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  1. Rick, Interesting project. For me, these are excellent examples of photos with "feel", which is to say they appeal to me emotionally rather than visually, with the second shot being my favorite. Well done as always. Robert
  2. Taken earlier this summer at Nathan Phillip's Square in front of the New City Hall here in Toronto. There is a textured glass surface that stands off the wall on pins of a building on the square, and I noticed a reflection of the square and the skyline mirrored in the glass. Liking the surreal effect caused by the vertically running lines in the glass surface, I took this shot. Converted to black and white in Photoshop. motorized Nikon FG Vivitar 17~28 f4.0-4.5 AIS manual focus Fuji 100 ISO colour slide probably f16 @ 1/125th
  3. Taken during one of my Sunday morning walks with my good friend Sid. We were passing the University of Toronto's Varsity stadium when I noticed the running track through a metal gate, liked the clean lines and curves of the lanes and grabbed this shot. Nikon FG Nikkor 24 f2 AIS manual focus Fuji Velvia 100 ISO colour slide 5.6 @ 1/1000th
  4. Mike, Is this the Digital Age????? I must have missed the memo. Robert
  5. Oh, just the usual stuff.
  6. I thought there used to be a thread devoted to "What's in your camera bag?" but I've been unable to track it down. It's possible I saw it at another site, but just wanted to make sure. Does anyone remember such a thread here, and if so where is it? Please and thanks, Robert
  7. Taken earlier this year while I was on Queen Street in front of our Old Toronto City Hall. As usual, there were a number of homeless people in this busy area occupying themselves in various ways. I noticed a man who was busily engaged in producing coloured drawings on the sidewalk, and was struck by the sadness in his expression, and the empty look in his eyes. I asked if I could take his photo, and he kindly agreed. motorized Nikon FG Nikkor 24 f2 AIS manual focus Fuji Velvia 100 ISO colour slide 5.6 @ 1/125th
  8. Sunday mornings summer and winter, a dear old friend and I take an early morning three-hour walk on Sunday mornings through various areas of downtown Toronto, and I always carry a small light body and one lens, just in case. Earlier this spring we were walking through Nathan Phillip's square in front of the Toronto City Hall when we came upon a couple taking photos. I liked the scene with them in the (rarely) deserted square, and grabbed this shot. Nikon FG Nikkor 24 f2 AIS manual focus Fuji Velvia 100 ISO colour slide 5.6 @ 1/60th
  9. GB111, May I call you GB? Thanks for the comments. You're not the only one who wants one for a pet. We would have taken a cub, but there just wasn't room in my camera bag to sneak it out. Robert
  10. This was taken back in 1986 when I was fooling around doing little studio set-ups in the basement. I had purchased an excellent book on studio photography that consisted of instructions and diagrams as well as film and camera settings to produce interesting photos. I basically copied one of the shots as closely as I could with my limited make-shift gear to gain some experience. For this particular shot a flash was set up behind the glass and fired through a frosted and textured acrylic drop-ceiling fluorescent fixture lens This was one of the results. motorized Nikon FE-2 Nikkor 50 mm 1.4 AI manual focus Kodachrome 64 colour slide film probably f4 @ 1/250th
  11. Chris, Thanks for commenting. Robert
  12. Faris, Where and when was this photo taken? I'm surprised this sort of shit is permitted and still exists in the world. Robert
  13. The soap film photos I took a number of years ago are full of little details, so that many of them consist of multiple images, depending on how creative one's cropping is. In the original of this shot, there is an area that looks like a group of very colourful sperm cells swimming in a stream, hence the image's play-on-words title. motorized Nikon F2AS Micro-Nikkor 200 f4 AIS manual focus Fuji Sensia II 100 ISO colour slide exposure long forgotten
  14. This was taken in 2000. My mother who was then only 77 needed a mental and physical respite from the 24 hour care she was giving our father, and knowing how much she loves animals especially cats, I arranged to take her to an animal farm near Toronto that had among other animals, a number of Lion and Tiger cubs that visitors were allowed to play with. One of my mothers feline affectations is her habit of taking cat's whiskers and pulling them through her pursed lips, something she says feels wonderful. And of course the very first thing she did when she our two kids and I entered the cage was to take a Lion cub's head in her hands and pull it's whiskers through her lips. She then looked at the three of us, smiled and said "You can't imagine how much I wanted to do that!" This shot was taken inside the cage as my Mother, Joanna and Steven enjoyed themselves playing with the cubs. motorized Nikon F2AS Nikkor 24 2.8 AIS manual focus Fuji Sensia II 100 ISO colour slide 5.6 @ 1/125th
  15. Alan, Thanks for the kind words. Robert