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  1. A really good find, Dallas! This is amazing! Love it!
  2. I originally bought this lens for its closeup capability at the widest setting. But the clouds that appeared this morning made me want to try this humble little zoom for some landscape. Its resolution power and sharpness are just enough for the casual use, but the resistance to the ghost seems to be admirable.
  3. Yeah, I always enjoy your representation of Krasnoyarsk. Is this bridge painted in red, or lit with the red light? Beautiful anyway.
  4. Akira

    Mmmm... Humans!

    Yummy... Well, not me!
  5. Mike, sorry to know that you couldn't post your comment to the thread I had started in the "Carspotters". While I understand your annoyance, joining the segregated forum is easy: just to click the join button. No hassle or worry. I don't think this is such a big issue as to make you consider to leave...
  6. Oh, you are right! I also notice that if a rear wheel is loose, it would bounce around in the tire in the half-covered housing. Even this unique suspension would be of no help...
  7. I've heard you can continue to drive the DS even if it loses one wheel thanks to its unique suspension system. I appreciate not only the art but also the technology for such an originality.
  8. One big bummer is that the wide angle camera won't allow to access the raw file, unlike the standard and telephoto cameras. The resulted images look OK in SNS sites, but their sharpening and noise reduction are too much.
  9. One of the charm of this van or 2CV is that you can casually paint it the way you like without worrying about the resale value. When I lived in Munich in the early 80s, 2CV was very popular among the university students along with Käfer.
  10. It may not be that rare for the European folks, but here in Japan it should be rarely seen.
  11. The vertical images are about 1/3 of the original horizontal frame.
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