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  1. I bought it used, still at a price hard to swallow. The lens is wonderful for indoor portraits in large hall like rooms like churches and I also use it for dream shots in the plant kingdom...
  2. I feel the 2/200 looks attractive to me, even I do not own the Fuji system. Another hit into my stomach. I really want to have the Nikkor 2/200!
  3. love your take on the world and love your take on Marsellie. Love yiour and my X100 too. Keep going strong!
  4. Yesterday I was shooting flowers and insects in the Botanical Garden of my hometown, some soundcheck going on in the background. Suddenly a unique and familiar voice came to my ear. Herman van Veen. Lucky me I carried my whole bag of professional equipment. I asked him to pose for a portrait, but I also did some casuals. Obviously someone here in Bonn can afford to have him for a private party. Wow. Technical: Nikon D600, Nikkor 1.4/105E @f/1.4
  5. OK. Now I know how to tag mine and find other people's contributions. On Nikongear I guess I made it to 300 of 366 maybe more. Some days I just said "NO!" to carrying a camera or using it. This was good for my health I claim.
  6. OK. Rules? Post something every day to one of the forums and tag it PADC2017. So far so good & understood. How will we be able to comment and keep the PADC2017 consistent? Will it be one photo per user per day or will it be up to three? Background: I think & shoot in series, I love to tell a little story in concrete or associative style. On my shooting days I usually shoot a lot, on my non shooting days I usually do not shoot at all. My photo of yesterday, shot with my new 105E Nikkor @f=1.4
  7. I started a daily challenge a year ago on Nikongear. I did post on most days, but there are days when I cannot bring me to pick up any camera for any shot. Keepers? I do not even know what keepers are. There are photos I take that I really love but other people disregard them completely, and there are photos that I find so so and people love them. But that is not the idea behind the challenge, it is more of a daily challenge to myself and everyone else talking part to go out and get a shot, a shot that possibly tells something about the weather, my mood, my neighbourhood, to get me seeing afresh, to communicate with others on the way to fulfil this challenge. Admins at Nikongear did not like the result our little group produced in 2016 so the daily blog is called off with effect after 31 December 2016. A new game is on as a weekly photo log and I am looking forward how this will work out. Currently I am tired of the first year. We had some very great days with lots of noteworthy photos and other more frustrating times .... real life!
  8. On the way to California where I am currently I saw a Candian production. "Born to be Blue". The old American Junkie Jazzer died 1988 in Europe. Great film.
  9. FrankF

    IOS 10

    I read "ISO10". That is why I opened the thread. Funny
  10. FrankF

    Pecos River Canyon

    Very interesting study in structures. Is that Infrared?
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Holy_Sepulchre The held their annual Investitur in our church...
  12. There is no sentimentality. It is just: For the 800 Euros I could still get for my D3 I will rather keep her. She is good enough for a lot of jobs but she is completely useless in churches, theatres, musical events. With the lenses I do not use it is something else: These are relatively stable in value but I simply do not find the time to choose the ones to sell and do it. I could spend a few days putting all the sales stuff up on ebay but I rather use the time to work on my book & finally finish it
  13. nono. this is peak power. nuclear delivers 24/7
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