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  1. Thanks to Anthony's assistance, the feet have arrived safely and they are the correct parts that fit my tripod. I'd like to extend my thanks to Anthony for taking the time to transfer these items to me, also thank you for the other kind offers and advice on the thread. Now I have two spare feet I'll store safely (I needed to use one out of the set of three), so I am unlikely to ever need replacements for these again.
  2. Well B&H hasn't replied back since the 6th, so Anthony, being closer to the source can I take you up on your offer? I'll PM.
  3. Cheers mate, I'll get the good oil from B&H, and if they can't do it or the markup is exorbitant I'll check back with you. I did look into 3D printing a mould and pouring rubber, but it likely ends up costing more than just buying the set of feet. With the two extra that I'll end up with, as long as I'm careful, I'll have many, many years more use from this tripod with feet intact :).
  4. Thank you for the kind replies! As per Ann's suggestion I have spoken to live chat on B&H Photography, they don't supply the feet directly, but suggested I write an email explaining my predicament and they may be able to supply them. I have sent the email and I will advise of the outcome. Thanks again :).
  5. This isn't really a classified, but it is too close to being one to not get it booted out of the other threads I suppose. In a nutshell, I need a set of tripod feet for my Benbo 2, they are listed here: http://www.patersonphotographic.com/product_info.php?ID=5828 That's all well and good, but after contacting them I had this response: Well the alternative contact information did not pan out, so the bottom line is I cannot get these tripod feet into the country. I'm a bit saddened because I have done it before no problem, but I have since lost one of the feet. Yes I know I should get a new fangled carbon fibre tripod, but I don't really need a new tripod costing hundreds of $$$, the feet will cost me more than what I paid for the tripod. The Benbo 2 is versatile, you just don't want to be carting it too far. What I am looking for is a kind soul in the UK who could help facilitate this for me. I can pay in advance, we're not talking megabucks here, we're talking only a few smackaroos. I'll pay all the costs along with postage, and a couple of pints for the trouble. Please reply if you can assist.