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  1. glo

    Downtown Minneapolis after Dark

    You shot this right out of my back yard, literally. Nice job. Our city is pretty sexy at night isn't it? glo
  2. glo

    Help needed!

    Not sure, are you pressing in and holding the focus button by the lens mount while you're spinning the wheel? Is is greyed out? What's happening? glo
  3. glo

    Leica M-Monochrome

    Have to agree that it's about platforms and shooting styles. I don't have an Otus but I shoot the 85mm f/1.4 Nikon with the 810. It would be hard for me to prove that the APO Summicron M 90mm ASPH mounted to my M type-240 delivers a superior image than the Nikon combo. But if I were to convert either of those images to b&w, there is a clear difference when compared to what the MM will deliver with the 90. I didn't get into Leica because Nikon wasn't good enough for me. I just love shooting a rangefinder and appreciate the incredible quality of the Leica lenses. glo
  4. glo

    Leica M-Monochrome

    I've had the MM for over a year. My experience is completely opposite from the above post. Over 34 years ago I started shooting black & white and color film through Nikon. When the D1X launched I switched completely to digital and continued to upgrade my gear to where I am today with a D3X, D4S, 810 & 750. Through the years I've shot and printed a lot of black & white. When Leica launched the MM, I was skeptical and held out till I saw what some photographers where doing with that camera. Still skeptical that I would get better images than my B&W conversions, I bought the MM. Every time I process and print images taken with that body, I am amazed with what I'm getting. It would be a mistake to judge the quality of the images from the MM from SOOC jpegs, in my opinion, they're not usable. Processing the RAW image in required to fully leverage what that camera can deliver. And yes, it delivers a better quality image than 35mm film and is on par with medium format. The MM clearly is not for everyone. But anyone who has a passion for black & white photography should take a look at M Monochrom.
  5. glo

    200-400mm Split topic

    ilkka, Thanks for taking the time to post your evaluation, very valuable. glo
  6. glo

    Hidden Dragon

    Very cool. You should be proud of this one! glo
  7. glo

    challenges with the 200-400 f/4

    Wow! Nice bear shots! I'm jealous, nicely done! glo
  8. glo

    Anyone have/used the 45 PC-E?

    I have both the 45 and 85, love them both. Unless you have experience with T/S lenses, there will be a bit of a learning curve but it's well worth the effort. glo
  9. glo

    Our Safari in words - Part One

    I would like to thank you as well for posting these photos. I'm saving up for a Safari and can't wait to go. So these behind the scenes pix are very nice to see. glo
  10. glo

    Here I am with my Nikongear cap

    Pretty snappy. You're all Nikoned up!
  11. glo

    Recent D300s, 600VR Shorebird Images

    Totally awesome Jim! glo
  12. glo

    Missed Opportunity

    Hopefully you've learned your lesson. There should be no such thing as a walk without a camera in hand!
  13. glo

    D3s Max print size


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