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  1. Mark English

    Carolyn Guild

    I just saw the comment about posting B&W landscapes. Although this is not a landscape, I thought I'd post this one as Carolyn was so kind to print this and ship it to me. This will not do the print she sent me justice but I am grateful to her for teaching me what an image can look like on paper when done right. She was not only a master photographer. but a master printer as well. RIP Carolyn.
  2. Mark English

    Carolyn Guild

    I heard this a couple of days ago and it is sad indeed. She has helped so many including myself. She will be missed!
  3. Mark English


    Thanks Rags, MUCH appreciated
  4. Mark English


    Hey folks, long time no post. One of our recent models is in the running for a corporate donation to the Humane Society if she gets enough votes. Currently she's 12 votes behind. We would love to have your support. If you would like to support her with a vote, you can do it here. http://whowearsitbetter.com/Nov1.php Its only open until end of day today In the mean time here a couple of shots from her last shoot with us. C&C welcome as always
  5. Mark English

    POTW #334

    Awesome Chris
  6. Mark English

    Entry #3

    I would have expected no less. Beautiful Elsa
  7. Mark English

    A B&W of Danielle

    C&C Welcome
  8. Mark English

    Love/Hate the crop

    Thanks again for the comments folks. I will darken the hand Elsa and bring up the light a little around the eye a little Chris. I don't know how people tell the difference between real and fake fur but your friend makes a good point. There was just a touch of shoulder from the coat Fred but it does look better without it and thanks for the kind words. Thanks for the confirmation Olivier. Seems like most agree with the crop.
  9. Mark English

    Love/Hate the crop

    Thanks Colin, I noticed that piece of shoulder as well. I new I should've lost it so it's gone now.Thanks Colin. Thanks again Manos. I moved the crop slightly again. Its a fine line but makes a difference. Appreciate the comment.
  10. Mark English

    Love/Hate the crop

    Hi Manos, Only the lightbox version showed the the full image. I have changed it to a smaller version so it shows up properly without clicking on it. Thanks for the comment.
  11. Mark English

    Love/Hate the crop

    From a recent shoot for my Ad . C&C Welcome
  12. Mark English

    My Girls

    Thanks again for the comments everyone! I wanted to keep it beautiful Elsa so I kept my mug out of it. Maybe next time. The boyfriends have seen my black belt and collection of samurai swords Bart. They understand. :0
  13. Mark English

    My Girls

    Thanks for the comments folks and yes Dallas... I am truly blessed.
  14. Mark English

    My Girls

    A shot of my wife and daughters. C&C Welcome
  15. Mark English

    Snowy Owl Sunset Takeoff

    Incredible, Fantastic... Damn. If I was still on the POTW committee, I'd nominate this!

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