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  1. you might want to give the radial filter that was introduced with LR6 a chance... I found it a great tool to very selectively brighten and darken small areas ... playing with the feather and fooling around sometimes brought great results ... This is the only tool i really miss in C1 ... If you are not familiar with the radial filter, don't forget to invert it if needed ... that thing is not exactly intuitive. If you use it already just forget the above
  2. I like the toning a lot ... brighter or not is probably all about personal taste... nice!
  3. Dutch wilderness nice ones Fons!
  4. Like Ann already said ... there is passion to be seen ... nice!
  5. Thank you so much and say hello to your dog Fons, all gear except for the Tripod + Gimbal and some smaller unbreakable stuff (adapters, cables etc.) went into the hand luggage ... I used the Lowe Compu Trekker Plus AW (see here for the new version of it, I have the old one) and a small messenger bag (not a photography bag) for even more small stuff. Tripod, clothes, shoes etc. went into the Pelicase... Regarding the international flights luckily nobody checked the weight of all that ... On domestic flights in Japan however they did and I had to pay a little reasonable extra but never had any problems ... hope that helps... Cheers Chris
  6. nice ones Fons! There are a couple of real Fons Baerken images among them ... that b/w conversion of the last one is very cool ...
  7. Oh yes Fons .... hopefully I'll be able to return one day ...
  8. that's seriously cool and a little bit Learyesk ... great!
  9. Thank you so much for your kind words Armando, much appreciated! yes, these eagles are huge which makes photographing them in flight a lot easier than e.g. kingfishers or bee-eaters etc. I used the D4 and the D800 and had my zooms with me i.e. the 24-70, 70-200 and 200-400. All of above images with the exception of #7 were taken with the combo D800/200-400 ... #7 was taken with the D4/200-400. cheers Chris
  10. Amen...
  11. Many thanks to you all, I am glad you enjoyed the images! Anthony, of course I have thousands more ... I will post one or two sets of swan images and one or two covering all the other bits and pieces ... then all is covered ... Once more, thank you all!
  12. Great set of images Alex, I really like the colorful lights of the city and their reflections in the water ...
  13. Thanks Dallas!
  14. A Lot Of Eagles

    Editor's note: Chris has presented some of the best bird in flight shots I have seen in a long time in this collection. I had to think really hard about which one to select for the Inspiration gallery and decided on this one mainly because I think the angle and light provide such a lot of impact. Amazing collection!

    © Chris Wahl

  15. Thank you Mr. Dahms... It is my pleasure to cause trouble