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  1. Nah, didn't get that far, it blew on turn-on .. not too unusual, as there are massive capacitors in the power supply, and the inrush current on turn-on dims the lights ! Even with 'soft-start' bridge rectifiers .. 😲
  2. I've been using the Samsung T5 external SSD USB-C drive on two safaris now, and its been (very) fast and reliable. Touch wood, I have a Samsung Evo internal running W10 in this (my email / web) machine, and a Liteonic 250, samsung 750 Evo and 1 TB Evo in my processing machine (Dell Precision 7610 Xeon, 64GB RAM, blah, blah .. ) So far not a single failure, but I've never had a reall HDD failure either even in two NAS .. must be my mechanical / electronic empathy ! Have to say they are given a life expectancy in # of writes IIRC, but so are HDD in # of seeks IIRC ! I did have a fuse blow on my mid range Borbely Millenium class A amplifier tonight, not to mention 3 Hypex SMPS600N400 failures in the last 3 months, so life's not all rosy .. 😎 cheers, Maurice
  3. How are you on paranoia .. ? ..😎
  4. I'm no E Type expert, but I think we have 2 V12s and a 4.2 .. any purist wants a 'flat floor' 3.8 despite the narrow track back end and the Moss (IIRC) gearbox .. ! And you'd need more spare cars .. Just saying .. 😎 cheers, Maurice
  5. Here's the antidote courtesy of Private Eye .. 😲
  6. Very cool, Luc .. would make a good voodoo doll ! Maybe I can commission one of Boris (and Donald, and ScoMo ... ) cheers, Maurice
  7. When can I move in ... 😲.. that is just beautiful ! cheers, Maurice
  8. Grays made me pretty angry when buying my Z7, FTZ & 24-70 2.8 S .. they were running a similar promotion in August which was time limited, and I succumbed in the last hours of the deal (fearing imminent price rises from collapsing pound etc etc). Guess what happened .. price remained exactly the same ! And there had been a little 'misinformation' to boot .. Complaint .. ## For the attention of Gray Levett I am left with something of a bad taste in my mouth after purchasing the Z7, FTZ adapter & 24-70 2.8 S lens at the ‘special offer until August 15th’ prices. 1 My order has not been acknowledged 2 Payment has been taken without advice of shipment 3 The Z7 is still advertised at the same price On top of waiting (as a Nikon Pro & Gold Owners club member) over 6 months for a 500 PF, only to be told that I could have had it earlier if I had (pre)paid for it, does not sit well with Grays reputation for service. ## It seems Gray doesn't have much to do with things any more, as I had a snotty reply from the recently appointed manager, claiming they only had one at that price. But it was still at that price weeks later ! The current prices are substantially cheaper than my 'deal', so it might be a good time to buy. And I still haven't been offered a 500 PF !! But I did get a 64GB 400Mbps Sony XQD .. 😎 The Z7 focus peaking is great with tilt/shift 85 PC/E, and once I got it re-chipped the AF on my Sig 180 2.8 was just amazing for hand held macro ! cheers, Maurice
  9. I'm busy building my ARK ! 😓 Merry Christmas everyone !
  10. Beautiful stuff, Chris, I truly envy you the cheetah up close ! I got some faraway shots of one in 2004, nothing since .. 😪 May I ask where you were ? Edit .. Got it ! cheers, Maurice
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