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  1. Taken a few years ago at a street fair in a very culturally-diverse neighbourhood, I was struck by the contrast between the mother's clothing and that of her child as well as that of the others around her on the street, and grabbed this shot. Originally taken on colour slide film, the lab accidentally cross-processed the roll in C-41 chemistry, but after a bit of gentle (!) prodding they scanned the very thin negatives and gave me the results on a disk. I converted the images I wanted to black and white and managed to tease out usable shots in Photoshop. Nikon S3 rangefinder Cosina Voigtlander 25 f4 in Nikon S-mount manual focus Fuji Velvia 100 ISO colour slide 5.6 @ 1/1000th
  2. Chris and Dallas, Thanks for commenting. and Dallas, thank you for the honour. Robert
  3. Armando, Anthony, Thank you. Robert
  4. Taken about 14 years ago with a buddy who put together a whole rig to shoot thin soap films. The results are strangely beautiful abstract creations that in many ways mimic the clouds of Jupiter motorized Nikon F2AS micro-Nikkor 200 f4 AIS manual focus Ektachrome 100 ISO colour slide exposure information long forgotten
  5. Andrew, cute shot. I wonder if sow's milk tastes like bacon? Robert
  6. Another forgotten shot mined from my slide albums while researching a photo essay. This is another portrait of Judy B., the oldest daughter of old friends taken many years ago. Beautiful child, and lovely light. After discussion at my Evaluation Group I converted this to black and white to eliminate the uneven colour cast problem motorized Nikon FE Nikkor 105 2.5 AI manual focus Ektachrome 100 ISO colour slide probably f4 @ 1/500
  7. Aha, I've never watched any Horror films (except my Wedding movies) so I never made the connection you three referred to. Robert
  8. Is that even medically possible???? Robert
  9. Alan / Mike / Chris, Thanks for commenting. Interesting that two of you felt it was a "spooky" image. I never viewed it as anything but a silly, fun idea, and zombie-like or spooky never crossed my mind. Mike, Perhaps I worded the description badly. I took separate shots of each child among the toys: one of Joanna, and one of Steven. This is the one of Steven. To clarify, here is the one with Joanna.
  10. Another slide I found while preparing a family photo essay. Our daughter had a large group of stuffed animals and dolls on her bed, and I thought I'd have a bit of silly fun and shoot pictures of both kids among them. I asked them not to smile, and to avoid eye contact with me when I shot to give them a mannequin-like stare. This is the one of Steven. motorized Nikon FE Osawa 28mm f2.8 AIS manual focus Kodachrome 64 converted to black and white in Photoshop 1 second @ f4
  11. Thanks Chris. To clarify, it is a photo-essay of slides set to music, and everyone in the family enjoyed it. Robert
  12. Thank you Chris. I'm glad you like it. Robert
  13. Well, I still get the same message and can't get to it. How does one change "security settings" to overcome this? Robert
  14. Anyone here besides me also post at Nikongear.net ? The site has been down since last week and I wonder if anyone understands this "security certificate" business that comes up on the screen when trying to go to the site? Robert
  15. Recently re-discovered in my slide collection while preparing a photo essay on our kids and their friends when they were younger. Probably taken in Kensington Market (the telephone pole is the clue), this is another shot of our good friends' oldest daughter Judy, a life-long friend of our Son and our Daughter-in-law. motorized Nikon FE-2 Nikkor 105 2.5 AI manual focus Ektachrome 100 ISO colour slide probably 2.8 @ 1/500th