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  1. Chris Wahl

    Typical dress

    +1 on what Dallas wrote ... beautiful ...
  2. Chris Wahl


    😁 sock'n'roll ... great
  3. Chris Wahl

    Kingfisher & intro

    Welcome Marcelo ... nice introduction
  4. Chris Wahl

    Bearded Vulture in flight

    Nice Marcelo! It is those moments rewarding the photographer for endless hours in the hide ...
  5. Chris Wahl

    I'm not bad, just broke and hungry

    Your images always tell a story and this is one is no exception. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Chris Wahl


    now that's an abstract and colourful too :) Takes some time to get used to ...
  7. Chris Wahl

    Spooky Trees

    another vote for #1 although this may change if you improve the b/w one as Alan wrote ... nice images!
  8. Chris Wahl

    Polar Bears of Svalbard in Winter (6 images)

    Thanks Luc, much appreciated! Seems you are not going to make friends with temperatures below zero :) If you think back to your Lapland trip you might want to ask yourself whether you had the right clothes. If not, give it another try ... it is so incredibly beautiful in the ice ... Cheers Chris
  9. Chris Wahl

    Pool game

    The first one is really nice. Conversion, light, subject ... cool! I am only struggling with the fact that probably nobody would play this situation with a knee on the table :) I like the first one much better than the second one ... #2 is nice too but #1 is so much more interesting ... Chris
  10. Chris Wahl

    Polar Bears of Svalbard in Winter (6 images)

    Thanks Rodrigo! And yes, it is an adventure. In winter more so than in summer ... The seas were as harmless as it gets. I was around Svalbard in summer and winter and it never got tough. Of course this is up to the weather situation but there is no such thing as the Drake Passage where challenges are not unusual. The only time where it gets a little rough is when you make miles in the open ocean to get to another area but this is typically only at the end and at the beginning of the journey. I am prone to motion sickness too but some very mild medicine did the job. Laying flat on the bed listening to music was all that was needed (I skipped meals once :)). I guess if I would have taken something stronger that would have been no issue at all. If you are in polar bear area the ship goes rather slowly near the coastline and once you are in that state there is no issue at all (if you don't experience a storm or strong winds). I have not lost lunch a single time and as I said. Motion sickness is an issue for me too ... If you are interested in more details let me know ... By now I know a thing or two about ships, guides, clothing etc. Cheers Chris
  11. Chris Wahl

    Sunday drive

    Thanks Armando, looks like a perfect place to escape the crowds ...
  12. Chris Wahl

    The Racetrack on fire

    Spectacular place ... nice image!
  13. Chris Wahl

    Polar Bears of Svalbard in Winter (6 images)

    Thank you so much for your kind words Anthony! Have you been in summer? We had between -5 and 10 most of the time when I was there last June. We left Longyearbyen on the 25th of March and it was still kind of dark in the night. The more north we got the less dark it got and during the last days it did not get really dark any more. I guess we had between 10 and 12 hours of photography light each day with endless sunsets and sunrises But that is only a guess ... I don't really remember how much photography light we had. Thanks Alan! The Origo is an outstanding ship ... Ice hardened, very massive and sturdy and high enough to keep bears from entering the kitchen. You would trust her @Dallas ... you heard of that modern thing called online shops? I could advise you to get the right clothing and a couple of glasses that hide the cold *scnr* but seriously ... you are right ... even in Germany where it is much colder than in SA that stuff is not available in too many places. The good thing is that this stuff does not have to look good so trying before buying is not that inportant ... Cheers Chris
  14. Chris Wahl

    Osprey having a snack

    😂 point taken 😁
  15. Chris Wahl

    Polar Bears of Svalbard in Winter (6 images)

    My pleasure Dallas, glad you like the images! -25°C is cold but is still within a range that can easily be handled by appropriate clothing. -30°C is where it slowly starts getting interesting 😉. The gear was working perfectly. I left it on the deck 24/7 and only swapped cards and batteries. The DSLRs never failed to work which is amazing engineering. Some of the mirrorless cameras made a little trouble (no pun intended) and a Leica SL stopped working every now and then. My M10 however made a brilliant job. Starting at -10°C it told me that only single shots are working but who needs bursts with landscapes anyway Thanks Greg! I can imagine that you are used to low temperatures ... Thanks Armando! Breathing is still easy at -25°C to -30°C ... you want s.th. to cover your mouth and nose anyway if you are out on the deck for hours. Breathing becomes a real problem starting at -40°C (if I remember correctly). You need some of those small devices in front of your mouth that slighly heat up the air that you breathe. The coldest we had was -30° + windchill and the latter is what makes it a bit tough ... again ... proper clothing does the trick. Well Dallas ... about time that you board an artic or antarctic expedition 😁 You do such things: and yes ... it is cold

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