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  1. JTh

    The Olympus E-M10

    I got this one a few weeks ago, and I am very pleased with it so far. I use it together with a Nikon D800; it is certainly a lot easier to carry around and I see that it seems to scare people away less than the D800, so it is handy when taking photos in the streets. I have a few good old lenses from the seventies, when I used the Olympus OM 2, and they behave very well, although I haven't had much time to use them a lot yet.
  2. JTh

    Three plants

    I guess your comments were for slm, and not to me, and I mixed you up with him, I realized that after I sent my reply. But I ment what I said about the wind. Jorun
  3. JTh

    Three plants

    Hello Juan, I am not quite sure which photo you are referring to, I have only posted photos twice, and none of them are taken at such high speeds or those apertures. If you mean the ones in the first post (Some flowers from Greece), the first one , aDactylorhiza maculata, was actually from Norway. I forgot to bring the tripod, and the orchids were in a very wet swamp, so I did not feel like lying down flat on my stomach, as I normally do to steady myself. But it was taken at f/11, and 1/250 s. The two other ones from Greece were also handheld (4.5 - 1/80, it was in a dark forest, and 6.3- 1/160). The only macro lens I have is a 60 mm Micro Nikkor 2.8 D, I haven't felt the need for another one so far. The ones in the second post was from my garden, at f/14 and f/11 Where did you find the ladyslippers? I wonder why it is always blowing when I am trying to take photos of flowers. Jorun
  4. JTh

    Iris and Hemerocallis

    Thank you, Charlie, for your very clear instructions, it worked! I guess I was just lucky with the fly photo, a 60 mm lens is probably not ideal for insect photos. Jorun
  5. JTh

    Iris and Hemerocallis

    Technically, August is still considered to be summer, but when school starts (these days), the weather usually becomes more autumn like, even here in Oslo, which is in the southern part. I hope we don't see any snow for at least a couple of months, but I'm sure we'll some frost before then. I discovered I posted the wrong version of photo number 2, the colours were not right, does anybody know if it is possible to exchange it with the one I should have posted? This happens when you stay up to late! Jorun
  6. JTh

    Iris and Hemerocallis

    Sad, but summer is almost over in Norway, only 8 0C this morning. Most of the flowers in the garden have been eaten by the slugs and the snails, they have had en excellent summer this year. Here are a couple of shots showing that there is still some life here, the Iris was taken some weeks ago, the Hemerocallis yesterday. I wasn't the only one having a close look at the lily, a small wasp-like fly seemed to enjoy it as well. Jorun
  7. JTh

    Three plants

    Ladyslippers are very difficult to photograph, but I believe you did a good job, I liked both that and the Briza media. The ladyslipper was a bit dark on my screen as well. Jorun
  8. JTh

    Some flowers from Greece

    Yes, I have been to many of the cycladic islands, including Tinos, but only in the summer, and that's not the prime time for plant hunters. But spring is nice wherever you go in Greece, take a look at the photo from the roadside in Halkidiki. It is a very old photo, taken with the Coolpix 950, the same for the one with the grape hyacinth, from the Holomonda mountains in Halkidiki. What species were the blue flowers in your photo, Yunfat? The colour looks like Gentiana spp., but I don't think you'll find them in the Mediterranean. Or are they Salvia viridis? I have about 1 m with books on Greek and Mediterranean wild flowers, including the one you mention, I believe; it's in Greece at the moment, so I can't check. Jorun
  9. JTh

    Some flowers from Greece

    I was a bit scared, since it was my first try, but it wasn't so bad, after all. Thank you for your comments, I'll see if I can find some more flowers from Greece, I'm going there in mid-September. I have plenty of "nice" photos of "nice" plants, but I don't feel that's sufficient to present them in a forum like this, they are for my own documentation and I use them for some garden society talks and articles. But I'm still learning, specially from forums like this one. Jorun
  10. JTh

    Some flowers from Greece

    Thank you, all of you, for the warm welcome. I must confess it is the first time I have ever posted anything tgo any site. So far, I have just been a passive consumer of information, but I feel a bit guilty about not having contributed anything. My photos are not only from this northern part of the world, I spend around 10 weeks a year in northern Greece, where we have a house; when I am there, I have more time for photography. I must also confess that I am a bit nervous about posting photos, but I'll take a chance and post a few. I am quite interested in wild orchids, there are actually a few here in Norway as well, but not as many as in Greece. The first one was taken some weeks ago in a forest here in Oslo, of a Dactylorhiza fuchsii. I thought the cropped version looked much more interesting than the whole flower, although it was nice enough, and when I had a closer look, I saw this little white spider (right side). The two other photos are from Greece (Zagoria), the ochre coloured one a Neottia nidus avis, which is a strange, saprophytic orchid with no leaves ( I didn't see the ant before I came home much later), and the last one of a small Fritillaria graeca ssp. thessalica. All the photos were taken handheld, I usually use my body instead as best as I can, spreading out flat on the ground. Jorun
  11. I am another new member from Norway, we seem to be well represented here, I wonder why? I joined Nikongear three months ago, but have not had time to present myself before now. I am a woman, probably older than most of you. I have been photographing since I was 8, when I bought a box camera for the first money I earned (weeding), that was in 1950. I have acquired and used a lot of cameras since then, got an Olympus OM 2 in 1976, the first digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix 950) in 1999, and have now been the lucky owner of a D700 for half a year. I am still trying to learn how to get the most out of it, I

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