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  1. The impact on health care workers will be the most devastating - they don't grow on trees. You local hospital is already overrun and might soon be offline.....why do you think it's stupid to stop the spread? Our governments might be stupid, but don't you be too! Not staying home and doing our best to stop this virus is beyond stupid. We are in lock down until May - what makes SA special that 2 weeks is plenty? And Dallas has a gardener? What luxury!
  2. A good read: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/2020/03/how-cities-flattened-curve-1918-spanish-flu-pandemic-coronavirus/#close
  3. New York is stacking dead bodies in refrigerated containers. Mardi Gras has generated a new epicenter. This thing is dangerous. Estimated dead in the US is pegged at somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 and that's with current efforts to curtail movement. The virus doesn't care where you were born, the color you skin is, how old you are, or how much money you have. However, maybe this is the way to "fix stupid" -- just wish there would not be too much "collateral damage." Worst part is this will devastate the world's health care systems. There are PPE shortages everywhere. Kill all the doctors and nurses and what will you do when you have a non-virus medical emergency like an appendix bursting? I guess we'll get some leaches and do a blood letting.......
  4. Impossible == Its more like Do or Die! Check the impact of "Spring Break" and where they went in the US afterwards: https://twitter.com/i/status/1242628347034767361 Scary tracking ability, but shows you the problem faced by [your nasty, hated] government trying to stop this threat. Can our collective leaders do better, yes, but at least your 'leader" isn't telling you it's a hoax and go back to work.
  5. Not sounding good for the home team: https://www.foxnews.com/world/south-africans-stay-at-home-coronavirus-ignored I found this using a news aggregator - not usually a Fox reader
  6. YES, a VERY close friend -- and you would be wise to stay home and not spread this virus. I would have said this person is NOT at risk - but is VERY sick. Be smart - stay isolated and help stop the spread of this virus - don't be selfish or [excuse me] stupid.
  7. "Honestly, the low light ticket has been worn out and isn't even a relevant argument for specs in cameras these days. The amount of times I need to shoot above 3200 is negligible. " Must be a nice, bright world you live in down there. My D500 Max ISO FREQUENTLY bumps into 25.6k land when out shooting High School sports events. If I had to stop at 3200, I would stay home.
  8. Seems like a job for a full-frame camera....that 2X crop factor is working hard against you.....
  9. "I carried that theme forward by suggesting that the DSLR was not advancing because of its mechanical innards" Hmm....D850, camera of the year....yet has a mirror.... "It would be better for Canon and Nikon (and their customers) if their new cameras didn't have a mirror and had an EVF instead"\ ABSOLUTLY NOT! Your opinions....as admin, you really should withhold you personal bias. THE BULK of cameras today have a mirror - mirrorless is NOT overwhelming technology - get over it. But it is your site, which I guess give you license to offend early and often.
  10. Dallas - you really need to give up on your rant against the mirror. Clearly the voting public (sales) are against you as are many technical reasons that you choose to ignore. You're not doing yourself favors bring this up again.
  11. Card readers die from bent pins because they present the connectors at the edge of their body. Cameras have SLOTS which align the CF card with the pins before engagement at the bottom of the slot. This keeps pins from being bent in cameras while they are easily bent in cheap readers. Search for a reader with a deep slot where the connector pins are inset a distance....these will last. Or --- buy cheap readers with pins at the "surface" and live with bent pins.
  12. Sorry Dallas -- but I couldn't find the forums....really....hit home and looked and didn't see anything. So I took a shot a what I thought was the appropriate place.
  13. Yes, probably the most endangered African animal. Seen today at Sabi-Sabi. Check the blog -- see the pictures.... http://www.sabisabi.com/blog/13776/my-first/
  14. The D800e has a special layer added instead of the AA filter to keep the optical stack identical between the two models. Removing the layer was not a viable option to Nikon, so I doubt it is in the aftermarket. If you really want ONE body without an AA filter, sell the D800 and buy a D800e, D810, D820 or other model. Hacking a D800 is not a good path......
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