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  1. I wish we had moss and ferns growing on the trees here (Long Island). I can almost smell the moisture...
  2. As a gardener, I can relate to your predicament. Most people, especially the well heeled, seem to regard those who work manually, to be unskilled, and, hence, not worthy of a decent rate of pay. Add to this, and this is especially so in my profession, people who decide that they are 'professional gardeners', without education/training who undercut the established businesses. A second insult, is the rise of the 'Landscape Architect', the majority of which are a bunch of doodlers who couldn't plant a bean seed in a Styrofoam cup and have it grow, but that is another rant. :angry: The worst part is that the buying public is ignorant of the skills/experience/creativity that I bring to the table. They just see it as money they can save by using the cheapest guy out there. I see professional photographers in the same/similar boat. You have the skill/experience and most of all, the creativity, but your clients think their employees can take a few snaps of the event for no extra expense, that will be just as good as yours. In my opinion, charge what you feel is right. You may not get as many takers, but you don't have to waste your time on lowballers and jobs that won't give you any pleasure.
  3. After buying my V1 when it was introduced, I will wait for the Nikon Discounts to kick in. With the less than expected pre-orders, I bet they will be marking this down by XMas.
  4. Too many clouds here on Long Island. Did you use any eye protection? As it is on the horizon, I would think the atmosphere would filter out the bad rays, but news programs keep saying it is dangerous.
  5. I really like #2, I did not notice the white area all that much since I realize RTHs aren't going to pose in the best situation for a photographer. The touch up you did was well done BTW.
  6. I really like the last one. I am guessing that you were panning as the shutter released? I also like the composition of the fallen leaves on the water. That little camera captures details quite nicely.
  7. For a second, I thought it was: 'The Adobe of Dr. K.'... Otherwise, I think it is really creative. How did you do it?
  8. Nice that you can drink the water. Here in the US, we need to have everything sanitized . Thanks for the nice photos.
  9. The first two are really nice. I really like the B/W conversion. It gives the long shadows drama. In the second photo, what are those things with round holes toward the right of the image?
  10. Nice. I especially like the Hot Dog Vendor. The building façade with the spiraling vortex is very interesting. Is it a Mall? Sad to see a homeless man sitting in front, though.
  11. I think we have the same plant.
  12. Fons, is that an Aralia californica in 3,4,5?
  13. Probably nothing, since everyone is gone.
  14. It's kinda funny, and kinda sad, but we humans seem to have forgotten how nature works. 100 years ago, we would have slaughtered and eaten just about every part of an animal- after, probably raising it. Now, we go to a supermarket and buy pristine cuts of meat packaged in clear plastic wrap. Nature seems to do its' own thing. Oh, yes, thanks for uploading this. Even though it is a bit unappetizing.
  15. I seem to remember a Twilight Zone episode with something that looks like this. A radio station increased its' power and captured a being from another galaxy. Anyone else remember it?