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  1. Akira

    Red Sky at Night

    Hope you stay warm, Mike. The northern parts of the northern hemisphere are suffering from the insane cold.
  2. Akira

    Red Sky at Night

    A pleasant scene, Mike. How was the result?
  3. Akira

    Coffee Shop

    A beautiful composition, Alan! I love Fibonacci's spiral!
  4. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Oops, yes, I meant "law of physics"!
  5. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    About a month ago, I decided to leave the DSLR world for good and switched to Fuji X system. I wanted to reduce the weight and size as much as I could, so I went straight to X-E3 and 23/2.0 kit which was a bargain. Another encouraging factor was Capture One Express Fujifilm. I alread had stopped subscribing Adobe CC a couple of months before because I don't really use much of its advanced functions like layers. I had used Capture NX-D to edit NEF files from D750. I had heard that the profiling of Capture One for the X-trans sensor was excellent. Here are some initial shots with X-E3 and 23/2.0. All images were shot as RAW and processed in Capture One Express. The first three images were shot at ISO3200.
  6. About four years ago, I posted my humble article about my small tripod assmbled with the existing accessories here: Later I added a monopod to use the combo as a "leaning tripod (or quadrapod to be precise)" which is hande when you shoot over a fence. With a tripod, it is tricky to set the camera pointing downwards over the fence, because the tripod head will stay away from the fence when it is set normally. The images were shot with my iPhone SE, but you would see how it is set up.
  7. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Yes, I tried to handle X-H1 with the battery grip and 200/2.0 combo. The lens is actually about 700g lighter than AF-S Nikkor 200/2.0 VR. I guess it is impossible to make fast tele lenses slimmer anyway, because the diameter of the front element has to be at least 100mm to make a 200/2.0 lens theoretically. For the same reason, the diameter of a 600/4.0 lens has to be at least 150mm. These are law of nature. You can only make the lens to some extent shorter by employing modern technological tricks like the diffraction optics. So far as the prime lenses are concerned, the only ones that can be made smaller are the standard and wideangle lenses.
  8. Mike, I'm glad you liked the apricot shot and thank you for the encouragement for the pano shots! Although I ditched Photoshop CC with its excellent Photomerge, I can use Microsoft Image Composite Editor. Unfortunately, I haven't encountered any interesting scenes recently and haven't used my new X-E3 for the panos. But I would be willing to post some whenever the chance arises!
  9. Dallas, you could use a sheet of rubber between the feet (or the legs) of the tripod and the railing to avoid scratching it, if that is your concern!
  10. The shot image with the rig was the soon-to-bloom buds of Japanese white apricots. Shot with Fuji X-E3 with Ai Nikkor 200/4.0@f11 attached via Rayqual adapter. The RAF file was processed in Capture One Express.
  11. Akira

    X-H1 annoying feature

    The battery life is one of the Achilles heels of Fuji for sure, but, as a casual shooter, it is tolerable. The boost mode (thank you for the correction!) seems rather normal operation mode to me. 😳
  12. Akira

    X-H1 annoying feature

    I was irritated by the function as well, and switched my X-E3 to the high performance mode immediately after I started to use it! I also make it a habit to switch the camera off whenever I (not the camera) am in the stand-by mode!
  13. Akira

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    C1 Fujifilm Express now offers the Fujifilm simulation items in the "curve" pull-down menu including Eterna which is not offered in X-E3.
  14. Akira

    Capture one?

    I use C1 Express Fujifilm ver. 12, which was one of the reasons for my switch to Fuji.
  15. Mike, FWIW, the DMW-BLC12 battery for GX8 is the same as BP-51 for some Sigma cameras. BP-51 is way cheaper than BLC12, only a little more expensive and more reliable than any off-brand compatible batteries. I owned GX8 previously and still have a BP-51 lying around.
  16. Akira

    More thoughts on Fuji X-E3

    The results look amazing, Chris! The last moire image looks interesting. Apparently, the most prominent moire pattern coincides with the area with the phase detect photosites of X-Trans III sensor.
  17. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Thank you, guys, for your warm welcome (back)! Anthony: actually, X-E3 is my first digital camera ever that offers uncompressed 14 bit RAW files, and, combined with C1, I'm just amazed by its image quality. I find that RAF files in C1 are practically as pliable as NEF files in CC. Mike and Anthony: the f1.4 lenses are attractive, but I went for the package that is as small as possible. I'm still wish for a "quieter" version of 35/1.4, though! Dallas, I briefly tried Luminar with NEF files from D750, but preferred the result of Capture NX-D. If I would be in need of processing files other than RAF, I may want to give Luminar a try again. Thank you for your suggestion! Hugh: I'm happy with my decision so far. I guess that Fujifilm is the only company to try to keep the format as small as possible in the mirrorless world! The lenses all other manufacturers are offering and developing are huge!
  18. Thank you Chris. So far, I'm happy with the decision!
  19. Akira

    35mm f/1.4R XF Fujinon

    This was the first lens to look at when I switched the system from Nikon DSLR to Fuji X. I tested it briefly and didn't like it due to its noisy operation. The focusing motor generated quite a bit of noise. In addition, the aperture blads are constantly closing and opening perhaps in order to adjust the exposure for the live view image, which created very annoying "chitchat" noise. The noise was reminiscent of that generated by Panasonic/Leica Summilux 25/1.4 whose rendition I adored but which I regrettably discarded for the same reason. The image rendition was lovely, though. I seriously hope that Fuji would release the new, quieter version with the optics retained.
  20. Akira

    35mm f/2.0R WR Fujinon

    Sharp wide open. Pleasing bokeh. The biggest problem would be the sample variation. For whatever reason (for nice bokeh?), the lens shows fairly strong field curvature. And the curved field is not level on some samples, which leads to the uneven rendition in the frame. My first two samples suffered from that. The fist one had the problem on the left side and the second one, on the right side. I sold the first one but sent the second one to Fuji factory along with the image data of my test shots to examine. Fuji said it was within the tolerance. I didn't like it. Fortunately, the shop agreed to replace it with another (the third) sample. The third one, which I finally decided to keep, showed acceptably even renditions on both sides. Even then, the extreme corners won't get sharp until you stop down to f8.0.
  21. Akira

    XF23mmF2 R WR

    An excellent lens. Sharp corner to corner wide open. Can focus faster than 35/2.0.
  22. I fully agree with you, Hugh. I just did the same thing by selling my D750 kit for Fuji E-X3 with 23/2.0 kit. My favorite focal length has always been the standard, but I have had to go through three samples of 35/2.0 until I am satisfied with the performance. Mike, I was surprised to know you switched to m4/3. I used to use some Panasonic cameras and liked them. Hope you enjoy your new system!
  23. Akira

    Bob Gruen & Kevin Bacon

    I surely enjoyed the video. Thank you for sharing, Dallas!
  24. Akira

    Huge lightbulb over megalopolis

    Dallas, I'm glad you enjoy the images. In recent decade, the climate in Tokyo area has become more and more tropic, which cause more squalls and thunderstorms. So long as the clouds are far away, they would be interesting to observe and shoot. But when they are right above us, they are nothing but scary, which was what we experienced the day after I had shot the posted images. 😱
  25. Akira

    Huge lightbulb over megalopolis

    Yesterday, a huge Cumulonimbus appeared over the megalopolis area here. At first, I just shot a 3-stitch pano of this fascinating cloud accompanied by some smaller ones (the first image). As the main cloud developed, I noticed it started to create thunders inside it (the second image, notice the faint flash inside).

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