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  1. Shooting mostly candid street photography as I do, my tripod spends much of it's lonely existence in the trunk of my car. A few years ago as part of a self-assignment on "Useful photographic tricks I've learned over the years" I enlisted the help of a photobud who is a wonderful photographer and a good sport to help me with this shot. motorized Nikon F2AS Tamron SP 35~105 2.8 AIS manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide probably 5.6 @ 1/125th
  2. rbsinto

    Inside the greenhouse

    Thanks Dallas. I appreciate the comment. Robert
  3. rbsinto

    Inside the greenhouse

    Taken yesterday in Detroit Michigan, during a visit with a photobud who is doing a project on the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, a program to grow food on unused plots of land within the city. At one of the farm sites we visited, in addition to the fields of fruits and vegetables they have erected two greenhouses and currently have plans to put up a third. Looking into one, I watched while one of the volunteers weeded the young crop, and took this shot. Nikon D3 zoom-Nikkor 24~70 2.8 ED AF-S G f16 @ 1/80 ISO 200
  4. rbsinto

    Fire hydrant in the wild

    In my car today and drove past a Fire Hydrant on overgrown city property, and it reminded me of some of my Photobuds' Nature shots of animals partially hidden in the tall grass on the African Savannah. So I drove back, parked the car and took this shot. Nikon D3 zoom-Nikkor 24~70 2.8 AS-S G ED 2.8 @ 1/2,500 ISO 200
  5. rbsinto

    Aaron in Parkdale-2

    Thanks Hugh. I think each shot has it's better points and in the end they should be seen together in order to compliment each other. Robert
  6. rbsinto

    Aaron in Parkdale-2

    See Aaron in Parkdale -1 for background on this shot. After taking a whole-body portrait of Aaron, I asked to do one more picture, a head and shoulders portrait and this was the result. Nikon D3 zoom-Nikkor 24~70 2.8 AF G N 5.6 @ 1/400th ISO 200
  7. rbsinto

    Aaron in Parkdale-1

    Thanks Hugh. I only asked him to stand in front of the white wall, so the background would be clean and not distracting. The pose he struck was one that he chose. Robert
  8. rbsinto

    Aaron in Parkdale-1

    Dallas, Actually with his long coat which was unbuttoned and flowed behind him as he ran from car to car, he reminded me of Groucho Marx, but now that you mention Robin Williams and "The Fisher King" I do see the resemblance. And based on all I've learned from Homeless People while photographing them for over 20 years, I can say without reservation that it is a shitty way to live. Robert
  9. rbsinto

    Aaron in Parkdale-1

    Thanks Dallas. His mood seemed to changed frequently: from being very somber and concerned about the theft of his identity by his Doppelganger to bright and happy as we discussed names and words. He appeared to be a bright, person who had fallen on hard times, both physically and mentally. Robert
  10. rbsinto

    Aaron in Parkdale-1

    Taken yesterday evening on Queen Street West in Parkdale, a neighbourhood of Toronto that while run down and home to many street people, is slowly being gentrified. As such it is a curious, mixed demographic of old and new, rich and poor that never fails to surprise. While waiting for a photo group I was to lead to show up, I noticed a curiously dressed street person at an intersection who would run along a lane of cars waiting to make a right turn, knocking on each drivers' window, asking for change. When the cars began to turn he'd run along the sidewalk back to the corner and wait for the light to turn red, whereupon he'd run out to the first car in line and begin his efforts again. After watching him for a few minutes he stopped to have a cigarette and I approached him, introduced myself and engaged him in conversation for a few minutes. I then asked for permission to take an informal portrait, which he was kind enough to grant and I took this shot. Nikon D3 zoom-Nikkor 24~70 2.8 AF G ED 5.6 @ 1/640th, ISO 200
  11. rbsinto

    Mother and child-4

    Dallas, About sending it to the mother? She never knew I'd taken the shot, and I didn't bother to tell or even stop, so that's not happening. Robert
  12. rbsinto

    Mother and child-4

    Dallas, Mike, Thanks for commenting. Dallas, You are correct. I think this happened because the focus point was centered in the viewfinder field and I was shooting at 2.8 to shallow up the depth of field in front of and behind the subjects. Because once before I accidently moved the focus point and didn't know how to put it back where I wanted it, and when I read up on how to do that I locked it down. When I saw this scene, I took a quick look and shot. The final image was cropped a bit around the edges to eliminate a few distracting elements but in retrospect the child's feet were in the center of the frame in the original and the lens focused on them, and at 2.8, the slight softness in the Mother's face was the result. Completely my fault. I'm going to unlock the focus points movement feature and practice moving it so this sort of thing doesn't happen again. Robert
  13. rbsinto

    Mother and child-4

    Taken yesterday at Edward's Gardens here in Toronto. I had just received a lens that was repaired and went to the park to check it out. While walking around I spotted a mother playing with her infant child on the grass beside a bed of flowers. I was entranced by the mothers obvious loving and tender interaction with the child and grabbed this shot. Nikon D3 zoom-Nikkor 70~200 2.8 G ED AF 2.8 @ 1/1000th ISO 200
  14. rbsinto

    Homeless in Niagara Falls

    Taken last weekend during our Annual Niagara Falls Schlock-fest. While walking along the Tourist Strip, we noticed more Homeless persons and street panhandlers than we've ever seen before. While my photobud entered a store, I struck up a conversation with this street person, petted his dog and discussed sports. As is usually the case he neither complained nor lamented his lot, but on the contrary seemed quite optimistic and happy about life. We gave him a few dollars, chatted some more and he was kind enough to let us take a few shots. Nikon D3 Sigma 12~24 f4.5-5.6 AF zoom 5.6 @ 1/250th ISO 200
  15. rbsinto

    Embodiment of Evil-2

    Thanks Hugh. My feelings exactly about the cropped shoes. Ro9bert

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