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  1. I came across an article a few days ago describing a similar technique (see here). He recommends using an Artograph Lightpad which he claims has a daylight colour balance. He describes techniques for colour negatives, colour reversal and b&w films and his images look pretty good to my eyes. Note that the Artograph Lightpads a more expensive; the 6x9 version is about $130 locally. Peter
  2. There are alternatives available for PDF files too. There are several free or low-cost PDF readers available (e.g., Foxit) and many office suites (e.g., LibreOffice) can create PDF documents.
  3. My first medium format camera, in the early-mid 1970s, was a Bronica S2a. I sold it after a couple of years but have since had a couple of others, and including several lenses and the bellows (with swings and tilts). I adapted a view camera lens to work with the bellows. A great system, and I still have a S2a with the 75mm and 200mm Nikkors. In the early '90s I got into the SQ series and used various bodies and lenses for almost 15 years. I only had problems once, with a SQAm that refused to advance the film, and that was corrected quickly with a trip to the service centre.
  4. It seems to load faster for me. Well done.
  5. Affinity Photo will do panoramas, at least the Windows version will. Look under the File menu and you should see "New Panorama...". It also does HDR and focus stacking (it calls it Focus Merge). One of the things that I like is that it will do these techniques with RAW files (Olympus .orf in my case) while most other apps require tifs or jpgs. Peter
  6. The PL 100-400 is a m43 lens so it mounts on any m43 body without an adapter. On my EM1.2 body AF is as fast and as accurate as any other lens that I have, including a couple of Olympus Pro lenses.
  7. Hi Ann, In fact, they overwinter as adults. In 'The Butterflies of Canada' the authors state that there are two broods per season, with the second emerging in August, flying until late October, overwintering and then flying again in early spring, until May. In the Ottawa area, where I am (and a bit north of you in NY state), they have been seen from late March to early November. Peter
  8. The caterpillars in the first photo look like Mourning Cloaks (see here and here). Peter
  9. Ann, The video was shot in Dutch Harbor, Amaknak Island, Alaska. Amaknak Island is part of the Aleutian chain.
  10. Access is good for me this morning. It seems to be even faster than when I last responded, on Saturday.
  11. The site is loading fine for me, and a bit faster than it used to, although still slower than most other sites. Using Windows 10 and the latest version of Firefox and with automatic Windows updates, I have not seen the problems that Alan described.
  12. It is faster here too. For the first time, I saw a 500 error when going back from page 2 to page 1 of a forum post. Reloading the page quickly solved the problem.
  13. I am able to access the site but access is slow, as is loading the various forum topics and individual posts. It has been slow for many weeks (months?).
  14. Assuming you want the lighting to come entirely from the flash(es), proper exposure will be determined by the output of the flash(es) and the f stop setting. Set the shutter speed high enough so that ambient light does not influence the exposure. If you need a particular DOF, set the appropriate f stop and then vary the output of the flash(es) and/or move them closer to or further away from the subject. If you want to show some of the ambient light in the photo, change the shutter speed to get the effect that you want. An incident flash meter can be a big help, at least until you get used to the system.
  15. I view the site either on a 14" Sony laptop or a desktop with a 24" monitor. I have only used my cell phone (Android) a couple of times when the site's host has blocked my ISP's IP address (the cell network's IP address has not been blocked). I only used the phone to check that the site was up and running. I prefer the 24" view.