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  1. There is no visible image in the first message of this thread.
  2. Colin-M

    A Trip to the Aquarium

    Well done on your POTW (good job the links for these worked!) True Armando, but I guess sometimes you just have to work with what you've got.I've done very little aquarium work, but was quite pleased with the way this turned out (Sigma 18-50mm) This was one of my earliest Stacked shots (all handheld too)
  3. Wassup Crowecg? Several of your posts with links have failed to display recently???
  4. Colin-M

    Cyclists in Ferrara

    I've only just found these - great choice of theme and excellent execution Anthony. I particularly like the paired riders in 5, 6, 7 etc As you said, laid back; there's something effortless about some of these. You can see why the Slow Food movement gained traction in Italy )
  5. Colin-M

    Greenlawn Cemetery

    Good collection Andrew. A friend of mine runs Foraging courses and recently asked me to take some pictures of him whilst he took a group round Arnos Vale cemetery in Bristol. Your pictures really remind me of the place.
  6. Colin-M


    So after a week or so trying it out, can you share your impressions of how you've found the 300mm PF to use?
  7. Enough already Frank! Put the cooker on, I'm tired of endless WB and just want to see what these taste like.
  8. Colin-M

    Well off topic

    Dave, you have too much time on your hands. Stop worrying and come round & do ours.
  9. Colin-M

    ELE Rally 2015

    Re your crop, I think the latest version could still use some more taken off the LH and RH side. This will make it less widescreen, but bring the attention onto the car.
  10. Colin-M

    ELE Rally 2015

    Love the glowing brakes
  11. Colin-M


    Having seen so many of your wonderful images Bob, I thought you might be interested in this: http://animagraffs.com/tarantula/
  12. Colin-M

    Fresh Homepage Layout

    Personally I don't find the new homepage very tablet friendly. - The "sections" imply you can navigate to such an area from the home screen, but you don't appear to be able to by clicking the image or section title. - it might be easy enough to select an individual thread from each section when using a mouse, but much less friendly when trying to do so with a finger from my tablet. So, close but not quite Edit - only just noticed the discussion with Frank above. If that discussion was about the aesthetics, mine is about the usability.
  13. Colin-M

    Yellow-jacket - eye structure

    Lots of information Bob and you're taking us into a whole new world of detail. You've captured so much texture you almost feel you could reach into the picture and touch it.
  14. Colin-M

    ducky and scotch

    Were you on a boat Fons? The level of the Scotch seems to be tilting like I do after I've had a few....
  15. Colin-M


    Good to see this plant Mike. And looks like you're enjoying your new pancake

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