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  1. akul

    Choosing a wide angle lens for architecture

    PCE lenses are the most suitable within 35mm camera field in the 'conventional' architecture. Non conventional, then why stay in the wide angle ??
  2. akul

    Photography Systems

    I shoot with D700 and Sony NEX5 with f-mount adapter.
  3. akul

    Park Central Hotel

    Beautiful shot. Great B/W conversion. And, quite funny banners !!
  4. akul

    Red umbrella

    Thanks all for your comments. In the end, I know it all comes down to personal aesthetics and style, but I am glad that I could have this conversation. Luka
  5. akul

    Red umbrella

    Thanks very much for the comment. I appreciate it. Your comment brings up my on-going internal debate. Centrality of this composition was my intent and deliberate. I was curious however, if others find the centrality to be the weakness of this shot. I have not figured out where it comes from for me, but quite often i find myself disagreeing with the compositional tools. What I did not do, and now I think of it, I could have tried easily was to do few more shots on this subject to test out other possibilities. As heavy cropping to me is another that I tend to avoid. To me, it sort of reduce down to what suits the subject the most for what I want to convey in every shot. Just to 'simulate' a different comp, a quick test. Luka
  6. akul

    Winter light NY II

    An addition to the series. Akul
  7. akul

    Winter light NY

  8. akul

    Winter light NY

    bollox, yunfat - thank you bollox - Yes that poster was screaming out to be take a picture in the light on that brick wall. Yunfat - I totally agree. In NY, it is the season with lots of glare, shaft of light, things may look severe, austere, clean and dramatic when the sun is out. Akul
  9. akul

    Winter light NY

    Thanks guys. It was one of those days with very crisp clean air, low humidity, low angle strong early afternoon light making everything look quite sculptural, or may be I shall say 'dramatic'. Akul
  10. akul

    Winter light NY

    Love the low angle sun piercing through cold air Akul
  11. akul

    1st Snowstorm in Montreal

    Very powerful shots !!
  12. akul

    Back Alley

    Thanks all for your comments. B/W or not, I myself went back and forth with it. B/W has a tendency to make it more timeless, and for that matter, I hung on to the 'today' ness and decided not to. I was also hoping for someone to come by, but this is rather spooky looking alley. although it is in quite a safe neighborhood, people's instinct is not to go in unless you have to. In the end, I did not see anyone coming through, so I gave up. Here, this is a shot from outside of the alley, just to give you a context. Akul

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