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  1. The backlight was mounted for a long time. All this splendor was done for the Universiade. Now he sings and shimmers to the music. Here he is far away 1. 2. View from the island 3. 4. So it looks if you go on it 5. ... or crawl :))) 6. 7.
  2. Then the top of the frame will change to an unnatural state. And I wanted it to look natural.
  3. And they are! In fact, with a wide angle and even in the center of the city, you can’t shoot stars. But I tried. I did not emphasize the constellation. Left the intrigue.
  4. The city was illuminated by the sky so that there were few chances to shoot stars. But still, something happened.
  5. I hope I'm not bored with our bridges? This time, the oldest bridge in Krasnoyarsk is Kommunalny. Once in the summer a pantone, temporary bridge was arranged on this place and it was the only and pedestrian crossing. But that was in the first half of the last century. Of course we are not here San Francisco, and I hardly visit there. For this I am content with what I have. 1. 2. 3. 4. And that's not all There are still bridges. One of them is visible in the first two pictures in the distance. But I will show it in the next post
  6. Photos were taken on the last day of the outgoing summer. There was rain and sun. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  7. Red color lighting. And the bridge itself is ordinary, gray.
  8. Three years ago in our city we completed the construction of a new (fourth) bridge across the Yenisei. You can talk a lot about the quality of the work, but recently the authorities have taken a great interest in facade lighting in the city. The bridge also did not bypass this fate. 1. 2. 3. 4. In general, of course, backlighting is good.
  9. 1.1. 2.2. 3. I will explain the essence of the changes - near the building of the Administration of the Krasnoyarsk Territory old spruces were removed and new spruces were planted.
  10. In Australia I dare dream to visit, while I only dream ...
  11. Ed's Notes: a beautiful image showing contrasts of warm and cold colours, manmade and natural elements. Taken from this series.

    © Alex Duskman

  12. The city is preparing for the Universiade 2019 Railway station - Krasnoyarsk Central 1 _DSF1705 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr Grand Concert Hall Philharmonic 2. _DSF2200 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr Vinogradov Bridge - from the city center to the Tatyshev island 3 _DSF2219 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr Communal bridge - the main bridge of the city 4 _DSF6917 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 5 _DSF7770 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 6 _DSF7743 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr 7 _DSF5837 by Aleksander Pustovarov, on Flickr
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