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  1. The Swede


    Nice shots;)
  2. The Swede

    Owls and More Owls

    Great no 3 is my favorite;)
  3. The Swede

    dog shots;)

    The second is one of my favorites, thank you for the look;)
  4. The Swede

    The Swede, Saltis.

    Hi!;) I'm Saltis- have a nice day;)
  5. The Swede

    A lot of Eagles and a Gull

    Very good shots.;)
  6. The Swede

    A different kind of sunset

    Nice colors!;)
  7. The Swede


    Facinating, Beautiful.
  8. The Swede

    A Bird with Attitude

    great shot, very Beautiful;)
  9. The Swede

    Is it a party here?

    10 weeks-4 years
  10. The Swede

    Is it a party here?

    Hi! I'm Saltis thanks for the look:)
  11. The Swede

    Checking out the computor

    Hi! I'm Saltis Have a nice day
  12. The Swede

    Beach, Trees and Stars

    Very nice the first and the last are my favorites;)
  13. The Swede

    First outing with my new Fuji 80mm macro

    The first 2 are fantastic!;)
  14. The Swede

    Köln, today.

    Very nice shots indeed!;)
  15. The Swede

    Portrait in nice light & colors;)

    Hi! I'm Saltis!

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