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  1. Sorry I posted the other in the people section;)
  2. vitva17pbjmb by Jonas Martensson, on Flickr
  3. Saltis howls when I play certain songs on the stereo;)
  4. Beautiful indeed!
  5. Awesome! I love the colors and "heatvawe" - sorry wrong word;)
  6. Here is a Gant;)
  7. A very common watch that exists in male female versions, with leather, metal strap and plenty of colorcombinations;)
  8. hi!
  9. Great! I've never seen those blue birds Before;)
  10. Awesome shots!;);)
  11. Nice and intressting;)
  12. A bird shot with d500, 200-500 at 500mm f6,7
  13. very nice action shots!
  14. Fantastic, the second is my favorite!;)