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  1. The Swede

    A stamp

    All is made in Photoshop except for the original dogphoto;)
  2. The Swede

    French Car Festivals

    Intresting! Volture 23 was really strange looking Thanks for sharing;)
  3. The Swede


    Hi! This is Saltis Thanks for looking;)
  4. The Swede

    The Book Worm

    Nice shot, I Think it looks great in black and White if I may say so;P
  5. The Swede

    MIG 21

    Nice shot, I Think it's the jetfighter that has been produced in higher numbers. than any other;)
  6. The Swede

    puppy-One day I'll be big;)

    Puppy Saltis
  7. The Swede

    Ribbons of White and Grey

    Great shots! no1 is my favorite;)
  8. The Swede

    Jokulsarlon sunset

    Very nice shot!
  9. The Swede

    me and my dog

    me and Saltis
  10. The Swede

    Dog photos white ones

    my dog Saltis:)
  11. The Swede

    possitive energy is a healer

  12. The Swede

    He can't hide- he always get spotted, he's got a fan

    thanks Dallas;)
  13. The Swede

    Excuse us...

    Very good. great Eye Contact and composition
  14. The Swede

    Brat Sunset

    Beautiful Aircraft, the first 2 photos are great;)

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