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  1. Hello Alan, I wish you all the best with the SVT issue. If switching to decaf solves the problem that seems like a nuisance but minor sacrifice for improving your health. Stay safe and healthy.
  2. A random series of images shot today in my hometown Amersfoort in The Netherlands. All images Fujifilm X100 (first version), all but #4 plus WCL-X100 28mm converter. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Nice one Vivion. Did you by any chance watch the David Bowie specials on BBC yesterday evening? It included a story on Bowie's role in the Nicholas Roeg movie "The Mann Who Fell to Earth".
  4. Hm, that's a pity but more or less to be expected I guess. I hope next year will be one with less travel and tourism restrictions, but I don't expect a 100% return to the past. All the best Mike!
  5. Lately I've been watching Vikings on Netflix. Of course it's not historically 100% correct but interesting and entertaining.
  6. I like NCIS too, but only the episodes with Ziva (Cote de Pablo) 😊
  7. Nice one, Dallas. I like the low point of view (my knees would hurt doing this) and framing.
  8. Congrats on the new purchase Mike. I hope your holiday will go forward, one way or another.
  9. I recognise the feeling of being (over) critical of your own images. Chris's suggestion is a good one, try avoiding the obvious (for you, maybe not for others ...) by different lens choices and/or aspect ratios. Btw; I like the posted image.
  10. In the Netherlands we are fortunate to have capable politicians who are advised by excellent medical experts. The number of hospital admissions and fatalities due to Covid is declining so it seems the worst is over thanks to the strict lockdown measures. As a result of this some measures are lifted. It is noticeable people are getting increasingly impatient so the government is trying to strike a balance between what's necessary and what the people are willing to accept and comply with. Focus is shifting from the medical aspect to the economical damage which is enormous but for a rich country like ours shouldn't pose a long term problem. If the Dutch government loans the extra money needed to support businesses and workforce (an estimated 90 billion Euro) they don't even have to pay interest they get payed because of our excellent credit rating. Talking about differences between nations ... On a personal level I still work from home and don't have to travel (three hours a day, by public transport) to the office. If possible I'd like to continue work from home as long as possible. So far the inconveniences for my personal life are minor compared to what other people have to put up with. I feel very lucky about that and wish those less fortunate all the best in coping with this extraordinary situation.
  11. Iso-selfie after iso-haircut by my wife. Dallas, seems we share the same hairstyle 😀
  12. Dallas, Nik by Google is still available for download. Just click on Mac on https://www.photofacts.nl/fotografie/rubriek/software/nik-software-nu-volledig-gratis.asp (I'm pretty sure also available from other sources).
  13. I agree with Vivion, hard to do but best ignore all the so-called experts on TV and web. My work (business administration) is not - yet - affected. I work at home and go out as less as possible. My wife's work (international tourism) is severely affected. To Dallas and all FZ members; take care, stay safe and healthy, there will be better times.
  14. An image of my 20 years old Koga-Miyata bicycle against a typical Dutch backdrop. This bicycle has a classic lugged oval steel frame from Reynolds FM-1 chromium-molybdenum triple-butted steel made by Japanese firm Miyata and used by top Dutch bike builder Koga. This frame is light (for steel), stable and comfortable. They don't make them like this anymore, nowadays it's almost all smooth-welded aluminium or carbon. Nikon Z6 + Nikkor 105mm f2.5 AIs
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