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  1. Akira

    Tasmanian Old Growth Forest

    The viewing experience of the image is so rich that I feel as if I'm looking into the real forest through the window or from the open terrace, especially after clicking on the image. Thank you for enlightening!
  2. Akira

    The GAS Conundrum

    In which direction?!
  3. Akira

    The GAS Conundrum

    ...or the 360 degree VR pano?
  4. Akira

    The GAS Conundrum

    E-M1 Mk II has a free-angle LCD, as opposed to the Mk I, which should be very beneficial to your current work. I briefly handled EOS RP. It feels so cheap that I would doubt you would be inspired.
  5. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Apparently, the X-E3 can handle very mixed lighting pretty well. 🙂 This image was shot with Zeiss Touit 1.8/32.
  6. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Beautiful color, Vivion!
  7. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Another cherry blossom image.
  8. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Thank you, Luc!
  9. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    These are images shot inside the building to the left of the cherry blossoms. I had to rotate both of these images very slightly in order to compensate for the slight tilt.
  10. Akira

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    Actually, I had referred to the very website before I made my previous post (although I didn't use that function.).
  11. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Some cherry blossoms.
  12. Akira

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    The B&W images look nice. X-Pro2 is a very big camera: it is just as wide as D750 and taller than X-T3 except for the pseudo pentaprism part.
  13. Akira

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    So far as the timing of (fully or partially) switching to Fuji is concerned, I guess we (you and me) are pretty lucky. The Capture One Express makes the processing free and a breeze. Recently, they added the profiles of most of the genuine Fuji lenses, which improves the image quality even more.
  14. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    X-E3 seems to cope with this specialty lens pretty well. Shot with Nikkor-O 55/1.2 a.k.a. CRT Nikkor.
  15. Akira

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Moon and magnolias. I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of pliability of RAF file in Capture One Espress Fujifilm (I've processed RAF files only in C1, so I cannot compare).

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