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  1. I have Nikon mades binoculars which are top end amongst my collection of four other binoculars. I now fancy getting stabilised versions but costs are just a tag too much at the mo.... I love my Canon (body and lenses), love Nikon (body and lenses), love Fujifilm (body and lenses) and love Sigmas (just lenses).... they are qall technologically excellent and each has pros/cons over each other. Top advices here from the members here. Try before buy or buy and use with your current. I thought I'd sell my others after buying the expensive Canon but I use the others because as I already said, I love them! They are 'children' to me.... ahem no I have not recently been released from a looney establishment....! I admit I tend to use my Canon body more than the others with Sigma lenses over the Canon lenses simpy because of the high ISO capability and high shooting speeds. I personally find the glass quality in Nikon, Canon and Sigmas all pretty the same. Remember I said 'personally'. :angel: Good luck in your deciasion making.....
  2. Thanks Runner, videoing is a plus on Canon but photographically speaking I can see no real differences between the two except obviously the lens fitting and the slighly better Nikon handling of noises (I am in agreement with the recent DP Review). I also have four Canon fit lenses which is ideal for nature shoots. It would be nice to experiment with the vast array of Nikon fit lenses that I happen to have and the accessories incluidng tilt/shift bellows etc etc. If I could afford it I would have a D3S in my collection ;D
  3. Well its because I have a lot of lenses that are Nikon fit
  4. ;D Many thanks all, enjoy the next 'lovebird' challenge :angel:
  5. 50% of the time I kind of wished I went for the D3S instead of the Canon 1D Mark IV however theoOther 50% of the time I am glad I did go for the MK4!!!
  6. I also shoot raw - my web images are usually cropped down to a max of 1000 pixels wide and saved as close as possible but under 300 KB. So depending on the type of image it can vary from 60 to 100 percent jpeg compression via photoshop. When shooting in JPEG which is very very very rare for me I will always set it to capture at 100%. Default setting is 80%. Hope this helps
  7. I own this lens and can swear by it as it offers for me xxcellent sharp images plus the optical stabilizer is definately helpful when hand holding. Image below is handheld at 500mm and 1600 ISO 1/250th second F8.
  8. I was the UK first student/person to order and buy the very first Apple Quicktake 100 that shipped to the UK. Cost over UK
  9. Welcome too As you may have noticed this is a well mixed and diverse forum. In my view one of the best, actually is the only best forum for mixing with and talking with passionate photographers. Enjoy 8)
  10. I have the Sigma 150-500mm OS lens and may say it is absolutely fantastic. I got it because someone has been using one of these for their motorsport and the images I have seen are very good and sharp. Worth considering 8)
  11. Add me too please. Be nice to use my El-Nikkor 63mm F2.8 to focus to infinity too
  12. Harpers has done it again 8) I booked online a new teleconverter to pick up at Jessops and went to collect it and instead was told they did not have any but a returned one with missing box and end cover! Looked used to me. Anyway they offered a rather limited silly discount which I said no. Disappointed I then went across to Harpers and they sold me a brand new one for
  13. I personally think it is an over-kill price. Being second hand how on earth can it be worth UK
  14. Hey mine arrived today too 8) looks very good and focusesvery nicely within a close range of around half a meter which is fine for me as that is the range of my customised UV flashgun and the El-Nikkor 63mm. I have not taken any images yet but will do soon... Thanks a million Klaus ;D
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