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  1. Dallas, Thanks for commenting. I fretted over the cropping, and finally decided to leave the shadows of the tree branches, just to add a bit of interest. Your suggestion is a good one and now I'll have to try and see what I think. Thank you. Robert
  2. This was taken a few years ago on Queen Street East, here in downtown Toronto. I was walking with a photobud looking for interesting scenes when I spotted a young woman reclining in a chair with head back, legs outstretched and eyes closed basking in the warm summer sun. I exposed for the highlights to eliminate the darker, shaded background, and got this shot. motorized Nikon FA Vivitar 17~28 f4.0-4.5 AIS manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide 5.6 @ 1/1000th
  3. This was taken in 1989 at a large sporting goods/ outdoor store here in Toronto. While my wife was inside the store, I noticed a man wearing a bright yellow shirt standing against a blue tiled wall. We commiserated about having to wait while our wives shopped, and he was kind enough to let me take a casual portrait. motorized Nikon FE-2 Nikkor 24mm 2.8 AIS manual focus Ektachrome 100 ISO colour slide
  4. Thanks Alan. The photogods were smiling down on me that day. Robert
  5. Thanks Dallas, There were so many things about his scene that I loved: The subject's pose, her delicate right hand, even her clothing, plus the wonderful light. And despite the background being a window full of merchandise, it is unobtrusive enough not to detract from the subject. Robert
  6. Taken last summer at Edward's Gardens a large botanical garden and park here in Toronto. I was just entering the garden grounds when I noticed a young woman sitting on a bench in front of the main building, engrossed in a book that she was reading. I was attracted both by the scene and the rare sight of a young person engaged in a page and paper book, rather than an electronic device, and grabbed this shot. Cosina Voigtlander R2S Bessa Nikon 35 1.8 in Nikon S-mount manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide f4 @ 1/2000th
  7. This was taken in Yorkville, a very fashionable shopping and cultural area here in Toronto, on a Sunday afternoon a couple of summers ago. While having a coffee outside, I spotted a couple sitting nearby, reading, and enjoying a lazy afternoon in the warm, summer weather. motorized Nikon F with meterless, eyelevel prism Nikkor 180 2.8 ED AIS manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide 2.8 @ 1/500th
  8. Taken a couple of years ago in Kensington Market, here in Toronto. I was strolling through the market when I came to this now-gone butcher shop and seeing the Pig's head hanging in the window immediately thought of a title for the scene and grabbed this shot. Nikon S3 rangefinder Cosina Voigtlander 21 f4 in Nikon s-mount manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide probably 5.6 @ 1/60th
  9. Thanks Rags. Glad you enjoyed it. Robert
  10. Taken last weekend while I was in the St. Lawrence Market here in downtown Toronto. One of the many "shops" inside the market is St. Urbain Bagel, a bakery which produces bagels in the Montreal style. As I approached, the baker had just pulled a batch out of the wood-fired oven and was doing some quality-control before putting them up for sale. This shot was actually quite difficult to get as there is always a line-up for the fresh bagels, and I had to get kind permission from a customer to cut in line and get an unobstructed view. Nikon D3 zoom-Nikkor 24~70 2.8 G ED AF-S N 1/80 @ 5.6 ISO 3,200
  11. Dallas, I think you did well at 1/18th second to keep the car sharp while having the background blurred enough to show speed. My only suggestion would be to crop horizontally at the point where the hill meets our left side of the frame to eliminate the distracting bush on the hill behind the main subject. Robert
  12. Taken yesterday during a photography club outing to the St. Lawrence Market here in downtown Toronto. In addition to a wide array of fresh food stalls, the market is also home to a number of musicians who play for donations from their audience of shoppers. While strolling around looking for suitable subjects I came upon a countrified guitarist, who was busy playing a song on his harmonica. I pointed my camera at him and motioned for permission to shoot. He nodded and I grabbed this shot. Nikon D3 zoom-Nikkor 24~70 2.8 ED AF-S G 2.8 @ 1/250th ISO 3,200
  13. Faris, Despite the lack of a smile on the face of the woman dancer in the foreground (which I assume is because of her concentration on her dancing) there is a festive quality to this shot reflected in the smiles of everyone else in the photo. Even the fancy high-heeled shoe of the unseen woman between the foreground couple emphasizes that this is a special event. I am bothered by the cropping of the dancer to our extreme right, although there is enough of his arm in-shot for us to mentally fill it in. However, I would suggest exploring whether cropping that couple entirely immediately to our right of the seated man, puts the emphasis on the foreground couple and adds an element of asymmetry to the composition. Either way I think this was well seen and captured. Robert
  14. Bill, Thanks for commenting. Now that you mention it, there does seem to be a halo around the Instructor, however there was no adjustment brush (whatever that is) used as it lies beyond my Photoshop skills, so I have no idea how that got there. What I did do, was open the shadows a bit to separate the Instructor from the dark background. Perhaps this is why you and another viewer have commented on the shot being under-exposed. To me, the background reflections in the Plexiglas aren't noticeable, but I'll fool around with them a bit and see if I can make them disappear. And yes, I will clone out the stick at the bottom right. Robert
  15. Mike, I wasn't familiar with that painting and so had to look it up. I agree there is some similarity, but since there is more innocence in my photo, feel that Norman Rockwell's are closer in feeling. Robert