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  1. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Yes. The color is amazingly brilliant.
  2. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Fuchsias with a little visitor. Z-E3 with Touit 1.8/32. Cropped to around the half of the original size.
  3. Akira


    Chris, thank you for sharing these cool shots (hope you would tolerate some pun). Here in Tokyo, we seem to be having somewhat cold summer, but it is humid and uncomfortable enough.
  4. Hugh, thank you for the links! Yes, I've read and been intrigued by Alan's recent posts. One interesting thing is that the spectral sensitivity of B&W films goes into the UV range. I still keep Apo-Nikkor 240/9.0 with the premise of using it for the UV experiments that I enjoyed with digital and film cameras until about 10 years ago.
  5. Dallas, I'm glad you like it. My big regret during the film days was that I didn't have a chance to try large format cameras. The films have become scarce now, but there always seems to be chances to try the wet print or even the egg print?!
  6. Akira


    The images are amazing, but not for an acrophobia!
  7. Akira

    Why I like film

    Disappointment is part of the real thrill of shooting film, so far as I remember...
  8. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Hydrangea. Nothing special, but I liked the whole atmpsphere.
  9. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Glad you like it, Dallas!
  10. I'm also looking at iPad Pro after I realize the much improved accessibility to the files in the up-and-coming iPadOS. Currently, I use iPhone SE and 11" MacBook Air for my mobile computing, and want to merge the two gadget into one with larger screen. iPad Pro is expensive, but much cheaper than upgrading both iPhone SE and MBA to respective successors.
  11. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Morning clouds lit by the light of the rising sun reflected from the sky. The contrast of the clouds were so low that I had to switch the profile from Astia to Classic Chrome in Capture One and additionally raise the contrast and the saturation.
  12. Akira


    I also like the second image, but with the buildings brightened only as much like the first image. The shapes of the buildings, especially the ones with the cranes on top of them, look attractive, but the clearly visible details of the facades makes the image a bit too busy for me. I also prefer the original panoramic framing of the second image (with the treatment mentioned above).
  13. Interestingly, the Shrine looks like our National Diet Building in Tokyo. The third image looks nice and interesting, especially the building with a man's face.
  14. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Interestingly, contrary to your experience, I've never really used Velvia profile. I rarely use Provia profiles either, because it all too often looks over-saturated. (Your images have never really look over-saturated, though.) I prefer Astia most of the time. I chose Eterna for the dawn image because, as noted, the saturation in the red channel was a bit too overwhelming. Having said that, Capture One Express Fujifilm works with RAFs from extremely well and makes the processing a lot easier and more intuitive than CC or Nikon Capture NXD with NEFs from D750. As for the Nikon F to Fuji X mount adapter, I use two different Rayqual adapters. One is the most simple one and the other one with the tripod foot and the aperture control ring for G-type lenses. These adapters are as expensive as the Novoflex ones, but I was lucky to find mint used ones at very friendly prices.
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