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  1. Thanks Dallas. Natural light flowing in through high windows. I'll add another image (not mine).
  2. Very nice camera Andrew. Lots of Chinese third party lens manufacturers are busy introducing Z (DX) lenses. You may want to check out the Viltrox offerings, especially the Z DX 35mm f1.4 which has both autofocus and electronics which work on a Z camera (a first for a non-Nikon). The Z fc is not for me, I'm not a fan of the classic controls as I found out during my brief period with a Df. Still it's nice to see Nikon being active. Enjoy your Z fc!
  3. I've just setup this method on my camera and Mac mini for Auto send of images shot on my Z6 using the info in this link https://www.nikonusa.com/en/learn-and-explore/a/tips-and-techniques/z-series-wireless-connectivity-options.html and the Z7 Network Guide PDF. Setup took me 3 minutes, works like a charm.
  4. About 75% of my photography is done with a 2015 Olympus E-M10II, the rest with my 2019 Nikon Z6 and 2012 Fujifilm X100. At the moment I have no need or lust for a new camera. Dallas, have you looked at the Nikon Z5? That full-frame camera in Europe is cheaper than a E-M1.3. Z5 is Euro 1.239, E-M1.3 is Euro 1.669. Also, there are rumours about a to be announced Euro 799 Canon full frame camera. Could be Canon will repeat the price breakthrough they did in 2003 with the first affordable dslr camera EOS 300D/Rebel. More info https://www.techradar.com/news/canon-rumored-to-be-launching-the-cheapest-ever-full-frame-camera
  5. That's a fake price, probably because the lens is out of stock due to high demand. The suggested retail price is $ 1.099.
  6. Mostly improved Eye AF for vlogging/video purposes I've understood. Still not tempted 😉 I've used two different camera systems on holidays, it's a nuisance.
  7. I agree Hugh, and that's why I still use M43 next to my Nikon set.
  8. Imo a Z50 makes more sense as a backup for a Z6/Z7 as the controls are similar. The control system for the Z fc is based on heritage from film cameras and in fact denies the progress made in later digital cameras. Of course, it's a great looking camera and slowing down has its charm. However, I've experienced with the Df for more casual use I didn't like that camera. In Europe a Z50 twin lens set (Z50, 16-50mm, 50-250mm) can be bought for less than Euro 1.000. Also, the Z50 would double as travel/backup camera and a 1.5x converter for longer VR lenses.
  9. Indeed a very practical focal range. I might pick one up myself. DPReview has a lot of info on this lens; https://www.dpreview.com/articles/7075941481/hands-on-with-the-olympus-m-zuiko-8-25mm-f4-pro https://www.dpreview.com/videos/5538676510/dpreview-tv-olympus-m-zuiko-8-25mm-f4-pro-review https://www.dpreview.com/samples/8442631364/olympus-m-zuiko-8-25mm-f4-pro-sample-gallery
  10. Nice colorful "shot" of Jägermeister. I've only drunk it once, didn't like it either. I've read about the dramatic covid situation in your country. I hope the situation will improve and you and your family will stay healthy.
  11. Thanks Hugh. It is an interesting building, although a bit over the top imo. The images posted were shot on three different days in a period of two months, so I had to take care the weather conditions were as similar as possible. I like challenges like that 😉
  12. This colourful gas station was on my to-shoot list for a long time waiting for the right weather and light conditions. I was lucky with the brand new red Toyota Yaris completing the colours I had in mind for this scene. As I stood on the driveway the proud owner was willing to cooperate. Olympus E-M10II + Olympus 12-40mm f2.8
  13. A series of images of the newly constructed head office of AFAS Software at Leusden/The Netherlands. Obviously there's money in selling software! The installation art in front of the building is called "You are the World" and is made by Lorenzo Quinn (a son of the famous actor Anthony Quinn). Olympus E-M10II + Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 1. 2. 3. 4.
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