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  1. David Hurn is a very interesting chap, founded the Photography course at University of Wales Newport, graduation from there is almost a prerequisite for a career in photojournalism in the UK. During his career he swapped prints with all his illustrious fellow photographers, amassing a huge collection which he has donated to the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Earlier this year there was a big exhibition of these (David Hurn - Swaps), I spent several happy hours there .. not only were many of the prints absolutely outstanding, there was a story with almost every one which really added interest available on headphones. Although it had good space, they still had to resort to 3 layers on the walls , like Stieglitz's Gallery 191 ! Many of his images here .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on Jane Fonda as Barbarella here .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/object/52f8f129-4645-3eae-9086-37cd0e82e7a9/Jane-Fonda-in-Barbarella-costume-Rome-Italy/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on&page=5&index=50 Joan Baez at the Isle of Wight festival .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/object/6c235d72-b5a6-3083-bfe1-8828c394396f/Isle-of-Wight-Festival-Joan-Baez/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on&page=34&index=397 Crowd shot IoW .. https://museum.wales/collections/online/object/a4f8a4c7-e146-3ca4-8850-1cabb04ffc0b/Isle-of-Wight-Festival-Five-assorted-buttocks-in-a-row-a-girl-wearing-nothing-but-roman-sandals-stands-in-the-middle/?field0=string&value0=david hurn&field1=with_images&value1=on&page=38&index=453 Not sure who did the titles ! Recent BBC programme .. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0993mqr - the truth about Bond's gun ! Lensculture interview .. https://www.lensculture.com/articles/david-hurn-the-picture-that-changed-my-life-interview-with-david-hurn DH page on Magnum site .. https://www.magnumphotos.com/photographer/david-hurn/ 'David Hurn - A Life in Pictures' was a terrific programme but my links are dead ;( .. perhaps it will reappear on iPlayer. I hope this extra is of interest .. cheers, Maurice
  2. Great to see Jesse the Great Mime Artist in full flow ! Can you help me identify this bird ? I think it might be the Greater Botswana Brilliant Bee-Eater ..
  3. Well, I have to confess I did not relate Alan = Full Shilling ! My sincere thanks to Bjorn for sharing his enormous knowledge and experience, and to Damien and Linda for their collective efforts to pull this together. I know only too well from other spheres of activity just how difficult it is to herd cats .. Great to spend time with all of you ! cheers, Maurice
  4. Sorry I noticed your t/s version of the lens, Bjorn .. I hope the surgery goes OK .. ! cheers, and thanks for a great workshop !! .. Maurice
  5. CarreraS

    A leap of faith!

    Looking at the pathetic, miserable BBC coverage, several horses smacked head on into the fence, presumably distracted by the open ditch. Too many to be ignored. Capitano Mark Phillips needs to redesign this one at least, as much as I am in favour of a tough cross-country phase. See you all at Badminton ! cheers, Maurice
  6. Duracell UDMA CF cards work fine in my D3, the D4 and D800 both reject them on insertion. Raised it with NPS, no sympathy, quote 'use approved cards' .. ;((
  7. My D800E and 24 1.4 are both back with NPS .. for separate issues which first came to light when combined. The D800E was focussing behind the target, tested across all sensors, and a range of lenses (24-70, 24 1.4, 50 1.4) Returned 'calibrated', now front focussing vs live view. 24 1.4 is focussing poorly on other bodies too, inc D4 which seems fine across that range of lenses. Returned as 'no fault found', so returned with sample images. How come a 50 1.4 @ £300 can comprehensively out-perform the £1600 24 1.4 on focus ? I also see Simon Stafford rates the 85 1.8 as better than the 85 1.4 @ 1/3 the money ! I just hope the stuff is fixed for Bjorn's workshop !
  8. Premier Inn gets better reviews ..
  9. Just posted on the other 300 2.8 AFS non Ver 1 subject .. minor oops but hey .. This is a great lens wide open for action, pretty good with birds + TC-20 III, not yet tested with D4 but .. cheers, Maurice
  10. Beautiful bokeh, delightful DoF, pin sharp & fast AF-s on VRII version.. could they build a zoom near this quality ? Or is my dream lens the newly revitalized 200-400 f4 VRII .. now that more forgiving AF is on the D4 etc ..
  11. 8) Subject just leaps off the photo at you ! Brilliant ..
  12. 8) I struggled with this in December, thinking the pound was sinking against the yen. Gritted teeth and went for it - now seeling @
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