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  1. HNBO

    Wild strawberries

    Yes Ann, they taste of summer. GB111 and Dallas, thank you for your comments. But that would have been an other photo. Perhaps better. Besides this special equipment does not allow me to come closer. I could have cropped with very many pixels to spare but this is my yummy wild strawberry. Please have your pick!
  2. HNBO

    Wild strawberries

    The wild strawberries are ripe. Hasselblad C, CVF 50c, Planar 120mm with 55mm extension
  3. HNBO

    Fuji Lens Comparison Site

    Interesting that Fuji chooses a central Stockholm spot for letting us virtually test their lenses. Or is it just when you reach the site from Sweden?
  4. HNBO

    Hasselblad back CFV 50c

    I like to ad to this insightful Hasselblad essay that there is a 30 mm Zeiss lens for the V system. The lens works great and gives an equivalent 24 mm 24X36mm angel of view. Zeiss 30mm. Houses build in late 1800-century Stockholm after a devastating fire.
  5. HNBO

    Autumn – the first sun rays

    I saw the early sun rays on the autumn trees yesterday morning but could not stop. Today it was chillier and no wind. Perfect! The sun came back at the trees as I waited ready with the camera. Northern Stockholm
  6. HNBO

    Hasselblad back CFV 50c

    Now you can use your old manual V Hasselblad 500 C/M camera with a current CMOS 50 Megapixel back. No point and shoot but a camera-back combination for reflective photography on a tripod. Or for the inventive mind, perhaps. Zeiss 120 mm lens. Full picture and detail at 100%. Picture taken in central Stockholm on 27 October.
  7. HNBO

    A cool place

    Nice pictures. But is it not the Korsør harbour? The more southern Skælskør is smaller and has not been the ferry connecting town.
  8. HNBO

    Battle of the Formats - Part II

    Is that a good response to the question? Does a forgive an uncivil remark? Eric
  9. HNBO

    Inside of an oak stump

    Thank you Colin! Even decay creates amazing forms and colors. Eric
  10. This old oak was storm felled about five years ago. D800E, Micro Nikkor 105mm
  11. HNBO

    Property release for Iceland?

    In what country do you need such a permission? Could be good to know for somebody used to Nordic freedom.
  12. 1. 46 years 2. Yes, but I mostly use Leica 3. No negative experience except size and weight of Nikon equipment. 4. OK. Sweden. Better than Leica. My Leica dealer is in Berlin. 5. A lighter and smaller full frame Nikon including smaller lenses please. Getting older I start to need optional autofocus.
  13. HNBO

    Sensor Cleaning

    This camera maker seems to present its own technology to keep sensors clean . At the end of the line is the booth for Sensorrengöring (Sensor Cleaning in Swedish) at Photomässan November 23 in Stockholm. -Eric
  14. HNBO

    Any interest in more Nikongear T-shirts?

    One in size XL. Black if you don´t have burgundy.
  15. HNBO

    CameraQuest (Stephen Gandy)

    Recently a bought a Voigtländer Nokton 35/f1,2 for my Leica. Promt delivery. Stephen sent it as *gift* which helped in customs >.

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