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    Lizard Rocks

    Another attempt at landscape photography, any comments are welcomed.
  2. To Chris and Mike, Thank you for your helpful comments as I now have a far better image than the one I originally posted.
  3. Third time lucky? I've changed the aspect ratio to 16:9 as well as losing the vapour trail.
  4. Thanks Mike, you are quite right that will improve it quite a bit.
  5. Hi Dallas, I posted the wrong image and it's taken me a little while to find the correct one, I must organise my photo filing system. I've modified the colours in this one as well.
  6. Taken at Weymouth in August last year. I'm an inexperienced landscape photographer and I would like to know what others, who are more experienced, think of this. An unmodified, except for the removal of half a dozen navigation buoys, sooc jpeg taken with my then new X-H1, and the 16-55 f2.8 zoom.
  7. Dallas, I got here via your email to me which reminded me how long it has been since I visited Fotozones and triggered this response. I agree with a number of the other postings that things have changed for me because I now have a set of equipment, Fuji X-H1 for general use, X-T1 for portraits and four Fuji lenses with which I am perfectly content, apart from a wide angle zoom (10-24) which I am hoping to be able to fund later this year. Therefore I no longer look for equipment articles. As regards posting to the site, this fell off for personal reasons, which are no longer relevant, and I am hoping that I can now spend far more of my time taking photographs than I have been able to during the last year. I hope that your present troubles regarding lack of response are temporary and that by asking the question that you have regarding this will result in a greatly improved situation.
  8. Hi Wildoat, Your third photo is of a type of tractor called a Field Marshall. If you look them up on Wikipedia I think you will find the starting system, and the reason for the large flywheel, interesting.
  9. Mebyon K


    Since they are 40 ft containers and there are 10 of them she's a just over 400 ft longship
  10. I am the proud owner of the Nikon Eos 3 version, given to me by one of my sons as a fun Christmas present a couple of years ago.
  11. Mebyon K


    As a survivor, so far, of cancer. I had a kidney removed due to a tumour in 2006, my thoughts are with all those of you who have not been so lucky and have lost a loved one to this terrible disease.
  12. When England play Wales I don't mind who wins. If it's England, although the native Cornish such as myself, are not English, we accept that Cornwall is part of England. If Wales win then our fellow Celts have triumphed.
  13. Mebyon K

    AFS 80-400

    Hi Bjorn, So pleased that you have got one so quickly. I have waited for this lens ever since I bought my D700 and I have always found your reviews to be the best. From the other posts I gather that your health is not good at the moment, I hope that you have a speedy recovery from whatever ails you.
  14. Mebyon K

    And so it begins...

    Apologies for attaching it twice. I thought I would see it in the preview.
  15. Mebyon K

    And so it begins...

    Hi Bart, Liked the joke, given some of the names ships have been saddled with over the years your suggestions are quite feasible, A couple of years ago a Hong Kong based tanker company which names all their ships Titan + name of a planet, actually named a ship Titan Uranus, it was rapidly renamed after a short period of time. The other thing is that container ships are in fact draught limited because of some of the ports they use. Generally the absolute minimum of bottom clearance that the pilots will accept is 2 to 3 metres, and some European ports are only dredged to 18 to 20 metres at chart datum, I also seem to remember that some of the US East coast ports have the same problem. I went down to Southampton on the morning she arrived and took some photos of her. I've put a low res one in my album but can't seem to attach it to this post.
  16. Mebyon K


    Ships I have seen
  17. Mebyon K


    Me too, this is the best one you have ever posted Mike.
  18. Dave, I don't normally look at the landscape section, found these via the opening screen, after seeing these I will change my habits and make sure that I do. They are all far better than I could do, but No 4 with the interplay of light and dark tones is one of the best landscape photographs I have ever seen.
  19. Congratulations to you both. Photo 5 suggests that Eleanor has a fine pair of lungs ;-)
  20. Having got the two lenses I have wanted for quite a while, 105 DC and 75-150 AIS, earlier this year, the only thing that will trigger an attack of GAS will be Nikon at last producing an 80-400 replacement which is optically & mechanically built up to a standard and not down to a price.
  21. The examiner and the student should have got 0% for question 1. Napoleon didn't die in battle, he died in exile on St Helena. :dontknow:
  22. By coincidence I bought a DK-17M for my D700 a week ago and I am almost certain that you didn't get one in the box you bought. As others have said it is physically thicker, clearly marked as a DK-17M and has a visible enlargement effect.
  23. One of your best Mike. I'll smile every time I think of it. Chris
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