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  1. Yikes, I don't even want to imagine that...
  2. A typical Japanese telephone booth since the 80s looks as if it were made with four windowpanes which will almost never fail to stink of nicotine and tar inside. 😩
  3. Love the entire atmosphere and the blue-green tonality.
  4. Wow, this is a truly enjoyable thread! All images are fine representations of attractive telephone booths. Thank you for sharing!
  5. Shot in Roppongi area in Tokyo. Sigma fp and Sigma 45/2.8.
  6. I've been using Sundisk 256GB SSD as C drive of my main machine for almost three years. I perform TRIM once or twice per month using Sundisk SSD Dashboard (the official maintenance software). According to the software, the currently remaining life is 90%. So, roughly 3% per year, if that would offer some food for thought. If you use it just for the storage, the operation should be less burdensome.
  7. Always love your LF works, Allan! Even a Gulliver's cellphone would be too small to integrate the sensor of that size. 🙄
  8. Thank you, Dallas. Sure I will post more. Stay tuned! Although it is a great combo for "my" style of shooting, there may be some limitations for the true style of street photography. More later.
  9. Happy New Year, folks! Wish you all to get off to prospective starts! Shot with the new combo on the way to and from the New Year's visit to the shrine in my neighbors.
  10. Thank you for the technical details!
  11. Great restoration work, Alan! The resulted image would look historically appropriate for the camera, if the banjo would be of a fretless minstrel type. 😀
  12. I always love the way you capture the lights, and this series is no exception. Which wideangle lens did you use for the images #11, 12 and 13? Apparently it has six aperture blades. A vintage one?
  13. Akira

    Lions - Night

    Long time no see, Chris! I was breathless to see these unbelievable images! It's a relief to know the numbers are focal lengths and not working distances!
  14. Thank you, Noct, for detailed info on LR. That helps a lot!
  15. Thank you very much, Dallas! Given the relatively limited onboard storage size of iPad, I would doubt if LR for iOS would create its own catalog.
  16. How does the catalog system of LR for iOS work? I have been subscribing Adobe CC photographer plan for some years but have avoided LR because of it clumsy catalog system (I've never in need of that). If LR for iOS would work without making multiple files for the catalog system and could be used just like ACR, I'd like to install LR on my 3rd gen. iPad Air.
  17. Thank you, Aguinaldo. The invisible clouds added a nice twist (bite?) to the full moon.
  18. The moon shortly after its rise. Shot with Ai Nikkor 200mm/f4.0@f8.0. The top and the bottom of the frame was trimmed for the panoramic image. The buildings were lit by the setting sun.
  19. Thank you, Aguinaldo! Searching by "Kalanchoe laetivirens" on YouTube hits some videos. One of them was of a seemingly Brazilian lady explaining the same thing:
  20. Thank you! The nature as artist transcends human imaginations!
  21. The succulents (?) of #3 and 8 look pretty! Do you know the name of the species?
  22. Amazing images. Amazing rather because of your keen eyes to spot attractive subjects than the rendering power of this optical wonder. Thank you for sharing.
  23. Akira

    Amazing Sunrise

    So true! In addition to the amazing color, I love the silhouettes of the palm trees.
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