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  1. Marco Lanciani

    StackShot Automated Macro-Rail: First Impressions

    Thank you Michael. Very interesting article. I have the StackShot, even though I didn't use it yet. So, any advice on using it is very welcome.
  2. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    Here is the chines counterpart of 500px: http://500px.me/ I've found this explanation from another photographer: http://photoblog.mrussellphotography.com/9-reasons-i-no-longer-use-500px/ Looks like a number of photographers are leaving... Is 500px still worth contributing photos?
  3. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    Still investigating in this world of stock photography, I'd like to hear your opinion and, possibly, experience. 500px: Looks like many photographers are unhappy of the recent moves there... to say a few, always closer to china or royalties lowered to 30%, from 70%. Flickr: a possible way to Getty Images. PhotoShelter: don't know what to think about.
  4. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    1. I just can't. I can't sell as RF what's on Alamy as RM, and most of images on Alamy are Rights Managed. 2. As for images with the same license, no one is going to buy on Alamy if it's cheaper elsewhere.
  5. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    So far I have set some photos on Alamy as RF but nothing changed. OTOH I had a nice surprise on Shutterstock just a few days ago: I’ve sold a single image for $27 It must be a sort of extended license. On Shutterstock I’ve sold within weeks from my signing up, with just a few images. On Alamy, with more than 70 images, RM and RF… nothing. Maybe what I have on Alamy is already available somewhere else at a lover price. At this point I don’t know if I have to close my Alamy account and put those images on Shutterstock and eventually signup again one day with a better collection set.
  6. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    I think I'll start setting some photos as RF and see what happen...
  7. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    Thank you Dallas. If I got your theory right, it's not a matter of RF vs RM. If the customer is interested it buys anyway. Anyone else on this?
  8. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    Since I started submitting images to Shutterstock and Alamy I have now almost 50 images on both agencies. I've sold 15 images on Shutterstock, $0.25 each, so... $3.75 - Mmh... it's a long time to the D500. On Alamy 0! Those on Shutterstock are all Royalty Free (RF), no option here. On Alamy, and here is my problem, I can choose and set all of them as Rights Managed (RM), after reading their Forum. I think I understand the Difference between RF and RM but how do I take the decision. This I have yet to understand. 1. What makes an image more sellable, or preferable, as RF or RM? 2. Also, it is still possible that one client prefer an image as RF and another client prefer the same image as RM. What to do if this case really exist? What License should I set the image to? Any idea or direct experience?
  9. Marco Lanciani

    WARNING: Nikon Capture NX-D deletes images accidentally

    I think Nikon should joint to or work together with one of the Big in this field, like Adobe Lr or PhaseOne C1... and give up with its software compartment. Although I have a Capture NX license, I used it rarely... it was always a pain, always outdated and incredibly slow. They also changed name at least 3 times and I don't know if I can take this for good: it seems as Capture NX-D isn't anyway on the right path. Yet If you want to instal only Capture NX, simply you can't: you are asked to install Nikon Messenger and maybe something else and you are not free to take your decision on this. Will it still be the same with Capture NX-D? I never tried Capture NX-D but I guess it's only good to mess up with my Mac.
  10. Marco Lanciani

    Fireworks demonstration

    "A golden carpet" is a great capture. I also like the presence of the bare tree as a silhouette very much; it adds to the final result.
  11. Marco Lanciani

    Tripod head - Manfrotto versus Benro - Anyone have experience with both?

    I've always thought the best solution being a good fluid video head with leveling base and/or (leveling) tripod's column if the tripod is solid enough.
  12. Marco Lanciani

    Tripod head - Manfrotto versus Benro - Anyone have experience with both?

    Most of the times I like to have micro-movements, some time I need precise movements. What do you think of the Manfrotto 410 or 405... other than the fact they are overpriced and use a proprietary QR base? (Even though an Arca-Swiss adapter exist) It looks like there are no such alternatives. I wonder if Sunwayfoto as ever considered such a solution in its line of Tripod Heads. Andrew, sorry to use your thread.
  13. Marco Lanciani

    Winter Flame

    Fantastic! Oversaturated Rock surface?
  14. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    Has anyone experience with Alamy. They seem to reward the photographer better then Shutterstock. Try to search for any photo and you can see. http://www.alamy.com It looks like the lowest price they sell an image is €15, which is €7.50 at 50% for the photographer; on Shutterstock, for 1 download, I was accredited $0.25, but you can go as low as $0.07 per photo. Is Alamy really so better or am I missing something?
  15. Marco Lanciani

    Stock photography , anyone ?

    Thank you, Dallas. Yes, hopefully it will.

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