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  1. Luc, I am amazed at the depth of detail you get out of your shots .. I mean, look at #2, the struts etc on the ceiling are bang on ! Its not just f64, is it ? (Don't think me stupid, that's a refernce to Ansel Adams' group .. ) A few years ago I thought I should start an f1.4 group in a counter-revolutionary context ! cheers, Maurice
  2. Very nice ! And likely to stay nice in SA weather, one hopes ! cheers, Maurice
  3. Cable car halfway down .. It's a big place ! cheers, Maurice
  4. Same day using D100 and the fantastic 1MB IBM Microdrive .. can you believe it !! Looking down the cables from the top !!
  5. IIRC it would have been Fuji Sensia (?) slide film .. Thanks ! Cheers, Maurice
  6. Rather a tablecloth day .. I remember the cable car ! After about 25 yards it begins to rotate .. no warning !!
  7. CarreraS

    OS Catalina

    I thought Catalinas were flying boats ! .. 😎
  8. By way of contrast, Hyena cub basking on a rock near the den while everyone is away hunting !
  9. Yes, yes, another leopard shot !
  10. Gorgeous, eh ? And a very big belly !
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