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    I don't know why my interests are a required field ... doesn't make sense in a photography forum :)
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    the ones I have
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    Zeiss Olympic Sonnar 180/2.8
  1. Chris Wahl


    Thanks so much for sharing all this Walton!
  2. Saltis is doing fine from the looks of it Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks Luc! I will be on a business trip and I still have no idea where I am going to stay and how much spare time I will have. Once I have some more details and if it turns out that I will have some time on my hands I will get in touch with you. again thanks for the offer!
  4. Good one! A lot of possible titles come to mind with "anywhere but here" certainly amongst it ...
  5. Great series Luc! I'll be in Amsterdam in May and this is inspiring
  6. Chris Wahl


    It has a melancholic touch that I quite like ...
  7. Spectacular image Luc! It is super difficult to get such a photograph ... great work!
  8. Thank you so much Swede, Luc and Hugh! Hugh, these eagles are fantastic to watch and photograph and the dinosaur description certainly has some truth in it :) I just came back from Finland a couple of days ago where I was blessed to be able to photograph Golden Eagles in the snow for two days. These are even bigger and at least as impressive as the Stellers. cheers Chris
  9. Chris Wahl

    Typical dress

    +1 on what Dallas wrote ... beautiful ...
  10. Chris Wahl


    😁 sock'n'roll ... great
  11. Welcome Marcelo ... nice introduction
  12. Nice Marcelo! It is those moments rewarding the photographer for endless hours in the hide ...
  13. Your images always tell a story and this is one is no exception. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Chris Wahl


    now that's an abstract and colourful too :) Takes some time to get used to ...
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