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  1. Thanks all for watching, and commenting. Rotterdam is by far the city with the most and best modern architecture in Holland, in second place Amsterdam. Rotterdam
  2. And here's another example of the quality which can be squeezed out of a Z6 Jpeg.
  3. Thanks Dallas, this image was processed from a Z6 Jpeg. These kind of images (interior with high dynamic range) are one of the reasons I wanted a full frame camera to supplement my other gear. Nikon has perfected the Active D-lighting option, as I use Z6 Jpegs with minimal post processing the effect of the Active D-lighting (I use Low of Normal) is very welcome. This is the sooc Jpeg And here the before/after, you'll notice the minimal post processing
  4. The PVH Campus is the European HQ of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Strinking, modern architecture and no expenses spared by the look of it. 1. 2. 3.
  5. The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) is a 15th century church located on Dam Square, next to the Royal Palace. The Nieuwe Kerk is no longer used for church services but is used as an exhibition space. It is also used for organ recitals. The main organ in these images was completed in 1655 and consists of 5.005 pipes. 1. 2.
  6. Very nice color experiment. I like this kind of imaginative work.
  7. Looks very nice, except for the absence? of a hand shower 😉
  8. I liked that Zeiss Ikon (and the lenses!) a lot, almost bought it but decided to stay on the digital path for convenience. My Olympus E-M10II with the smaller fast primes is kind of a digital equivalent, as is the now discontinued Olympus Pen-F.
  9. Luc de Schepper

    Pub lunch.

    The salad looks tasty and healthy to me, just add a little dressing and some nuts. I'm trying to reduce my meat consumption (better for the world and me), so at work I eat vegetarian. At home mostly bio-friendly chicken or meat, expensive but more tasty. Lawrence of Arabia, great movie by director David Lean. I especially remember a minutes long shot of Omar Shariff on horseback riding to a well in the desert. I've got that movie somewhere on dvd ...
  10. Luc de Schepper

    Worn Out

    I guess most of us are familiar with the difficulty of parting with favourite clothes. Personally I don't like wearing jeans in summer, too warm to my taste. So I wear mostly chinos or shorts, in size w32”/l32”. How about transforming these jeans to shorts Dallas?
  11. Luc de Schepper


    Nice view and image, Mike! I like the composition especially the placement of the cables in the frame.
  12. Thanks Dallas. I consider myself lucky to be able to travel to interesting places. My photographic vision is dependent on inspiration. Anyway, I'm glad I travelled light with just the X100. The limitation of two focal lengths (28 and 35mm) forces me to look better, a zoom lens is very handy but tends to make me lazy.
  13. And a trip by 4x4 to the National Park Pelister. 16. 17. 18. 19. North-Macedonia is definitely worth a visit! Thanks for watching and making it to the end of this post 😀
  14. We also joined a boat trip to the monastery and church of St. Naum. 12. 13. 14. Praying 15. Fresco in the church
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