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  1. Lysstyrke

    Super Telephotos Are All VRII

    The first version of 18-200VR released 2005 also had the VRII technology.
  2. Lysstyrke

    First attemt at the moon.

    I have added a smaller file now. I will also get me photoshop elements. And try to shoot raw in the future. I have only done jpg`s.
  3. Lysstyrke

    First attemt at the moon.

    I must be better with in the post processing. And get at better imaging program. I have just Google picasa. I agree it is way to oversharpened. I cropped the the picure on my computer, it looked fine on my screen. But when it came out here it went big again. I will try to do it right next time.
  4. Lysstyrke

    First attemt at the moon.

    Glad you liked the picture. No, it is a Sigma 800mm F/5,6.
  5. Lysstyrke

    First attemt at the moon.

    Here is my first attemt at the moon. I will try to capture better images next time.
  6. Lysstyrke

    Hello from Halden, Norway.

    Hello to all of you. Thank you to everyone who has wished me welcome. I am not rich, but I am rich at some nice Nikon products. Somebody wants a nice car to show off, but I rather enjoy a cold Tuborg when I look at my suitcase marked CT-404. I have an old car. Yes, i will call me an amateur, I cant call me a pro because I have some equipment like an National geographic photographer. I hope to produce some nice pictures in the future. Jan Erik.
  7. Yes nfoto, it is a Manfrotto 516 video fluid head. I understand what you mean about wobbling because of the narrow lens collar. But i think is a nice lens though. I think the Manfrotto 516 works very well with longer lenses too. rvink, I have used this HK-30 on D3 without any problem. The HK-31 is the original lens hood on the 200 F/2 , but this HK-30 is more elegant.
  8. Lysstyrke

    Hello from Halden, Norway.

    Hello all members of Nikongear. This is my second post at this forum, I was urged from one of the other members of this site to write some words of my self here after he read my first post. I am a man who is 43 years old. I have been taking pictures for many years, but with compact filmcameraes. I have wanted a SLR for several years, but other interests have also been there, so I have not been purchased SLR. But this spring I purchased my first DSLR. But it was used and without lens so I purhcased another cheap SLR with a kitlens , this was on a Sunday and the shops were closed, but I was eager to test my new camera. After that I have purchased more Nikon equipment. But I am just an humble amateur who wants to learn more. I have read on this site for a long time, and I think is a great site. So yesterday I became a member. I dont think I can contribute with much experience now, but maybe in the future. The reason it became Nikon for me, was that when I was in the military 23 years ago a photographer told me that Nikon was the best camera. I belived in him. This was all for now. Jan Erik.
  9. [/img]Hello. I saw you was waiting for a new Nikon 200mm F/2 with some modifications Erik. Here is a picture how it could look like. No VrII and Nano on this, but improved tripod mount(Kirk) and slim carbon fiber hood. And to ndcny, here you have the Nikon 400mm F/4 you was looking for. And with the D300 its equal to an 600mm F/4 with crop factor.

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