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  1. Thank you, Aguinaldo. The invisible clouds added a nice twist (bite?) to the full moon.
  2. The moon shortly after its rise. Shot with Ai Nikkor 200mm/f4.0@f8.0. The top and the bottom of the frame was trimmed for the panoramic image. The buildings were lit by the setting sun.
  3. Thank you, Aguinaldo! Searching by "Kalanchoe laetivirens" on YouTube hits some videos. One of them was of a seemingly Brazilian lady explaining the same thing:
  4. Thank you! The nature as artist transcends human imaginations!
  5. The succulents (?) of #3 and 8 look pretty! Do you know the name of the species?
  6. Amazing images. Amazing rather because of your keen eyes to spot attractive subjects than the rendering power of this optical wonder. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Akira

    Amazing Sunrise

    So true! In addition to the amazing color, I love the silhouettes of the palm trees.
  8. One of the the biggest reasons for the varying opinions for the ideal viewfinder is that the individual eye is the integrated part of the optical system of the viewfinder. Thus there will be no single agreement or end of the discussion!
  9. Oh, I would have to mention that the flash synch speed is 1/30 in JPEG mode and in RAW mode, a whopping 1/15. LOL! So, definitely it is not for the strobe shooters.
  10. When the CEO of Sigma presented fp, he added that the development of a new FOVEON model was in progress. I'm curious how it would materialize. The dedicated DPP software works all-too slow, and its highlight recovery is insufficient. I decided to return to the subscription of Adobe CC. I'm still interested in FOVEON sensor and wish that the monochrome processing using the full-resolution top layer. Or wish for the integration of the B&W function into the camera.
  11. I'm not necessarily against the film-camera-like control system for the shutter-, ISO- and exposure compensation dials or aperture rings on the lenses. They are handy because you can see the settings without pushing the function buttons or even switching the camera on. What I don't like about Fujifilm is their "make-believe" film camera design concept. I picked up X-E3 at first because it looked least like a film camera in their lineup and switched to X-T3 for the excellent AF system. The co-existence of the dedicated dial system from the film cameras and the assignable system of buttons/command dials makes the overall user interface cluttered and superfluous. Sigma fp is not a camera perfectly comparable to the established DSLR or mirrorless cameras of other makes, but it works well enough for my shooting style, and I really love its stripped-down design. The placements and assignments of the control buttons and dials are a bit unique, but it is well worth trying to get used to.
  12. Oh, yes, I totally forgot about the Leica M series! Thank you for the correction.
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