- july 21

    Taken during the 8th Blues Festival in Quebec City. A small festival, completely free (even the beer and the food is cheap!) with no big screen or fireworks... but the musicians are always very very good. This is Dexter Allen (from Mississippi)...

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