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  1. Ah well, I'll put it up for sale with zero warranty, pity though on a brand new item in the box :/.
  2. Well still holding onto hope that someone sees it differently. I see this quote that still holds some hope: "Proof of purchase must be presented when claiming under the Nikon Warranty. Proof of purchase may include the completed Nikon Warranty Card, the purchase receipt or any other evidence of purchase" The warranty card is marked Australian Warranty and is unfilled in the box. Edit, dealer's name and date of purchase are also unfilled, maybe this is the dealbreaker?
  3. I bought a bit of discounted brand new Nikon kit from an Australian reseller with an Australian warranty card in the box - i.e., NOT grey import. I want to sell this bit of gear, so is this still classed as having new Australian warranty or is it void when I sell it? I'm not trying to pull a shonky, this gear really is brand new, unused in the box with an unfilled Australian warranty card. I don't want to ship the receipt with it either because I'll be selling at market value, not necessarily at the discount price so any buyer might not be too happy with what they see on the receipt .
  4. Nice portrait, nice captures in the rest of the set, the girls should be happy with the shots for sure.
  5. Obviously meant to be a bit outrageous, shot nicely, it's somewhat surreal. Well done!
  6. Very nice shot, congrats!
  7. My son concentrating hard on his toy cars. He's a very difficult subject for the Rokinon 85mm 1.4, but I'm happy with this shot.
  8. Well we know you can take great photos so your opinion is important to us.
  9. He has some impressive achievements including having permanent contributions to the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History: http://www.versacephotography.com/index.php#mi=1&pt=0π=2&s=0&p=0&a=0&at=0 He's just one artist to look at anyway.
  10. I like what Vincent Versace does with flowers, he's a Nikon user too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vincentversace/ http://www.flickr.com/groups/633424@N23/pool/15672273@N05/ His books Welcome to Oz are a good read too though I haven't had any time to work methodically through them. He does a lot of focus layering and is a natural light photographer.
  11. Great pics, like HansC I was quickly drawn to the front snake eye being out of focus. I would also tend to try and draw some details from the blacks below the eye of the water birds and maybe in front of the eyes of the furthest bird because the structure kind of fades into a black abyss. Just my opinion though, nice pics.
  12. Yes, Ron pretty much said it all. Even still, look at the fate of all the rock fisher-people who are actually facing the water - freak waves happen even when there is apparent regularity in the waves, that is the real killer. Here's a good safety video on rock fishing that covers the same basic preparation requirements that would also be needed for photography: Stay safe!
  13. Haha, education, BUT, it is in Art and design for education, in engineering .
  14. Well I'm hoping for two things: 1. they keep Capture NX updated 2. they re-integrate Nik filters back into Capture NX I'm pretty sick of the workflow of convert to TIF in Capture NX2, then load photoshop to apply Nik filters. I liked applying directly to RAW in Capture NX and using their control points straight in the interface. I know you can do RAW in photoshop, but I really don't want to after seeing banding etc introduced into the RAW. As much as people say it's the same, it ain't. It's a proprietary format that can only partially be decoded and AFAIK photoshop does not use the API from Nikon unless there have been big changes.
  15. I've seen the coffee thrown into the air in sub-freezing temperatures trick, but never seen soap bubbles - some pics/vids would be good!