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  1. Luc, try to remember the lessons given by Mr. AvU. :-)
  2. Logistics for 23 years.
  3. Thanks guys. The conversion was done in LR4, with some dodge & burn in CS6.
  4. Nice catch, I would suggest to buy some rolls of Ilford XP2 400. These can be developed in C41. Shoot them on ISO 320 and you will have nice results.
  5. A picture that keeps intriguing me, the person did not respond at all after I shot the photo, I just pointed the cam, he turned his head and I pressed the shutter button. Taken in Stonetown, Zanzibar, November 2012. regards, Marco
  6. I'm adding some more from Zanzibar, still sorting all photo's of the short trip. On our way to Stone Town regards, Marco
  7. Congratulations Fred, those poppies really popped !
  8. I sure did Hans, but in that photo the interaction with the 2 boys was less intense. Leaving me with this one as the strongest in a serie of 4. regards, Marco
  9. Great photo Fred, beautiful light and colors!
  10. Children from Stone Town, Zanzibar, where everybody tries to make a buck out of whatever. "a Dollar Sir, please" Turned out in a great photo shoot, and the kids were able to buy another Coke.
  11. I found one, used, but as new, in the original box. Paid €45 / $58 You were right, it's great. :good:
  12. I wanted to downsize from my D3s, due to serious back problems (spent 1K on my chiropractor last year) I can no longer walk all day with a heavy Billingham, but missed an updated D700 in the line, D800 too many MP's, D600 too much a D7000. So sold the D3s and all glass and now a happy shooter with a 5D Mark III. Building up my lenses again, lightweight 24-105, 135mm f/2, 40mm pancake. The 16-35 and some other primes will follow later. Trust me, I keep reading here and will post some pics now and then, either from the 5D3, the X100 or the Voigtlander Bessa R3A. regards, Marco
  13. Nescio bridge

    Near my home, the Nescio bridge for pedestrians and cyclists

    © Marco Handgraaf

  14. Great shots Chris ! And a great camera too.
  15. Thanks guys, it works, but has its flaws, you need to stop down until f/8 at least to get corners acceptable. But it's nice to have it in the bag and play with it when you like.