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  1. I follow education and discussion wherever that may be. The community here is terse at best, except for a few past glowing exceptions. Burn out or the overall toxicity encountered online may be the cause, or it may be that I do not take time to find those members to interact with any longer. Thus, is it the site and discussion board or am I the problem? I'm willing to ponder either, but I will also add this is the only photography discussion board I post on at all. And I believed enough in what the group and Dallas were doing years ago to join as a lifer. My hope is that as social media fades away, valuing discussions outside of echo chambers will become a pillar of online communication. In other words, I certainly would like to see things grow, change, progress for another 7 or 8 years.
  2. The forum associated with the developer of Zerene stacker is a phenomenal resource. I really like this image, she's such a cute little thing. If I may ask, what did you use for lighting?
  3. I abhor unethical treatment of invertebrates for photography reasons. The topic gets more and more attention in the hobby as it should. http://petapixel.com/2016/03/11/bug-photography-ethics-bug/ http://sgmacro.blogspot.com/p/macro-photography-ethics.html
  4. This is the second time Dallas has publicly admitted to things he was not proud of and moved forward. While I'm not a huge user of the community, I do have utter respect for the leadership. I hope it manages to hang on in this facebook/iphone driven world.
  5. Did you use Bug Slabber or another short cut to save processing time? Cute spider too, thanks for sharing, I suspect it took many hours from start to finish?
  6. Is trying to use the 1-5x MP-E 65 from Canon less functional that the 2x and 5x objectives? I am in need of a focus stack system for research purposes, and just do not want to learn Canon (time constraints). Thanks. Oh, and of course, many of these images have been truly phenomenal. Christian
  7. Could you share what camera and filters? Thanks and KILLER photo.
  8. Now I very much regret the gimped buffer on my Nikon 7100. I can not imagine trying to hand hold for 50+ images. Nicely done, very nicely done.
  9. I am quite sorry for the delay asking you this, but could you provide some information such as number of images an if it was hand held or not? I plan on moving into some stacking but I'm stuck on how to go about it with live insects. I really do dig the eye melting colors and sharpness!
  10. Were these against glass? It's a great take on the inflorescences.
  11. The pattern is to prevent birds from flying through the web, it's costly to build them. And yes, they're harmless to humans. I have piles of useless junk in my head, sadly not enough photography know how yet.
  12. Great images Ann. I'm a complete narb on post-processing, but if folks want spider pictures, those I can do!
  13. Esotericman


    Catch it in full fruit as well, there are some great textures to be had.
  14. Tokina 100mm f2.8, I have piles of spider images. Not "artsy" per se, but that's not my reason for taking them.
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