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  1. As big fan of Jan Vermeer, Delft is one of the cities I want to visit. The houses are beautifully unique! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hi, Dallas,


    I think I'm experiencing a small glitch here.  After I sign in and go back to the top page by clicking the "Fotozones" logo on the top-left of the page, I will be forced to sign out: for example, the "Activity Stream" pulldown menu is not displayed, and my displayed name and avatar on the top-right of the page is replaced with "Existing User? Sign in" message and the "Sign Up" button.  When I return to a forum thread, I'm recognized as a subscriber who is signed in.  Not a serious problem, but it should not be normal.


    Best regards,



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    2. Dallas


      OK, I just experienced the same thing with a test account. When I clicked on the logo to go to the home page it appears to have logged me out, but visiting any other link on the site somehow sees me as logged in again. 


      So what I did was go to the home page where it says I was logged out and I just hit refresh and that seems to have fixed it. I'm using Safari on a Mac. 

    3. Akira


      Hi, Dallas,


      Thanks for the support.  The refresh works (I'm using Firefox on Windows 10).  I finally found the FZ Support under "All Forums".  Frankly the differentiation of All Forums and General Forums are a bit difficult to understand...


      Best regards,



    4. Dallas


      Thanks Akira. I am working on the menus, so any suggestions are appreciated.

  3. Before I was about to suggest opening FZ YouTube channel for the video contents, but you already have one. However, I think you should make the link to the YouTube channel much more prominent on the top page. Also, it would be better to emphasize the relationship between the Safari tour, the FZ YouTube channel and this forum in order to appeal the uniqueness of the contents you offer. There have already been countless gear previews on YouTube, and the FZ channel could easily be obscured in there. Episodes like "Inside Safari" or "2017 Safari Gear" are very good in this regard. Olympus-related reviews would be more unique if they could be related to Safari or shooting in the tropical area, especially because the flagship model like E-M1 is made to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.
  4. Dallas, thanks for the clarification and the encouragement.
  5. I'm not aware of anything behind the scene, Dallas. Recently I mostly enjoy watching the videos posted by you rather than posting images. One difficulty I found is that I tend to refrain from posting images here. Apparently FZ has always been struggling to pay for the server, I tried to post my images by linking to the ones uploaded to flickr to minimize the consumption of the storage reserved for FZ. However, the linking is clumsy, and it is clumsy even to sign in flickr after they changed the system. Obviously this is no one's fault, and I have absolutely no intention of blaming anyone here. I just don't know what to do. Oh, well.
  6. Hi, Luc, thanks for the report with lots of beautiful images well worth appreciating! I'm always interested in visiting not-so-obvious places, but I'm surprised to know that Marseille is not a popular place among the tourists. I took it for granted that Marseille would be one of the most popular cities in the southern regions of France along with Cannes and Nice: that's the origin of the French national anthem!
  7. Hi, Peter, thanks for the info. The panorama function makes Affinity more convincing to me.
  8. Mcasan, thanks for the info. Affinity Photo looks promising. I decided to go for CC mainly because I enjoy pano stitching (Photomerge is superb!) and I occasionally need to convert PDF to JPEG. Affinity Photo doesn't seem to have the panorama stitching function, but PDF to JPEG conversion seems to be possible. I consider the subscription fee of CC photographer plan fairly reasonable. But I'm not big fan of the idea of the subscription and I don't trust the security system of Adobe. My account was hacked, and I had to unsubscribe it and renovate my account. I had to call the support to unsubscribe instead of delete my account online, which I don't like either. I still have four month for the annual subscription of CC. I may want to try Affinity Photo to decide if I can live with it.
  9. Thanks, Dallas, for the reply. This incident reminds me of my unfortunate experience of interviewing a legendary bass player. During the interview, I mentioned that I was translator of the Japanese version of a book on another legendary bass player published in the States. It turned out that the interviewee had had sued the original author of the book for publishing incorrect infomation on the book. Then the interviewee was upset and later the personal attorney sent an emal to me to erase the entire recording of the interview, otherwise he would start a lawsuit. I had heard about the seemingly infinite lasting and expensive lawsuit in the U.S., and erased the recording on my solidstate recorder. That was my most disappointing experience throughout the years of my career as translator/interpreter. So, I think I can share your feelings.
  10. Sorry for the question from me as total stranger for the legal matters, but didn't Ann fear herself being accused of for helping FZ violate the copyright law? Also, I would wonder if the same thing can happen to any photography fora of similar kind linking to the images in the U.S. servers which should exist all over the world. In any case, I strongly hope you, Dallas, can keep your peace of mind despite such a disappointing incident.
  11. Dallas, thanks for the link to the PDF. The Android OS and the price are disappointing or discouraging.
  12. I would never endorse the idea of attach anything as heavy as DXO-One to that flimsy Lightning socket, especially because the camera part is made to swivel while it is stuck to the socket. The whole setup is too unreliable. One reason for my suggestion of iOS is that it seems to be more multi-media friendly despite Apple's strict control of the system and third party apps. Yes, Android would be more likely, but I wonder if it is efficient enough to handle such high quality video data of Hydrogen.
  13. I saw the video and have been curious about this smartphone. I wonder which OS this Hydrogen will use? The most affordable (yes, for the professional video system) Raven Camera Kit of RED is sold exclusively through Apple. Would that suggest that Hydrogen would use iOS?
  14. Thank you again, Ann. Yes, I realized how the HWS metering was useful!
  15. Dallas, thank you for the link. I remember the article. The high-ISO setting of E-M1 seems to be of no problem under certain situation and the proper shooting/processing technique. Not to compete, but here is some results from the live show I shot several days ago. I hope you don't mind linking a thread from NikonGear. All images were shot with 50/1.8G lens on D750 set at ISO6400. The hIghlight weighting spot metering mode was used. http://nikongear.net/revival/index.php/topic,6226.0.html