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  1. Thanks Maurice. All three images shot at f6.3. I guess it's a combination of correct focusing, optimum aperture and careful post processing. My favourite is the jet engine, a lot of detail in that shot.
  2. Yesterday I attended the KLM 100 Experience, an event to celebrate the 100th birthday of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The event was nice, the behind the scenes opportunity was more interesting 😀 All images Nikon Z6 + Nikkor 24-70mm f4 S 1. 2. 3.
  3. How about this? I found this high-res image on Steve's Digicams site.
  4. Indeed, very nice image. Great use of flash, did the bird trigger it? 😉
  5. I've worked for twenty years in IT, my advice is to always wait when upgrading an operating system. This kind of software is so comprehensive and complex it is bound to contain minor and/or major errors and complications.
  6. It looks like this is not the original floor. Maybe it was once retiled with what was cheaply available at that time without taking aesthetic aspects into consideration.
  7. Very good lens that due to the advantages of the new Z-mount outperforms it's F-mount counterparts. Very even performance across the frame and very good sharpness already at f1.8. Some samples (all on Nikon Z6) f1.8 f2 f4 f5.6
  8. Beautiful I guess medieval arches. Nice image, Vivion.
  9. Hello Maurice, thanks. This is the first series I processed in Capture One and my impression is (I did a comparison with a few images) Capture One squeezes a bit more from the RAW's than Lightroom does. So I'm happy with Capture One and will stick to it. The cathedral ceiling image was processed when my knowledge of Capture One's correction tools was still limited, so maybe I''ll reprocess that image.
  10. Beautiful images, Alex. The colors complement each other really well.
  11. Well done Dallas, a good, honest comparison. I'll stick to my 12-40mm, I prefer the extra sharpness and more compact size over the 12-100mm. The 12-40mm is one of the best zooms I've ever used, a fantastic lens.
  12. Thanks Mike and Vivion for your latest posts. Sharing our thoughts with Dallas is very much ok I fully agree. Just think of yourself in his place now and then 😉
  13. Mike, Vivion, please consider this. Dallas explained why he introduced the clubs. It's a simple construction and may not be to everybody's taste but such is life. As members we simple can't expect a tailor made forum (for whom?) especially as interest is already declining. Moreover, we've all witnessed over the years Dallas sharing his personal struggle with running this forum and his photography business. Members have only seen the tip of the iceberg what's it about running a forum. So please, let's all bear this is mind when we consider something on the forum not to our liking. I'm sure if we all sat together in a bar for a beer or a wine we would have a great time talking about personal interests, travels and photography. For now, we're scattered around the globe which is in enough peril as it is. Anyway, cheers and I wish you all fair judgement and a nice evening.
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