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  1. MIke, not pretty but impressive and like in real life I'd rather take personality than cuteness ... And your Condor is even nicely framed
  2. Thank you Christopher, much appreciated :)
  3. Wow, thanks for sharing ... I couldn't do this but guess it must be a very special trip and memory ... Chris
  4. Akira, the situation in Germany is not as dramatic as it is in e.g. Italy or Spain ... Folks are basically complying to the rules (social distancing etc.) which helps a lot. There are always idiots but that's normal. I guess given the current degree of globalization we all have to take care and contribute as good as we can no matter where we are based. Personally I am doing well, it does however feel spooky ... almost nobody in the streets, shops closed etc. Take care! Chris
  5. Akira, thank you very much for your kind words I hope all is well on your side! Cheers Chris
  6. I sincerely hope that I never meet this person ... I just don't get it ... what a 🤮
  7. Very nice series Aguinaldo ... #1 might benefit from a little less centered building but still is a great photo ... would be interesting to see how it works if you crop away something on the right side of the image but that's all just my personal taste. thanks for sharing! -Chris
  8. Thanks Maurice! Glad you like the images ... Being so close to those magnificent birds (captive or in the wild) is s.th. that burns into your heart and soul and won't be forgotten. I am sure it was a great experience, thanks for sharing! Cheers and take care Chris PS: Egg smugglers ... I hope that I never meet people like that ... can't guarantee that I would not freak out ...
  9. Thank you very much everybody, glad you like the images! Thanks a lot Aguinaldo! I used the D4 and the D850; the 600 and the 200-400 ... a few times I also used the 70-200 but rarely ... all old school DSLR equipment My pleasure Dallas, I always post when I got new stuff Thanks for your kind words! I just returned from a week of photographing arctic fox in the middle of nowhere. These will be my next posting but it will take a loooong time until the images are processed in a way that I like ... Thanks Mike! Being gripped by a Barn Owl must be extremely painful ... I can well resist that experience! Thanks a lot Alan! Thank you so much Walton for your kind words! This is a wonderful story about your "Eskimo name". There are certainly worse names than "male snowy owl". I would feel quite honored by that. Thanks for sharing that memory with us, much appreciated! Thank you Anthony, I hope you are doing fine! again thanks everybody and take care!
  10. Your 105/1.2 looks like it was produced yesterday ... amazing ... how on earth is that possible? 😀 Good to hear that you enjoy the combo! Chris
  11. Chris Wahl


    Beautiful birds!
  12. Chris Wahl

    Some Snowy Owls

    I spend the turn of the years 19/20 in Casselman, Ontario to photograph Snowy Owls which are amongst my favourite birds. We expected and hoped for loads of snow but there was very little of it and only for three days. It was great fun anyway and I got a few images I quite like. Hope you enjoy them! Chris PS: More images here #1 white on white with not too much contrast ... not to everybodies taste but I like it #2 Peek-a-boo! #3 silent flight ... those owls fly directly in front of you only 1-2 meters away and you don't hear a single thing ... impressive and a bit scary #4 Those talons combined with silent flight ... I guess a mouse does not even realize that it's dead #5 But even Snowy Owls do not always look elegant #6 But most of the time they do ...
  13. Thanks a lot Greg for your nice comments and for the ID of the Little Egret!
  14. Thanks Greg! Thank you so much Akira, I hope you are doing well! ... and yes ... I very much stopped being active in forums and only post at FZ every long now and even longer then ... Good one regarding the focal length :D In a way it very much felt like working distance ... The lions in the bird bath (in the other post) where approx. 1.5m away ... Very unique experience that was .. Cheers Chris
  15. Thanks for your comments! The more hi-key style of the first two is probably not to the liking of everybody :) The last 3 as you wrote are more the classical approach ... I like portraits of the contrasty style but applying that to humans requires a subject that accepts the harsh processing and those are hard to find :) again thanks for the comments as they help a lot to critically assess my own work! Cheers, Chris
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