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  1. Very reluctant and precarious cheetah up a tree ...
  2. Here's a fluffy one .. Happy Christmas! cheers, Maurice
  3. This was from the encounter 31st May AM, mother and 2 youngsters ..
  4. Just a spotty cat .. cheers, Maurice
  5. If you enjoyed this, I can recommend a visit to the International Centre for Birds of Prey near Newent (not too far from Gloucester / Newport) - the flying demos are really good (from peregrines to vultures), and the experiences are excellent if you really want to try your hand (!) at falconry. Last time I was there (1/2 day owl experience) they were training a young condor ! I also did a full day falconry experience which was terrific ! https://www.icbp.org/ Great photos BTW ! cheers, Maurice
  6. More top stuff, Aguinaldo ! Especially no 9 for me too .. cheers, Maurice
  7. You didn't use a smiley, so I have to assume you're serious 🙃 If you look on google maps, Builth is a good way from me into Wales .. I am the other side of Hay on Wye .. 😲 https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Builth+Wells/@52.149596,-3.4991397,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x486fc415bd5dd3f9:0x41ded9e4c6fc6007!8m2!3d52.150023!4d-3.404592 I did a road trip up as far as Betwys y Coed to get some cheap track tyres .. 👍 .. took a camera to keep me amused !
  8. Lovely softness to that pic, Alan. I've got some of that paper somewhere, maybe I'll cut some to 35mm size and try it in my F5 Now if you had cranked that capture down to f64, you could have joined the Ansel Adams club .. ! cheers, Maurice
  9. and one from the classier end of Builth .. the Solitaire Launderette .. (sic !)
  10. And for anyone who doubts it is really an Antique Shop ..
  11. It would certainly help if you mislaid your card reader while on safari .. 🤢 Certainly easy to set up, and infinitely cheaper than the various WT options !! cheers, Maurice
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