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  1. There are alternatives available for PDF files too. There are several free or low-cost PDF readers available (e.g., Foxit) and many office suites (e.g., LibreOffice) can create PDF documents.
  2. My first medium format camera, in the early-mid 1970s, was a Bronica S2a. I sold it after a couple of years but have since had a couple of others, and including several lenses and the bellows (with swings and tilts). I adapted a view camera lens to work with the bellows. A great system, and I still have a S2a with the 75mm and 200mm Nikkors. In the early '90s I got into the SQ series and used various bodies and lenses for almost 15 years. I only had problems once, with a SQAm that refused to advance the film, and that was corrected quickly with a trip to the service centre.
  3. It seems to load faster for me. Well done.