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  1. www.gorazd.si

  2. gogo

    Safari Destinations 2013

    You should do them all, one by one. And don't forget Zambia, their river safaris are great. Gorazd
  3. gogo

    Elephant and Oryx

    I can agree with a litle darker background.
  4. gogo

    They walk among us!!!!!

    And which one you use first? Is it WD-40 and then duct tape?
  5. gogo

    Which Camera to buy

    I always use 2 cameras on safaris and my choice is D700 with 500mm and D300 with 70-200 zoom. For wide angle i have with me one lens -depends or 14-24 or some fix lens or latelly Olympus Pen with wide angle. And when i need i exchange lenses and cameras, depends if I need more reach or higher ISO. I tested also D7000 but for safari AF of D300 is better and D700 is better in all things. If you starts with one camera then i would go for D700/D3 . www.gorazd.si
  6. gogo

    More Dove's in flight :-)

    Great action shots and also in great light, no distraction in the background. Regards, Gorazd
  7. gogo

    Brazilian GT3 - Aug.2011 - Interlagos - Race

    Hi, these are great shots, your panning technique is great. Regards, Gorazd
  8. gogo

    Body art

    Great pose and light, maybe blue in waves to strong but all in all great one.
  9. gogo

    Wildlife - Africa

    Thank you for you comments. I love wildlife and always try to get them in best light and angle. (with more or less success)
  10. gogo

    Wildlife - Africa

    Here are some from my visits of South Africa: Balule Natural Reserve Kgalagadi Park, Kalahari Kruger Park Balule Natural Reserve, Greater Kruger Park
  11. It's wild out there.
  12. gogo

    Most colourful bird in Africa

    I like first shot more then second, both are nice, showing really most colorful bird from down there (at least for me) in African sunset. :drinks:
  13. gogo

    Bosque del Apache - for not so narrow minded

    Thank you, for your great comments. I did 45 x 30 cm print and it looks great, I think it can be done even bigger for wall ( not looking too close). Olympus lenses are great ( so I heard :biggrin: ) but micro 4/3 lens 17 mm is not some gem but useful. And I would like to have birds little lower, so I have to go back and try it again .
  14. gogo

    Sunset is approaching

    Great colors.
  15. I hope you understand that title is partlly a joke. All photographers there were really narrow angle lens oriented (min. 400-600mm lenses - including me). But i had also little Olympus Pen with 17mm fixed lens and it was really nice that I could catch landscape with reflection and birds in formation on the sky. I wished for 14 or even 12mm lens but 17mm was on.

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