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  1. Thanks for the review Dallas. The 8-18 is a lens I was already looking at for a while, mainly because of the size of the 7-14 PRO and the fact you cannot use it with filters. Now you got me thinking again ;-) Beautiful RE shots you have shown here, you really make the property stand out. I would be a happy customer of yours!
  2. Oh yes, I remember very well, it was fantastic. At that time we visited only the restaurant, it had the most delicious curry buffet I have ever tasted in my life. And I have learned that "medium spicy" in Durban does not mean the same as "medium spicy" in Vienna 😂 Thanks for the pictures of the hotel and the surrounding, now I know what it looks like in natural light.
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have returned from our trip, reviewing the many thousand pictures we took. I have to say that we enjoyed every minute and every single location. The goal was to experience diverse wildlife and landscapes, and it was fully achieved. Thanks to Dallas and Fred for forwarding me to Pepe and assuring me she is the right person to organize such a trip. She is. The whole experience was flawless, perfectly organized from the first to the last minute. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone planning a trip to Southern Africa, you will not be disappointed. It will take a while to review and process the pictures, so please bare with me until I get something online. Kind regards, Robert
  4. The pleasure was totally on our side Dallas :-) It was a very nice evening, we totally enjoyed every minute. A choice of 10 delicious Indian Curries was actually too much for most of us ;-) A huge Thank You to Dallas and his wife for making themselves available on a Saturday evening, and the same to Pepe for organizing the event! Phinda was phenomenal, with 2 sightings of cheetahs with cubs, lions, black rhinos and so many more. Amazing. Just relaxing in Swaziland, getting ready for the next sightings :-)
  5. Dallas, I am really sorry to hear about your troubles with Dell. A while ago I went through a similar experience with a local company representing Gitzo, which I described here: https://robertreiser.photography/gitzo-service-experience/ What I learned from this was: Don't give up, and use Social Media to your advantage. Ari is not Dell, and there are people out there who listen and care. Good luck!
  6. You are right Fred, this is a lifetime trip, and this is why I am extremely happy about the professional guidance. Appreciate your comments in this forum, thank you.
  7. Well, it seems you were right :-) I have to say that working with Pepe was an extremely pleasant experience... our group had a lot of questions and ideas, and she was incredibly patient. We ended up with the very interesting idea to split the trip into a "water" part and a "land" part: The "water" part: 7 days in Botswana, covering the Okovango delta, the Zambezi river and the Victoria falls The "land" part: 10 days in South Africa, covering Phinda, Sabi Sabi and a couple of other locations The whole trip will take place between end of May and mid June, and our travel group is already excited. If you plan a trip to southern Africa, I can only wholeheartedly recommend to get in contact with Pepe, you will not be disappointed. So... thanks to all of you for hooking me up with Pepe... I will for sure report back when the trip is over.
  8. Thank you Fred - I sure will. Kind regards, Robert
  9. Dallas - thank you for the reply! I am looking forward to chat with Pepe, as I am sure she knows a lot more than I do :-) I did look at your Photographers Travel website first, but I obviously misread the fact that you offer arrangements in Southern (instead of South) Africa. Anyway, thanks for picking this up and forwarding it. If anyone else wants to chime in and recommend places, I would be happy to hear. Kind regards, Robert
  10. Dear Fotozones members, I am turning to you to get some feedback and some ideas on a safari I am planning to join later this year. I am looking for input regarding locations and who can help with the trip planning. Here is what we know today: We are planning a ~3 weeks trip, starting around mid or end of May 2017. The group will be 4 people (2 pairs), and we don't want to extend the group. We would like to have our own guide(s) for the trip. We have roughly decided to focus on Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Because of the countries we have seen before, South Africa, Namibia, and the countries around Kenya and Tanzania are out of scope. 3 of the 4 people are photographers, so the focus of the trip should be primarily on safari / wildlife, but also on landscape / nature (for example, Victoria Falls), and this is the reason why I am posting this question here. We are looking for input on the following: Recommendations on which places to visit and which ones we can skip Recommendations on who can assist with planning the trip and book flights, lodges, hotels and arrange guides Other recommendations you feel might help Any input from your side is highly appreciated. My last visit to Africa was about 30 years ago, so consider me a newbie. I have looked at travel guides, but they are no substitute for the collective wisdom of people with experience. I am sure I missed some key information, so please let me know what other information I need to provide. Thank you very much in advance, Robert
  11. Helpful as always Dallas, thank you. Just a quick question on your choice of telephoto lens: would you say that the primary reason for choosing the 50-200 over the 40-150 is price? I am also wondering if you can say a few words about the picture quality of both lenses and how they compare?
  12. Thank you for the review Dallas, your assessment was very helpful. I was also interested in this lens. And I agree, an 8 mm f/4 lens would be awesome :-) Regarding filter holders, I found an interesting site which seems to offer a 3D printed holder for Lee 100 mm filters when using the 7-14 mm lens: http://www.7-14filter.com/ No affiliation with the site, but I thought it might be interesting for the readers of this article.
  13. Thank you for sharing this Dallas. While I really like the fact that Olympus keeps enhancing their cameras with firmware upgrades, I totally dislike the fact that after every upgrade the settings are wiped out. Really, a simple option to save and restore settings to and from the SD card would be all it needs to address this. It puzzles me why this has not been implemented - Olympus must have already received hundreds of complaints about this issue. Looking forward to the next part!
  14. I would be interested in such a guide too. I learned that many years of experience with Nikon cameras will not help with an E-M1 :-)
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