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  1. Luc de Schepper

    View from Above

    Yes that’s the layout of the old medieval city centre, more or less cicular surrounded by water. In those times cities were small islands in vast countrysides. Most cities were built with 360 degree view and good defense as priorities. Remember, these were the violent dark ages in Europe and foreign or domestic army groups and vagabonds were to be kept at bay.
  2. Luc de Schepper

    View from Above

    The three mages in this topic were shot during a recent balloon ride. Please click 3x on the image to enlarge and view the details on image 1 and 2. View on my hometown Amersfoort which is located in the centre of Holland. In fact, the isolated church tower (98,33m) in the middle/right is the official geographical centre of Holland. The church which was attached to the town was destroyed by a gun powder explosion in 1787. The medieval layout of the old city centre is clearly visible. I live in one of the red roofed houses in the top/middle of the image. Amersfoort is at the border of the so-called Randstad, the highly populated area in the West of Holland consisting of the cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Once you cross the A28 highway visible in the middle of the image below you enter beautiful rural areas which are great for my bicycle trips. The balloons are landed on grasslands such as these. The farmers are mostly ok with this, as long as nothing is damaged. The cows and dogs are slightly disturbed by the balloons, especially from the sound of the heaters.
  3. Luc de Schepper

    Balloon Sunset

    Thanks Hugh. It was my first balloon ride and I liked it a lot. It's magical to view the world from above. If I find the inspiration I''ll post some more images.
  4. Luc de Schepper

    Balloon Sunset

    Thanks Dallas, dreamy it was ... Without the silhouettes of the three other balloons it would just be another sunset 😉 I hope you get a chance to shoot the 8-18mm, really nice lens.
  5. Luc de Schepper

    The Littlest MFT Camera... In The World

    Dallas, excellent write-up on this little gem in the Micro Four Thirds family. Good images also and nice to get an impression of Durban beach and sea life. I guess you've experienced that 12-32mm pancake lens is an excellent performing lens for its size and price. If necessary a balanced mix of a little extra contrast, clarity and detail sharpening in Lightroom can really make the images pop. This lens does have a reputation though of loose zoom rings due to faulty adhesive. Mine was also affected by this, I used some thin double-sided tape to carefully re-attach the zoom ring to the lens. The tiny 35-100mm f4-5.6 zoom I reviewed here Panasonic 35-100mm is a great companion and the GM1 plus the two lenses would make a fine, really compact holiday setup.
  6. Luc de Schepper

    Balloon Sunset

    An image shot during a balloon ride, at about 650m height. Olympus E-M10II + Panasonic 8-18mm f2.8-4
  7. Luc de Schepper

    Fairy tale Podere Belvedere at sunrise

    OK, that's what I thought more or less 😉 Thanks for replying Vieri.
  8. Luc de Schepper

    Sound and Vision Experience, Hilversum/Holland

    Indeed the centre of Dutch historical radio and tv broadcasting! This place is about that history, very well presented and an interesting place to visit especially for those who want to rekindle their memories. Lighting is not so much the issue, white balance and color fidelity is.
  9. Luc de Schepper

    Sound and Vision Experience, Hilversum/Holland

    It's only busy on rainy weekends Mike, I was there on a sunny Friday so very few people present.
  10. Luc de Schepper

    Fairy tale Podere Belvedere at sunrise

    Some nice drama in this one! Is there a reason (natural circumstances or such) that the right side differs so much in lighting and hue from the left side?
  11. Luc de Schepper

    Polishing Turds, Pumping Sand & Playing With Apps

    That's really a shame Dallas. Now and then I read reports about the situation in SA and it's a pity because in theory your country could do so much better.
  12. Luc de Schepper

    Polishing Turds, Pumping Sand & Playing With Apps

    It's obvious that the countries which will suffer most from the disastrous effects of global warming will be those with the least resources and inefficient government. Dallas, I fear this is the case for your country. People in Holland tend to complain about our government but in fact it is among the most efficient in the world. For maintenance of our coast and waterways we have a government ruled institution called Rijkswaterstaat which does a splendid job. It helps we Dutch have a long history on battling water so we have a lot of expertise. And of course we pay taxes to pay for it all but I've no problem at all with well spent tax money. Here's a video (in Dutch only) on how they tackle such a beach renovation Rijkswaterstaat
  13. Luc de Schepper

    Symptoms Of GAS

    Hi Dallas, as you may know I own this lens. It took me some time to get used to this lens, it's a variable aperture lens (not my favorite, I prefer fast fixed aperture lenses) and being a true wide-angle the extreme corners especially at close range (perhaps due to wide-angle specific field curvature?) are not as sharp as my favorite zoom the Olympus 12-40mm. However, for a wide angle it's very good and arguably the best for the M43 system. Would it be possible for you to borrow the lens from the shop for a critical test run to see if it fits the bill for your primary use? The set with my 8-18mm images on Flickr is available at this link Panasonic 8-18mm images A few samples
  14. Luc de Schepper

    Forced Back to the Nikon D810

    A radial filter in Lightroom or Photoshop should do the trick. See below.
  15. Luc de Schepper

    Sound and Vision Experience, Hilversum/Holland

    A series of images from my serious outing with the Panasonic 8-18mm. It took me some time to get used again to real wide-angle perspective but I like it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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