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  1. Dallas, I think (even) you would have trouble getting that safari sold out ! .. 😎 cheers, Maurice
  2. I heard of a Durham University student (ranked 133rd in the world) telling his parents he was quite safe from Covid 19 because - 'It will only come to Durham if it can't get into Oxford or Cambridge !' The Medical correspondent of Private Eye has reported that pharmacies are running out of Paracetamol first, then Viagra, and recommends 'The Wheelbarrow' as the Approved Position in a Pandemic .. 🙃 cheers, Maurice
  3. Oh, that's just fabulous, Aguinaldo ! 👍
  4. CarreraS

    Some Snowy Owls

    You can see the ba$tard here - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-46828326 I was told some eggs had hatched in transit ! It appears to have been a long established family business .. 🤢 cheers, Maurice
  5. CarreraS

    Some Snowy Owls

    Beautiful work, Chris ! Here's one I actually flew on a very special day at the International Centre for Birds of Prey .. Yes, that's good old British rain .. was fantastic to have a raptor like this on your wrist inches from your face ! This was an Owl Day, I've done a Falcon Day also. There was a Condor there they had raised and were training, but not widely available ! They have done a lot of international work with Vultures, and ended up recovering what could be recovered after a Customs seizure of an egg smuggler en route to a Middle Eastern state via Heathrow .. cheers, Maurice
  6. CarreraS

    Corona Virus

    Stop with all the loo paper pics - there is none, nowhere, nohow in Hereford .. somebody must be sh1tt1ng themselves full time .. 🤢.. or maybe it is herd mentality .. 😎 Thanks for the analysis link, Vivion .. on BBC Newsnight last night two Professors were seriously discussing data modelling showing UK on course for 250,000 fatalities, US 1M. I'll go and have a few games of badminton tonight, before I confine myself to dog-walking for a month or three. 😁 cheers, Maurice
  7. CarreraS

    Corona Virus

    The UK # of cases went up close to 50% in the last 24 hours, fatalities almost doubled. Fatalities were all hospitalised cases, but 'vulnerable groups', ie over 50 with underlying issues. Lack of action has in part allowed it to get this bad. The WHO is now questioning the UK experiment in herd immunity! And we're so much better off than Spain that planes carrying (presumably) holiday-makers are doing mid air U-turns and returning to the UK. Africa will be worse, Dallas, so I'd get your head down if I were you ! cheers, Maurice
  8. Is that an electric rock band ? ..😎
  9. After Dallas' sterling effort defending Micro 4/3, I was reminded of the worst idea for presentation of a video in my experience .. As a lover of Classical Instrumental music, I have subscribed to Gramophone magazine for a few years. I don't think I can continue after this .. https://www.gramophone.co.uk/features/article/video-10-great-pianists-of-the-20th-century Priceless !! For its absolute awfulness 🤑 .. let alone that this level of audio quality is fine by him (and Gramophone !) Enjoy !! cheers, Maurice
  10. CarreraS

    Corona Virus

    May I prescribe a subscription to Private Eye ? Then you'll know exactly what is going on .. 😎 I'm just off to play badminton with a Chinese chap who's just returned from Honk Kong .. 😲 cheers, Maurice
  11. CarreraS

    Corona Virus

    Have you been listening to the Donald again, Dallas ? .. 😲 cheers, Maurice
  12. Aston are not in a good place - they've just pulled the Valkyrie hyper car, so perhaps even the most idiotic of the super-rich are beginning to smell the coffee .. 😎 cheers, Maurice
  13. Yes, as I noted before, I need to view the site with Chrome rather than Firefox to see your pics, Alex .. well worth the effort .. 😎 .. ! cheers, Maurice
  14. Just tried using Chrome instead of Firefox - all is well ! Beautiful set, Alex ! Especially like the interior shot with the ghosting of the congregation ! Very Atget ! cheers, Maurice
  15. There is a note on the camera specs .. ⁴ EN-EL18b/EN-EL18a/EN-EL18 batteries can also be used. Note, however, that fewer pictures can be taken on a single charge with an EN-EL18 than with an EN-EL18c/EN-EL18b/EN-EL18a. I use the Patona EL18 chinese made equivalent in the grips of the 850 / 500 .. work really well & 2600 mAh ! Over £6K for the D6 .. ?? No way !! I'll keep my D850 / D500 / Z7 for a while, I think .. covers most of my bases well ! Dallas, there's an architectural photographer here that writes reviews / tech articles .. you might like some of them e.g. http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/teleconverters-and-shift-lenses/ cheers, Maurice
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