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  1. Thanks! Nope, this was taken by using an ordinary Manfrotto non-pano head. Was shooting with a plain Nikkor 50mm f/1.7, hence its so sharp. Shot it 4 rows and 40 shots each.
  2. Palace of Arts at Budapest by night. This is a pano image stitched to TIFF, so I had to compress it to hell to be able to upload here, so sorry about the artifacts this may cause by viewing. This post was inspired by Dallas's email of " Let's Break Facebook ". 😉
  3. One more, from this summer. D300, Sigma 15-30 f/3.5 @ f/16, 10 secs.
  4. Balaton(ality) sunset Lake Balaton, Si
  5. b0mb

    Sequoia NP, Twin Lakes

    Nice composition SethL! Personally, i would add bit more contrast, seems a bit bright for me. But overall, its nice. For first view, i thought it's an IR photo.
  6. b0mb

    Cape Cod

    I can't see such a thing. Is it my browser or is there any other thing I should know about viewing these pics ?
  7. b0mb

    Gloomy Sunday BW

    Probably. I'm still trying to learn to achieve better language knowledge. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks. Now I got what you mentioned (dodge tool). I was thinking to mask the dark bottom side to brighten, but then just leaved it that way.
  8. b0mb

    Gloomy Sunday BW

    Thanks for your comment. Maybe it's just my poor English skills , but what (and how) would you dodge in the bottom ?
  9. b0mb

    Gloomy Sunday BW

    Thanks for watching. Maybe it's just my monitor (calibrated), but i can see tonal differences in the shadows, of course in bigger size. Now I've just tried, to load a general setting, and its dark . You're right, thanks again.
  10. b0mb

    A riverside walk

    Nice pictures Tom. The first three are too bright for my taste, the 4th is really sweet. You really got me there, walking alone the riverside.. Well done!
  11. b0mb

    Gloomy Sunday BW

    This shot was taken at last winter at Szentendre (Hungary), hope you'll like it. D300, Sigma 15-30 @15mm f/11 1/640s, ISO 400.
  12. b0mb

    delray beach 9.20.09

    Nice, nice and once again nice! Could you just try it next time without colours ?
  13. Yeah, i agree with you about this, thats why i put my words about dynamism between brackets. But for example what would be the motion/dynamic element in a shot about a trees in a forest (if we are talking about landscape) ?
  14. Wonderful shot. Have you tried to shoot the same with longer shutter speed (to smooth out the water, maybe that would just steal the dynamism from this pic) ?
  15. b0mb

    delray beach 9.20.09

    You have got nice sense for composition, especially with a fish-eye, also the color tones are okay for me! Btw. i think that these pics would kick-ass even more in B/W.
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