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  1. I agree. I'm left-eye dominant, and looking into the viewfinder with one of my eyes while looking at the whole scene with another eye is just beyond me, even if the camera doesn't block the eyesight. 😲 Actually, when I look into the viewfinder with one of my eyes, I always close another eye, exactly as she does. 😀
  2. Irene Rudnyk, female photographer/YouTuber who posts interesting videos of shooting tips from the female points of view. The topic for this video is, however, about the way to hold the camera in portrait orientation. I was surprised to realize that she had been criticized for holding the camera "wrongly" with the shutter button down, mainly by the male photographers. According to her explanation, the reason for her holding the way she does is rather a physical reason. But I myself have long preferred holding the camera in the same way as she does, even though I'm male (LOL). In the film days, I loved to use Leica M, and one of the reasons was that it is more comfortable to hold the camera in portrait orientation in this "girly" way. Now I feel very comfortable to use my Fujifilm X-E3 for the very same reason. In the early 80's, l saw a picture of Dirk Reinartz, the late VISUM photographer, holding the camera in the same way. He specialized in the artistic potraiture, and he used Leica M4 and Nikon F2 eyelevel at that time. The reason for me to hold the camera with the shutter button down is to keep myself as discreet as possible. I don't do journalism or paparazzi stuff, but I would like to take pictures in rather unobtrusive manner.
  3. Akira

    lilys 2nd shot

    I also like this one better than the first. The color composition looks chic. Did you stack the images?
  4. Thank you Danial. Glad you enjoy the series!
  5. Akira

    Nikon Struggling

    In addition to its belated foray into the full-frame mirrorless camera, Nikon has wasted its time and resource for the aborted Nikon DL high-end compact cameras, the virtual dead birth of KeyMission action cameras as well as the rather short-lived Nikon 1 series.
  6. Thank you, Dallas. That's exactly the intention for the second one!
  7. All are shot with X-E3 and Zeiss Touit f1.8/32mm.
  8. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Yes. The color is amazingly brilliant.
  9. Akira

    Some recent images.

    Fuchsias with a little visitor. Z-E3 with Touit 1.8/32. Cropped to around the half of the original size.
  10. Akira


    Chris, thank you for sharing these cool shots (hope you would tolerate some pun). Here in Tokyo, we seem to be having somewhat cold summer, but it is humid and uncomfortable enough.
  11. Hugh, thank you for the links! Yes, I've read and been intrigued by Alan's recent posts. One interesting thing is that the spectral sensitivity of B&W films goes into the UV range. I still keep Apo-Nikkor 240/9.0 with the premise of using it for the UV experiments that I enjoyed with digital and film cameras until about 10 years ago.
  12. Dallas, I'm glad you like it. My big regret during the film days was that I didn't have a chance to try large format cameras. The films have become scarce now, but there always seems to be chances to try the wet print or even the egg print?!
  13. Akira


    The images are amazing, but not for an acrophobia!
  14. Akira

    Why I like film

    Disappointment is part of the real thrill of shooting film, so far as I remember...
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