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  1. Still learning...

  2. The Df continues to be my lightweight go-to camera for travel - while visiting family in central Florida, USA, a short trip to the local wilderness preserve at sunrise on Dec 26th. Not sure of the name for the unusual cloud formations, but they were certainly appreciated.
  3. Done. Appreciate your work Dallas.
  4. Red palm tree. DF with 14-24mm lens at f5/14mm, ISO 2000, 15sec. A little New Years celebration in the Appalachian mtns, USA.
  5. Great photos! Number 2 is best. My wife and I, sitting near Vik, Iceland, are lamenting the second trip here with continual cloudy skies and no chance for aurora viewing. Your photos are prompting us for trip number 3. Thanks again for the impressive images.
  6. Lots more great photos on your website link - a very diverse set of images. Thanks!
  7. MartinK I too have similar interests - while running early in the morning, there seems to be a lot of photogenic opportunities available. After worrying for a bit - same reasons as you - I tried running and handholding my camera with a sturdy camera hand strap. The path was over familiar terrain/paved/dawn lighting to minimize the risk of tripping. Surprisingly, the camera is a D700 + 50mm/f1.4 and the weight wasn't too bothersome at all and I haven't seen any technical issues with the camera. Might be worth a try.
  8. You'll need to download the Nikon Transfer software (free) for your Mac which performs the comm and transfer with the camera. It is just as fast as using a card reader too.
  9. If AA batteries are a power source option for your camera, you might consider using AA size lithiums. The AA lithium are 'primary' (non-rechargeable) batteries and have a slightly different chemical formulation than standard rechargeable lithium batteries - and the AAs are rated for much lower temperatures. From the Energizer website, operating temps for the AA L91 lithiums are -40