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  1. Dallas, imo this kind of human interest photography is your forte. Your personal involvement shows in the high quality of the images.
  2. A fine lens, at least f2.2
  3. A collage done in post processing of the artwork Roodblauw (Redblue) by Dutch artist Ria van Krieken. The artwork is made of paper, horsehair and paint. Post processing done in Nik Analog Efex.
  4. Nice, a hint of surreal which I like.
  5. What a well executed pano Armando. Amazing detail visible at full size. Respect for the craftsmanship!
  6. Aha, congratulations Faris on your beautiful granddaughter.
  7. Alan, that's an exceptionally beautiful image. Must be viewed at full size!
  8. Thanks all! Aquarium photography is indeed challenging but also rewarding. I'm very much intrigued by these mysterious underwater creatures.
  9. Thanks a lot Alan, Dallas.
  10. Thanks for watching and commenting Anthony and Dallas. Vancouver is indeed a very nice place; a relatively compact city with fantastic waterfront, beaches, snowy mountains nearby, relaxed people and great food and drinks!
  11. 1. 2. 3.
  12. This image was shot at the Vancouver Aquarium. The basin was full with jellyfish and because of that and lighting conditions and reflections this image was quite a challenge.
  13. I agree with Anthony but I'm a bit confused by the title. Are you related to the baby Faris? No need to answer if you don't like to.
  14. Very nice tranquil scene, looks like a great place to visit and relax.
  15. Alan, excellent proof of your choice! Great b&w indeed and the approaching cold front makes a great backdrop on an overall very nice image.