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  1. How'd that 50mm do at shooting 24mm? If you can do everything you need at 50mm, then you don't need a zoom. But saying a zoom isn't worth it because it's X times the price of a 50/1.8 is silly; of course it's more expensive, it's also more versatile. You pay for the versatility. If you don't need, or want, the versatility, that's perfectly fine, but then the issue isn't the zoom's expense, it's that you don't need a zoom. If you don't need a backhoe, then the cost vs a shovel is ridiculous, but if what you're doing requires a backhoe, then suddenly the cost becomes a lot less of an issue. (In practice, I agree with you on the range/weight — I much prefer my 24-120/4 over my 24-70/2.8 95% of the time. But that 5% is why the 24-70's exist. Even so, if I didn't already have it, I wouldn't buy it now. But that's because I don't need it anymore, not because its price is ridiculous compared to my 50/1.8.)