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  1. Very nice !! Is that the Ferrari again in #1 ? Eagerly awaiting Z7, FTZ & 24-70 2.8 S .. purely for testing purposes, you understand ... I really want to look at focussing with the 1.4 primes and the Sig 120-300 2.8 sport .. .. let alone the ones I have micro adjusted ! cheers, Maurice
  2. Old snap M Cars .. 1988 High-Line M635CSI & 1998 Z3M Roadster .. enamoured of the M6 I thought the Z3M must be good ! Turns out BMW can only do the 328 & the 507 besides the M3 & M6, although the Z8 came close !
  3. And here's a Le Mans liveried '98 GT1 at Castle Hedingham .. Not very yellow, I'm afraid !
  4. Luxembourg 993 RS clone to look out for .. RS Clubsport adjustable wing spoiler / wing structure, separate black grille on steel engine lid .. 😎.. some to quite a bit of downforce ! And my more subtle Turbo S (Carrera S Aerokit) engine lid (one piece lid, separate self coloured grille) .. some downforce ! Silverstone Classic 2017 ..
  5. Hi Mike The guy that bought my M6 was 90 !! yes 90 !!, still flying light planes, had several 635s, but when he test drove the M6 he dropped it into 4th about 25 mph .. ;( .. I was gentle with him but I'd love to know if he is still kicking .. lived on the Irish coast about half way across. Have to dig out a pic of my black beauty .. there are 2 cars I regret selling, the M6 in 2002 and my severely modified Healey 100/6 when I left Oz for GB in 1974 .. Within a week of arrival, I took a train to Caterham (Surrey) and bought a Super Seven Big Valve Twin Cam - 126 BHP in a few cwt on Goodyear G800s or equivalent .. Mk 1 Escorts could drive round me on wet roundabouts in Croydon ! Fun tho' ! Went back to Oz in 1990 with a Fieldbay Magnum Cobra Replica - space frame, fully independent unequal length wishbones etc. Left again in '96 after selling that and a lovely ex-racehorse, drove in borrowed car to Damon Hill BMW Dealership and bought the '88 Highline M635CSI .. a friend had the London Motor Show M6 and I loved it !
  6. Here's a NOT mellow yellow Merc in a shop window in Berlin .. Whether it made it into production I don't know ..
  7. CarreraS

    Air Show

    Interesting they do night stuff .. You nailed that one ! Sad about the swimmers last week ..
  8. Its the Royal International Air Tattoo .. they have several aerobatic teams there from as many countries .. and they will demo pretty much anything ! I've never even been to a full on air show before, I did slow down the shutter for the Lancaster (sorry, no aviation expert and I'm post-war !) but not enough .. just setting myself a bit of a challenge ! cheers, Maurice
  9. Typhoon ... whoooosh ! The aerobatics were incredible.. IIRC its inherently unstable .. 😨
  10. Not sure of this one, but must be the same Squadron as the original Dambusters ..
  11. Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Lancaster Bomber.. apologies for utter ignorance !
  12. Slightly less colourful approach - somehow less patriotic !
  13. Just a few .. Red Arrows .. Going up !
  14. Macallan do some arty sponsorship here, I'm not sure they would be too pleased with that setup ! It's a pleasant malt, fairly gentle on the palate as I recall. I rarely drink malt, and then it might well be Irish ! As in Bushmills 10 YO... 😋 In fact, what with this bl00dy fracture, I'm out of Calvados, Armagnac & Cognac .. 😪 .. and the wine stocks are sinking fast ! cheers, Maurice
  15. CarreraS

    Brecon Jazz

    Thank you, Luc .. I don't do it too often .. 😎
  16. OK, stirrups back on, let's go !! Absolutely amazing recovery .. she had a not too distantly Royal child a few months later ! Her Mother would be proud ! For anyone wondering, there's the big double on the way into Huntsmam's Close, then a 140ish degree arc left of about 50 yards gallop into parallel brush fences, then the log at an angle on an awkward stride relationship .. but they switch course direction every year and change things regularly ! That's a BBC boom camera behind, they obviously didn't get it, I foolishly let Alamy have exclusive on the shots, and they blew it .. Hey ho, cheers, Maurice
  17. Hey, wait a minute, I'm not in the dirt yet .. !
  18. Oh no ! This is going to hurt ..
  19. This perch is a little precarious ... !
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