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  1. abtoran

    Welcome To The All New Nikongear.com!

    Looking good Dallas. :thumbsup:
  2. abtoran

    I hereby nominate...

    I agree with Nuteshack.
  3. abtoran

    Show your desktop pictures

    My current desktop picture. Stephen
  4. abtoran

    Hopper - From Florida

    Hi, Hopper nice to meet you, I'm also new. Stephen.
  5. abtoran

    Hi from a new member!

    Hello from another new member. Stephen.
  6. abtoran

    New member from Oslo, Norway

    Hi, Morten from another recent newbie. Stephen.
  7. abtoran

    What I do a lot of

    Thanks for explaining that for me Fred, much appreciated. It sounds like a very clever technique for getting increased DOF. Regards Stephen.
  8. abtoran

    What I do a lot of

    Great shot Fred, could you please explain the term ( 8 focus layers ). I'm not familiar with this procedure. Does CS3 have it. Thanks Stephen.
  9. abtoran

    New member from Aus

    Hi, A few lines to introduce myself. The names Stephen and I'm a keen amateur from tropical north Queensland. Not that experienced but hoping to learn a lot from the very knowledgeable people on this site. Regards Stephen.

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