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  1. The Swede

    The feeling of a church window

  2. The Swede

    possitive energy is a healer

  3. The Swede

    He can't hide- he always get spotted, he's got a fan

    thanks Dallas;)
  4. The Swede

    Excuse us...

    Very good. great Eye Contact and composition
  5. The Swede

    Brat Sunset

    Beautiful Aircraft, the first 2 photos are great;)
  6. The Swede

    It's miiine-hurrey;P

    My dalmatian, acattledog.portfoliobox.net thank you for looking;)
  7. The Swede

    3 dogs

    Gips, Kilo & Saltis;P
  8. The Swede

    Saltis eyes & green toy

    Saltis eyes & green toy
  9. The Swede

    Behind The Shot: Sunrise In Durban

    Nice result!
  10. From puppy to turbulent teen to colorfull star!
  11. The Swede

    Here kitty kitty

    great expression that fits the composition
  12. The Swede


    With a little help from Karl Taylor education;)
  13. The Swede


    Nice, no3 is great but I dont like the postprocessing personal opinion;)

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