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  1. "I carried that theme forward by suggesting that the DSLR was not advancing because of its mechanical innards" Hmm....D850, camera of the year....yet has a mirror.... "It would be better for Canon and Nikon (and their customers) if their new cameras didn't have a mirror and had an EVF instead"\ ABSOLUTLY NOT! Your admin, you really should withhold you personal bias. THE BULK of cameras today have a mirror - mirrorless is NOT overwhelming technology - get over it. But it is your site, which I guess give you license to offend early and often.
  2. Dallas - you really need to give up on your rant against the mirror. Clearly the voting public (sales) are against you as are many technical reasons that you choose to ignore. You're not doing yourself favors bring this up again.
  3. Card readers die from bent pins because they present the connectors at the edge of their body. Cameras have SLOTS which align the CF card with the pins before engagement at the bottom of the slot. This keeps pins from being bent in cameras while they are easily bent in cheap readers. Search for a reader with a deep slot where the connector pins are inset a distance....these will last. Or --- buy cheap readers with pins at the "surface" and live with bent pins.
  4. Sorry Dallas -- but I couldn't find the forums....really....hit home and looked and didn't see anything. So I took a shot a what I thought was the appropriate place.
  5. Yes, probably the most endangered African animal. Seen today at Sabi-Sabi. Check the blog -- see the pictures....
  6. The D800e has a special layer added instead of the AA filter to keep the optical stack identical between the two models. Removing the layer was not a viable option to Nikon, so I doubt it is in the aftermarket. If you really want ONE body without an AA filter, sell the D800 and buy a D800e, D810, D820 or other model. Hacking a D800 is not a good path......
  7. Shop for a used D800e and be happy. I would not attempt either mod.
  8. Saw him last night in Portland with Morgan. AWESOME Show!
  9. I do ..... just not here anymore.........not a friendly crowd for that subject here..............
  10. Nice review - and some great shots. "Equivalence" matters for FOV and DOF so as much as you hate the term, it is an important factor for a site wanting to cater to more than M4/3 shooters....or to those who are considering the move to M4/3. If you had a rating system, I'd ding you a "star" or two for the rant....skip that and it would be a 5-star review of a 5-star lens.
  11. Ann - CF is also a conductor. Not quite as good as metal, but a whole lot better than air so it become a target too. For once, a case for Basalt-based tripods ;-)
  12. Litho is a very cyclic business that has very high R&D expense. If you look at the latest quarter, they made NICE money. They do make the scanners-of-choice for many high-end Fabs....I'm pretty sure that big announcement by Intel to spend $7B will have a chunk going to Nikon. I attribute some of Nikon's camera issues to the fact that the Litho guys have been in charge and they don't get cameras.... That ping-pongs at Nikon and I think the latest shuffle puts camera people back in charge. AFAIK.
  13. Larry - I don't see anything your list that can not or has not be done in a DLSR with Liveview except the EVF specific items which I discount since they are not acceptable by many.
  14. I remarked then that mirrorless cameras had features that Nikon ought to look seriously into as it serves a need that is not met by its dSLR. I'm constantly confused by these types of statements. What needs beyond fitting in a pocket are NOT being met by DSLR's that are by Mirrorless? I'm talking something that is NOT a software feature? I can think of the higher frame rate but frankly that can be accomplished (if desired) in LiveView mode. I can think of the EVF but that is very polarizing and not welcomed by many. What else????
  15. and in the process, you have provided the answer as to why the Expeed ASIC is likely not the reason for the Nikon DL cancellation. No one put a gun to Nikon's head and said that it should do 20.8mp at 20fps or 60fps. No "GUN" involved. But Olympus set the bar and Nikon market matched the spec in the "needs" for a competitive camera. Clearly, the current Expeed couldn't do they needed to spin the ASIC to get this. Now, marketing might have relaxed the spec when it didn't work, but I suspect they were too far into the spin and all the accompanying PCB support to back away from a new Expeed - they could have maybe dropped the feature, but it is very doubtful that an old part would drop into the same PCB location. Hence the need to keep going spinning till it worked. Truly speculation on my part....