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  1. JohnBrew

    Beach Pano

    Ron, I like "Dancing on the Wall". Great shot!
  2. Alan, between your post and that of Ann's there are some concerns that #1 (Ann) some "throw-off" from the sensor or mirror lubrication can be evident when a camera is new and #2 (yours) a piece of metal or glass or even plastic loose inside the body (!). Could either of these continue to occur? Well, the answer will be found in continued shooting. I hope this is the last I will see of this shiny little devil however, if this happens again I will document it and report back. BTW, when I cleaned the sensor with the Lens Pen, I checked the Lens Pen with a magnifying glass to see if the offending item had stuck to the cleaning tip but it wasn't there. Reckon it's still inside the body? No telling since it was so tiny. Much shooting this week will determine how successful I was.
  3. It appears I was wrong, after checking some more recent images, and though it dimmed a bit it never went away. Today I did surgery with a Lens Pen and got it. I used a flashlight and magnifying glass, but I still can't say for certain what it was. It shined like a diamond and while visable to the naked eye, still required the close look with the aformentioned articles to be certain it was removed. I want to thank everyone for their studied responses and just say it's really nice to have a support group like you all (or should I say y'all?) on this forum when problems arise. Happy shooting.
  4. Akira, the spot didn't seem to be lens dependant. And I think you have made an interesting theory. All my lenses for Nikon are 9-bladed except for a 105 2.5 Ai. So I will have to try it if the dreaded spot shows up again. BTW, the spot has disappeared after a rocket blow and turning the camera on/off several times. It will be interesting if it shows up again this coming week as I am testing, er, make that trying out, an ALPA w/digital back versus the D810 w/Zeiss 55 1.4. But that's a story for another time .
  5. Thanks everyone. Kinda what I expected. I'm no stranger to cleaning sensors - just never ran into a problem like this one. I used to use a Lenspen on my Leica's (still have it). With the sensor clean on the D800 I never had to worry - several on/off operations would take care of the occasional dust issue. I'm confident this is not something I would be soliciting Nikon about. I have only 1100 actuations on this new body so I suppose I'm still "breaking it in", so to speak. Andrea, check out my website for the Utah pics. www.johnbrewton.zenfolio.com
  6. While in Utah I began having a problem with a strange circle showing up in my images. I hit it with a rocket blower and the problem seemed to diasapper but it returned. It is so small, and there is only one, and it appears as a bright pinprick on the sensor. See attached. Also, giving credence to the oil idea is the manner is which the aperture appears when blown up. Would be most interested if someone has run into this problem before and also soliciting ideas.
  7. Good grief, Charlie Brown! Thank you, one and all. Quite a surprise. I'm truly honored and would like to congratulate those who were nominated and recognized by committee. Right now I'm in the middle of what should be called a tropical storm, waiting for a lull to go out and see which crazy surfers want to show off for my camera. Gotta keep those good vibes coming!
  8. Chris, thanks for taking the time to comment. Where this image was shot is called the "Nefertiti" stone, referencing the one on the left.
  9. D810, Zeiss 55 1.4 @ f2, ISO 100, 20 minutes. I was in Moab for a workshop and we were hoping to shoot some star trails. Luckily the last night we got a clear sky. Not certain how I achieved this effect as I was trying for something a little different...
  10. JohnBrew


    I must say Armando deserves kudos for such an original composition. My hat is off to you, sir.
  11. JohnBrew


    For those of you who haven't yet had your Spring flowers... D810, Zeiss 55 @f1.4 handheld.
  12. JohnBrew


    A nice composition. I might be tempted to PS the partial tattoo.
  13. A few odd (pun intended) shots. D810, 105 2.5 Ai. Ignore the EXIF data, I didn't switch on the dedicated data for this lens. First one @ f2.5, 1/4000. I think these are living in a pot under the sand as someone's idea of fun. For sure, it perked up an otherwise drab landscape. Second one @ f11. A weird pattern in the sand left behind after high tide. Almost looks like wood.
  14. Shocking and sad. I don't visit here as much as I used to so this is terrible news. I had contacted Carolyn several months ago about doing a week with her in Utah and she told me that they had sold their house in Utah and she wouldn't be doing any more shoots there. She made some suggestions of others who could help me. I heard she had some health issues but had no idea how serious. She was a talented photographer and generous and helpful person with others.
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