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  1. You certainly captured a most eye-catching and dramatic shot of the Ventura. Unfortunately these cruise ships are now colossal and carry a population the size of that of a small city so when they disgorge all those passengers at once in a small port, it certainly puts some strain on the local population. My only experience of a long sea voyage was on this previously luxurious Cunarder. Before WWII, the RMS Samaria had been a star in Cunard's cruse-ship line but in July 1945 she was still fitted out as a Troop Carrier (as she was still on loan to the Royal Navy) so a first-class cabin now contained 3 stacks of double banked Bunks and we had no choice but to find ourselves sharing a very small cabin with complete strangers. There was no swimming pool but the crew did their very best to provide entertainment including throwing a Childrens Party when we were all given a balloon (they were grey Weather Balloons but that didn't matter). Otherwise the long trip was interspersed with frequent Lifeboat Drills because the War was not completely over so there was still the very real danger of both mines or even torpedoes. During the first of these Drills, one little girl was heard to remark brightly: "Last time we did this, the ship went down" which was very encouraging! (She was one of the only 13 children who had survived the sinking of the SS City of Benares.) One big disappointment was rushing on deck in the rain early one morning (while wearing only my pyjamas!) because I had over-heard someone say that "You can see Whales this morning". Unfortunately there was not a single Whale to be seen but only the misty smudge of Wales on the distant horizon.
  2. BMW

    Hugh: You have an astonishing memory because I originally posted this PDF back in 2010! Reflex Viewfinder.pdf (Click the Link to download the PDF to your computer.) While my reflex Viewfinder works well on the D3 series, I unfortunately cannot make an upgrade for my D5 because neither Delkin nor Flipbak make their devices big enough to fit the larger LCD on the back of the D5.
  3. BMW

    Your earlier experience is showing!
  4. My American-language skills may not yet be sufficiently well tuned but I was trying to find a single word to encapsulate "self-satisfied, charmless, unfunny and absolutely infuriating". To which I would add: "frequently misinformed technically".
  5. I love the tight "Stacking" effect of the houses but I would suggest that you move the pigeon a few pigeon-paces to the right?
  6. An image of considerable "Depth"! Brilliantly observed and photographed.
  7. While Varioptic can apparently achieve a low-rez monochrome image from a zero-DOF barcode or a some water drops on a flat surface; I suspect that they are years away from being able to manufacture a soft, high-resolution, soft, varifocal, zoomable, wide-aperture, colour-corrected, aberration-free optical lens? Such technology probably awaits the invention of an infinitely flexible, optically flawless silicone-type of material which behaves like a human eye and which can be continuously morphed, at blinking-speed by minute electric motors. I suspect that the price will far exceed the prices of the finest multiple-element glass lenses!
  8. I actually HATE my iPhone! I give almost no-one my mobile number and mostly keep it turned off — except when I want to make an out-going call from it. I have no interest in using its inbuilt-camera and I loathe texting from it too! It's only other use is to drive my CamRanger if I don't have either my laptop or my iPad available to do that. I don't see any value in doing "computational" photography in the camera. I prefer to use only big powerful cameras which shoot 14-bit RAW (even for social activities, casual shooting or personal travel!) and do all processing in software that was built to do exactly that. Colour me "Anti-social" but I simply do not get involved in FB or Instagram — and I don't find it necessary to share unedited "snapshots" of my lunch with anyone over the Internet!
  9. Cameras manage to get one into all sorts of scrapes and adventures — at least I blame the camera: it's never my fault . . .
  10. Airports are wonderful places for night photography — although I did end-up in the Security Police Station the last time that I attempted it at an International Airport. It was a bit alarming to come round a corner in the dark to find an armed policeman facing me and inviting me to accompany him to the Police Station. Actually, they were perfectly charming when I explained what I was trying to do and took me up to their roof-deck so that I could get clear, unencumbered views of both all runway activity and of the Control Tower — exactly the shots that I needed for my project.
  11. Remember that you can also use the Radial Filter's own Brushes to remove or extend the affects from within the filtered area. That makes it possible to edit the effects to fit particular shapes fairly accurately.
  12. Hmmm . . . I would love to see another version of processing because my first reaction to these shots was that that plane needed to go through the airport equivalent of the Car-wash!
  13. Created with deep emotions I believe?
  14. Perfect! I sincerely hope that this really happened.