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  1. clever indeed
  2. Not much to add to what Almass wrote ... just that I would let the earphones where they are ... Watching candles while listening to good music ... nothing wrong with that imho ... nice one Armando ...
  3. colours and atmosphere ... an image to get lost in ... and probably very silent too ... I am officially jealous ...
  4. Outstanding image Alan ... isolation of the blackish tree against the greyish forest with cabin and fence taking care of the rest of the image ... amazing ...
  5. as cute as an elephant can get ... great image Dallas... I am slowly starting to develop bush withdrawal symptoms ... gotta live with it at least another year ... thanks for sharing Dallas!
  6. What an amazing environment you live in Alan ... Wow ...
  7. Great to see all these IR shots Fons! Of course the others are fine too but the IR .... well
  8. I appreciate the image and the soap-bubble bokeh but I have to admit that it makes me kinda nervous
  9. Thanks and sorry for the late reply ... these are all taken with the 200-400/4 ... Chris
  10. keep on going chris ... I wouldn't be able to do it... thanks for sharing! I like the b/w version of this nice image better ....
  11. nice to see spring in your images .... looking outside it's dull and rainy ...
  12. sounds familiar
  13. thanks Noct! ..."can take many weeks" doesn't sound too good but considering how long Nikon needs to fix things once they are sent in for repair .... well ... not that different.
  14. I read about that but have no experience myself ... this certainly needs to be considered in case of ongoing problems with focusing ... Is it that much different from adjusting back/frontfocus at Nikon/Canon/whatever ... not technically but in terms of stories and effort to have it done? I assume that the mechanical calibration is far more complicated but I don't have a feeling about the quantity and severity of the stories ... From reading in the LUF I realized that some Leica users are somewhat special
  15. hopefully they find it somewhere