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  1. Thanks Chris.
  2. Nine mouths to feed, that's motherhood for sure. Lovey image Andrew.
  3. So far I like the D5500 + 70-200mm f4 combo. Image shot at 175mm, f5, iso 800, 1/1250sec.
  4. Overwhelming nature and you surely are lucky to have these surroundings and vistas close to home. For a better understanding of the scale and grandeur especially in the images of the rock structures I would have liked a person included in these.
  5. Photographylife is an excellent website. One of few with unbiased, independent info.
  6. Quick (I'm off to the gym) reaction on Larry's latest point; imo Nikon needs a switch in marketing and customer communication more than a flood of new products. High time for some changes at the top it seems.
  7. About the Sigma Quattro (H), those cameras will do DNG RAW output which may (slightly) broaden its appeal. See
  8. Fascinating, original and colourful. I like it.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts and insights Larry. I'm not so sure about the D40-FX equivalent because it would create the same confusion/discussion vs D90-FX as the D7500 vs D500. I agree Nikon did make some strange decisions especially with the D300/D700 successors.
  10. The first image is brilliant!
  11. Thanks Ann and Armando. I'm a fan of old stations and modern high speed train technology.
  12. Seems to be ok now. The site shows this text; News: The server outage is sorted and NG is back to normal operation
  13. Option 3 seems like a good Idea; 1. M43 Panasonic GX80 + 12-32mm 2 FX Nikon D750 Clear separation in size, weight, price and IQ.
  14. The Thalys is the high speed train service connecting France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Top speed is about 300 km/h. This image was shot at the Amsterdam Central Station which was built between 1881 and 1889 and despite renovations has still maintained its historic character. I was lucky (and patient) in being able to shoot the Thalys at full length with no other trains in view. Image shot with an Olympus E-M10II and the "mouse that roared" Panasonic 12-32mm f3.5-5.6 pancake zoom lens. Please click up to full size to appreciate the quality of this little lens. Processed from RAW with Lightroom.
  15. Thanks Larry for the extra info, very useful. I like the way Nikon fine-tuned the body style. Less weight is ok, deeper grip is very welcome. I also like the flat strap lugs, every camera should have these.