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  1. It’s strange that you can’t see! Not otherwise conspiracy of world elites! :))) In fact, I switched to hosting Facebook because from Google Photos I can’t post pictures. At one point, they did something there and on all third-party resources, the pictures became invisible. And from Facebook everything was always perfectly located. Here is a link to the Google Photos album. There are much more photos. https://photos.app.goo.gl/GZkbtXrrGK36X3R28
  2. In general, I have long wanted to look at such a rarity in our region as a wooden temple. And then Sergey Medvedev suggested going somewhere, breathing air, and even so, would scatter. And why not in Drum? With dawn, no luck. The horizon was overcast. But early twilight is being taken out. 1. Not that the image seemed boring. But, a passing car painted the picture with other colors! 2. In general, we waited for the dawn. But he did not please us with the light. And they promised variable cloud cover. Well, then there is a reason to come back here. But we were allowed inside the church. Of course look like a wretched church. Yes, and it’s clear that it was built in a horrible way, which is called in haste, but soundly. Otherwise, it would not have stood for so long in the rains and winds with a perforated roof and without heating. The blockhouse is greatly spoiled by time and weather, the crowns rotted and began to sprawl, now stay on screeds. And to restore such an architectural structure is very expensive. After all, it’s necessary as a Lego designer to disassemble it, sign everything, replace the rotten parts with the same new ones, process the old ones and reassemble. A separate topic is the frescoes on the tree inside the temple. Restoration of such works is painstaking and not simple. In general, while the monument of wooden architecture and the religious structure is in a deplorable state and continues to slowly collapse. And it is such, if not one in the province, then certainly there are not many. Most likely the fingers of one hand are enough to count. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Here the clergyman lives (Father) 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  3. Thanks, Dallas, for the smart review. I use Tamrak Empedition 7 on long trips. A great backpack, but there are a couple of nuances. The first - it is only for photo equipment, the second - there is no secure compartment for a laptop, my 15 inch pocket enters the valve pocket. But he has no protection.
  4. We have at night the bulk of emissions and occurs.
  5. No matter how bright and beautiful the pictures that I post are. My city is not as prosperous as it may seem. This is due to increased volumes of construction and consumption of thermal energy. Compounded by all this illiterate leadership and endless corruption of government bodies. In total, 300 days a year we breathe smoke. 1. View from the bacon of my office. A smog hat came over the city. 2. 3. Vecherom shel so s"yemok v teatre i ne smog ne snyat' takuyu "zhivopis'" 66/5000 In the evening I went from filming in the theater and could not help but make such a "painting" 4. 5. Then I tried to process it not so joyfully, closer to reality 5.
  6. No matter what to celebrate, the main mood!
  7. I understand that few places celebrate the New Year from December 31 to January 1. But even where they don’t celebrate, I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year! Well, with the past Christmas!
  8. Up to 10 frames, including Fuji XF 18-55 2.8-4, the rest shot Samyang 12mm 2.0 with manual focus
  9. The city is being intensively updated. Not everything flies at once, not everything goes smoothly. But locations with harmonious architectural solutions are already steadily appearing. And so, the renewed embankment of the Yenisei (Abakan duct) 1 2. It was very cold here. -18 degrees Celsius with a breeze and near open water. 3. 4 A swing in the form of a boat sways from the wind. So for a long shutter speed to remove it clearly was not possible. 5 Sunbeds for sunbathing! Yes, in the summer we can tan no worse than in the equatorial belt. 6 I hope these bazaars (ship's bell) are not real, otherwise local residents may not like the beaten-up “bottles” regularly and not exactly! 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13
  10. Once I had Kiev-6C. I really liked the device. All I completed in it was loosening the mirror return spring (reducing cotton and eliminating rebound) and exchanging the paralon damper (which takes the impact of the mirror on itself) with a foam rubber damper, giving it a certain beveled profile so that it catches the mirror gently. Then my friend persuaded me to sell him this device. I still regret it. Despite the external absurdity, the camera was highly reliable and simple. Ah, yes, I also rewound it to him and he didn’t shoot 12 frames on 13 standard films on me. In this case, the gap between the frames decreased from 6 mm to 2 mm.
  11. The backlight was mounted for a long time. All this splendor was done for the Universiade. Now he sings and shimmers to the music. Here he is far away 1. 2. View from the island 3. 4. So it looks if you go on it 5. ... or crawl :))) 6. 7.
  12. Then the top of the frame will change to an unnatural state. And I wanted it to look natural.
  13. And they are! In fact, with a wide angle and even in the center of the city, you can’t shoot stars. But I tried. I did not emphasize the constellation. Left the intrigue.
  14. The city was illuminated by the sky so that there were few chances to shoot stars. But still, something happened.
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