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  1. It would sure be nice to see an iteration of the D800/E with this new viewfinder and live view. Terry.
  2. A 13.3"x20" print should nicely do the job. That's a D3200 file printed at native resolution on a 300dpi Canon printer. Terry.
  3. So, if Sten would attach the original image files (or provide a download link) we could each produce a print as nfoto suggests and complete the experiment, so to speak. I would highly value that opportunity. Sten, would you be able to facilitate that? Thanks. Terry.
  4. I read a comment recently by Vincent Versace praising the D600. He's using it on a shoot in Burma. Yet, in the same post he said "the D4 does it a bit better". So I'm intrigued. Is it the lowered noise floor that you're referring to above, or is there more going on with the D3S / D4? Terry.
  5. I see where you're coming from. A built-in GPS would be really handy for landscape work, in my case. Terry.
  6. Dallas, what are the things that you were looking for, that would have made you smile instead with these cameras? Terry.
  7. That's interesting. I took shots handheld in my local camera store using my D700 and their D600 / D800. I used my 60 AFS Micro for the test and when I evaluated my "out the window shot" last night the D800 was clearly the resolution winner. The image was shot at 1/500. I wonder how one of my other lenses would have fared. Which lenses have you had marginal or poor results from? Terry.
  8. Thanks Andrea! This is encouraging. For me, this is one of the things I would really miss if I replaced my D700 with a D600, although it can be worked around. Terry.
  9. Bjorn. . . With the D800 you expressed some concern about noise in flat lighting being an issue even at ISO 800, but you also noted that the camera was fine up to 3200 in other lighting conditions.With the D600 you mentioned in another thread that "A cursory glance at high ISO NEFs show very low noise levels.". Now that you've finished your D600 testing how would you describe it's noise performance? Does it exhibit excessive noise in flat lighting like the D800? Is the D600 truly a step up in noise performance from the D700? Thanks. Terry.
  10. I go through a "pre-flight checklist" every time I start a shooting session. I could really use a function like this! Terry.
  11. Bjorn, you had reported an abrupt transition from out of focus to in focus with the D800 in some situations, and I'm wondering if you've observed any of the same with the D600. My apologies if you commented on this earlier and I missed it. Terry.
  12. Bjorn, have you used the D600 with an SB-800? If so, are there any concerns or surprises? Terry.
  13. John, I assume you're suggesting that I keep the D700 because the D600 is a different class of camera. My analysis at this point is based on outcomes; what I will see on my computer screen and how my prints will look. I really need to get a D600 in my hands to see how it feels and and responds. That would certainly be my preference. I'm thinking however, that a more direct replacement for the D700 is unlikely. Hopefully I'm wrong. Terry.
  14. I shoot landscape and sell fine art prints on canvas and cotton rag papers. I also do a bit of portraiture and occasionally, some sports shooting for fun. I'm looking at three scenarios. Stay with my D700; sell the D700 and buy a D800; sell the D700 and buy a D600. Unfortunately I can't justify having two "higher end" bodies, so I have to view this as a single camera solution. The D800 resolution would be ideal for landscape work but I'm concerned about using the camera hand-held. The feature set and build look attractive but the file size is a concern. I wear glasses so the viewfinder is also a concern. The D600 resolution seems like enough of an increase to warrant consideration. Perhaps 24MP will become the a longer-term sweet spot, especially given what Bjorn reports when hand holding the D600 vs. D800. I like the DR increase and reduction in noise. The VF comments are encouraging. I think the biggest negative for me is the limited exposure bracketing capabilities. So, the question I find myself asking is "If I did not have a camera today would I buy a D700 or a D600?". The money is arguably comparable. I find myself leaning toward the D600 for image quality, and accepting a lesser build and fewer features in exchange. That may be the best fit for what I shoot. That said, I have yet to get my hands on one. If I could keep the D700 and add another body, the D800 would get more of my attention. I appreciate all the discussions on both cameras. Terry.