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  1. Thanks Ann! This is exactly that: just an appetizer! We are looking forward to meeting you and the rest for the Safarians as well. I'm starting to feel some "travel anxiety" building up, but it's more intense this time. Hope it's a good sign ;D I wish you a safe and relaxed journey (yours is a lot longer than ours) and... see you in Joburg!!!
  2. Good set! 10, 11 and 12 are my favorites! Cheers
  3. Thanks Joergen, Chris, CW and Peter for your feedback
  4. Thanks for all your nice comments Dallas: I didn't had all my gear with me here at the time, so the birds were taken with the old Sigma 50-500 and the macros with the 105 f:2.8 VR. Got it all now and is already being prepared - pilled up... - for next week. See you Sunday Cheers
  5. Hello! This is my first picture post - couldn't postpone it anymore - and these were taken last year on a road leading to a sanctuary on the Kwanza river shore, about 120 km outside Luanda. Had, of course, to include some birds. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
  6. Very nice series! 8, 9 and 14 are my favorites. How far were you and what lens did you use? Just curious about how tolerant are the birds there... Cheers
  7. Q: What do/did you do for a living? A: I'm a graphic designer. Q: Where do you live? A: Lisbon, Portugal (currently working in Luanda - Angola). Q: Your age? A: 40 Q: Gender? A: Male Q: Family? A: My girlfriend, a black female Labrador and two cat sisters. Q: How long have you been interested in photography? A: Since teenagehood. Q: What was your first camera? A: A Kodak that looked like a candybar Q: What type of photography interests you the most? A: Nature and wildlife. Q: Who's photography do you admire the most? (famous photographers) A: Lots and lots of people... Q: What's your ambition as a photographer? A: To evolve - in a positive way - having a lot of fun in the process. Q: What irritates you most about other photographers? A: Fortunately, as the years go by, the things that really irritate me are less and less. Q: What's your next favorite pastime? A: Books and movies. Q: Favorite book / author? A: Lots. Paul Auster... Q: Favorite film / actor / actress / director A: Lawrence of Arabia / Clint Eastwood / Meg Ryan / Eastwood - Coppola - Coen Bros... Q: If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? A: Patagonia, Costa Rica, Amazonia,... because South Africa and Namibia will be coming very soon Q: Favorite music A: That would be another long list... but to name one: David Byrne / Talking Heads. Q: Favorite Food A: Italian, Indian and, of course, Portuguese. Q: Favorite Drink A: Depends on the occasion and mood... Beer, Mojitos/Caipirinhas, red wine, water... Q: Favorite Mode of Dress A: Comfortable. Q: Pastime while travelling A: What?... really? Q: What do you think about when there is nothing to do? A: Try not to do much thinking, and just enjoy the privilege Q: What is the best thing you've ever done. A: Start taking pictures is one of them. It opened new horizons at many different levels. Q: What's the stupidest thing you've ever done? A: Believe me... you don't wanna know... Q: Where have you travelled to? A: Netherlands, Austria, Spain (a lot of places), Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Angola, Cape Verde... Q: What is your favorite quote / saying? A: One of them anyway... "Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering - and it's all over much too soon." - Woody Allen
  8. Frederico


    I'm going to take one of those to attach to the rail and do some filming with the G10. Got it a while ago but, to be honest, never did test it with a DSLR, as it was intended... I also have here with me in Angola an old Manfrotto tripod, but it will be the last thing to pack... if there is still space and weight available. Dallas: I don
  9. Ann: My Epson P7000 does exactly that - it's the overcautious part of me that wanted to have 2 backups... Not that nothing bad ever happened to me in that chapter, but you hear so many stories of work lost in travel due to having only one backup that you start considering other options... it's the "don't put all the eggs in one basket" idea. But the COLORSPACE drives look really good, and have much better prices than the Epson's. Dallas: Thanks for the offer and, if I can
  10. That's what I call "a good problem". I'm also making the last preparations for the trip. I don't want to take my MB with me since it's less 3.x kilos. So I thought that I would make backups from the Epson P7000 to a small portable HD, since they say it can be done, but it
  11. Great set!!! Like them all, but the sable is something else... Keep 'em coming! Cheers
  12. Frederico


    Wonderful action shot! One of my (many) favorite birds. Cheers F
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